Jun 21 2005

Dean Bankrupting the Democrats

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Howard Dean can get headlines for all his incoherent talk about hating republicans (aka whites and christians), but looks to be an utter failure in the money department. I agree with Ankle Biting Pundits on this, the guy may self destruct too soon and the dems may find a real chairman before Dean can do his damage in 2006.

Despite these efforts, the DNC still trails the Republican National Committee, which reported last week that it raised almost $53 million through the first five months of the year. That compares with $22.6 million raised by the DNC over the same period.

The RNC reported it had $32.6 million on hand at the end of May. Democrats had $8.2 million.

If we extrapolate this performance through to next summer heading into the 2006 cycle this is what you would see:


RNC raising $106M, $65.2M in the bank

DNC raising $45.2M, $16.4M in the bank


RNC raising $159M, $97.8M in the bank

DNC raising $67.8M, $24.6M in the bank

Yeah, with these numbers it is a good chance Dean won’t make it into next year. Darn.


Dean is definitely not going to represent many people in the US of A with idiotic and crass statements like this (again from Ankle Biting Pundits):

“They say they want small government, but their government is just big enough to fit inside Terri Schiavo’s bed in the nursing home,” Dean said.


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