Nov 05 2012

Even In Chicago, Obama Has Performance Issues

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Does anyone really think Obama has the Big Mo’ if he can’t even ignite his home town?

According to the numbers, at this point in 2008, there were 260,376 early voters and 304,290 absentee voters. Now, the party maintains, there are 195,064 early voters and 46,232 absentee voters. That’s a loss of 57 percent of voters, since the last election.

And this is why you need a D+11 turnout model to show a mythical tie between Romney and Obama. Disaffected Dems, Crossover Dems and an insurgent wave in the ranks of the independents.


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3 Responses to “Even In Chicago, Obama Has Performance Issues”

  1. Frogg1 says:

    It’s just hard to imagine isn’t it? Chicago doesn’t want to come out and early vote or Obama? Really?

  2. patrioticduo says:

    What if the electorate in general is depressed so much that turn out is severely lower? Perhaps a larger number of Americans are just turned off, too busy trying to make a buck, and just plain sick and tired of it all? I hope not. But what if the GOP again fails to heed our vote as they did in 2010. Do they really still think that Romney is that different from Obama? He’s not, and my vote is not because I think Romney is that much better than Obama – he’s not! It’s just that I have gotten used to holding my nose and voting for lack luster candidates.

  3. oneal lane says:

    Something really needs to be done to bring all this polling place confusion and fraud to an end. When the people loose faith in the validity of the election chaos ensures.