Jun 06 2006

2006 Election Updates

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Reader SallyVee reports Bilbray in good shape with early returns:

Early California results, with 11.4% of the vote counted:


BRIAN BILBRAY – REP / 20448 / 50.60%

FRANCINE BUSBY – DEM / 17329 / 42.88%

While in Alabama Judge Roy Moore loses in his Republican challenge, as does gay marriage (no surprise there):

Alabama Gov. Bob Riley easily beat back a GOP primary challenge from Ten Commandments judge Roy Moore on Tuesday, while Democratic former Gov. Don Siegelman trailed in his comeback fight against the state’s first female lieutenant governor.

As eight states held primaries, New Jersey Republicans chose Tom Kean Jr., the son of a popular former governor, to challenge Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez in the fall. Also in Alabama, voters passed a ban on gay marriage by a 4-to-1 margin.

Looks like Bilbray may hold on to win, and dash Democrat hopes for a power shift this fall:

The costly and contentious race between Republican Brian Bilbray and Democrat Francine Busby, a local school board member who ran against Cunningham in 2004, was closely watched as a possible early barometer of next fall’s vote.

With 11 percent of precincts reporting in absentee voting, Bilbray led with 20,448 votes or 51 percent, followed by Busby with 17,329 votes or 43 percent.

The night will tell.  We cons have good candidate in NJ:

In New Jersey, Kean – who critics said needed a convincing win to be a real challenger in the fall – easily defeated a more conservative candidate, winning three of every four votes. Menendez, appointed to his seat after former Sen. Jon Corzine became governor, beat a little-known challenger

Now, how did CA-50 do?

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Those are absentee ballots only. No results from the polling places yet. Those numbers have been up for 2 hours now without any change.

  2. smh1012 says:


    The above is the link to the most recent results..It is still looking pretty good. This is as of 1:15am eastern time.

  3. SallyVee says:

    Listening to California NPR radio online… correct, the 11% is only the absentee vote at this point. And yes, Bilbray was expected to get the majority of absentee votes. Someone commented that the spread was nonetheless wide enough to create cautious optimism at Bilbray HQ… for now.

  4. smh1012 says:


    I’ll try this link once more, I found it at Redstate and it works well from there. The one above comes up with a page error.

  5. smh1012 says:

    NBC just called the race for Bilbray. Let’s hope that holds through the night.

  6. SallyVee says:

    Now updated with 21% of the votes tallied:

    Bibray 50%

    Busby 43%


  7. ordi says:


    This is really strange but there is actually three races for CA-50 going on tonight.

    The first is the special election to fill Duke Cunningham’s seat for the remaining 7 months or so. This is the one where Bilbray and Busby are going head to head. As of 11:50 pm PST these are the current numbers for that race.


    Counted: 212 of 500 precincts – 42.4 percent

    BRIAN BILBRAY – REP 33468 49.59%
    FRANCINE BUSBY – DEM 30190 44.74%

    The second and third races are primaries. There is a primary for the Dems and another one for Repubs. Busby and Bilbray have both been declared winners in their parties primary. So they will go head to head again in November.

  8. smh1012 says:

    I know, it ws a bit strange at first but it all makes sense now and it looks like as of the latest numbers Bilbray should hold on to win this one. I sure do hope so..the Kos kids will be 0-20 if this holds. I suppose the same old tired, well it was close so we really won will be the line tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed.

  9. ordi says:


    It took me awhile to figure it out too. LOL

    Bilbray’s lead is widening. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

    Unofficial results. Updated at 00:13:24 on 06-07-06.

    Counted: 283 of 500 precincts – 56.6 percent
    BRIAN BILBRAY – REP 40123 49.82%
    FRANCINE BUSBY – DEM 36005 44.71%

  10. smh1012 says:


    Thanks for the latest update. I think they are only posting new numbers about once every fifteen minutes.

    This is such an important race for conservatives. I think it will prove that the fringe element of the party that we have all been talking about may just realize that the rest of the base (the real base in my opinion) will always turn out when it counts.

    At least we won’t have to listen to the likes of Olberman, Matthews, and the NYT crowing today. As a matter of fact the silence will probably be deafening.

  11. smh1012 says:


    Hope this doesn’t post twice. Thanks for the update.

    This is sure an important race for conservatives. Proves that the real base (in my opinion) will turn out when a race is on the line.

    Just think, no Olberman, Matthews or NYT crowing today. Won’t that be nice?

  12. ordi says:

    I never watch olberman and Barney Rubble (aka Matthews – to me he looks like Barney Rubble) However it will be nice to know they will be crying in their hemlock. LOL As long as this holds. I am not going to hold my breath yet because I don’t look good in blue.

    Here are the latest numbers:

    unofficial results. Updated at 00:30:53 on 06-07-06.

    Counted: 331 of 500 precincts – 66.2 percent
    BRIAN BILBRAY – REP 44692 49.69% + 4.8
    FRANCINE BUSBY – DEM 40371 44.89%

    I am not sure you know but you can get the numbers here:


    I probably have been giving #’s you already have. LOL

    Where do you live? I am in Omaha NE.

  13. smh1012 says:

    Ordi: I don’t watch them either, just do enough reading to know they would have been crowing for the next week. It sure will be interesting to see the spin put on this though if it holds.

    Yes, I have that same site for the numbers..maybe we will have complete results by 9am tomorrow at the rate they are going. Of course it always seems to take longer when you are pulling so hard for one result.

    I am in Pennsylvania about 40 miles outside of Phila.

  14. ordi says:

    Don’t I feel silly, giving you numbers you already have! LOL

    I hope they will call the race soon. But I imagine they will hold out calling it for Bilbray until ALL the votes are counted, IF Busby was up this much this late they probably would have called it by now.

    I have never been to Philly. Someday I plan on going. I drove thru PA once. LOL You probably flew over NE once. LOL
    We have excitement in town tonight. President Bush is spending the night, giving a few speeches then leaving about noon Weds. I love that man! Sexy too! LOL

    Latest #’s LOL

    Unofficial results. Updated at 01:03:12 on 06-07-06.

    Counted: 392 of 500 precincts – 78.4 percent
    BRIAN BILBRAY – REP 50284 49.64%
    FRANCINE BUSBY – DEM 45649 45.06%

  15. smh1012 says:

    Ordi: I think this race is over barring some stunner which I can’t imagine..but then it is the democrats.

    Actually I traveled through your state on a few cross country trips when I was younger. I was raised in the service and then married into it to I have had the opportunity to see a lot of this country. Love the South, Midwest and parts of the Northeast..just wish we weren’t so blue up here.

    I too love the President and just wish more people could understand what a man of conviction and truth he is. One of the things I admire most is he never let anyone make him over as an individual and that is truly a characteristic to be applauded when it comes to any politician today.

    Were you a Polipundit reader before he went crazy on the immigration issue? If you were did you know that Lorie and AKM are doing politics at Wizbang Politics now. Even better it was announced tonight that DJ Drummond will be joining them again. It will be great to have them all together again.

    Will check back once more yet tonight to hopefully celebrate.

  16. smh1012 says:

    Ordi: If you stop back, it was good to talk to you tonight..I think this race is over now with 92% in it would take a miracle for Busby to win.
    Looks like it will be close to 5 pts too so that is a decent win given all the circumstances surrounding this race.

    Keep good “red” thoughts.


  17. God Bless San Diego…

    Il repubblicano Brian Bilbray ha vinto le elezioni straordinarie indette dal Congresso nel 50° distretto della California dopo le dimissioni di Randy “Duke” Cunningham (travolto da un episodio di corruzione). Il risultato, considerando che le contee…