Jun 21 2005

Liberals Will Tax Anything

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For those who do not know much about Norther Virginia, Alexandria lies just across the Potomac River from DC and is an ultra liberal island in a moderate to right leaning state. The infamous James Moran is the areas US Congressman.

And to PROVE itself a key bastion of liberalism, the City (not very big really) has decided to tax speech. OK, it is wireless speech, but just the same:

Using a cell phone is Alexandria is about to become more expensive — $3 a month more expensive.

The City Council approved a new tax on cell phones as part of the fiscal 2006 budget. It will help make up some of the money that the city will lose after the real estate tax rate was lowered in order to provide relief to homeowners. Residents will see the new charge on their cell phone bills starting in September.

The tax will bring in an estimated $1.7 million in fiscal 2006, city officials said, about one-third of 1 percent of the city’s $468 million budget. Residents will pay $3 a month on cell phone bills of more than $30, while those on lower-cost plans will be charged 10 percent of their monthly bill.

Other measures passed to offset the real estate tax cut include a 20-cent increase in cigarette sales tax and a new entertainment surcharge on items such as movie tickets.

I guess they couldn’t find anyway to CUT spending. I just had a thought on how to shift the political leanings of the city. Everyone should call Alexandria residents’ cell phones until they vote to change their Council.

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