Jun 02 2006

More On NO Levees

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While it is clear the New Orleans levees possibly breached due to the ever sinking Louisiana area into the Gulf as I posted earlier, it seems the Amry Corpse of Engineers is admitting their construction was not as sound as they led everyone to believe, and they seem to be having a lot of trouble repairing the damage because their efforts are not succeeding.  Wizbang as the entire story on the failures of the Army Corpse of Engineers.

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  1. WWS says:

    Maybe this is too technical for some people to grasp – maybe it interferes with the storyline that it was all “Bush’s Fault!”!!! I don’t know, but the MSM hasn’t really picked this story up at all, and doesn’t appear likely too.

    But, as the report said, this is the most expensive engineering failure in world history! Seems that would generate a little bit of notice.

    I think probably anyone with engineering experience suspected this from the beginning, because it was obvious as the reports came in that this wasn’t simply one breach – this was a total systemic failure of massive proportions. And it’s easy to understand why the Corps wants to hide this: if this system was so fundamentally inadequate and poorly engineered, it’s logical to surmise that most of the southern La. levee systems are in similarly poor shape, which means that they are all just window dressing to make people feel comfortable when they live in dangerous, flood prone areas.