Nov 01 2012

A “Change Course” Tsunami Is Coming Tuesday

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AllahPundit at Hot Air put it quite well yesterday:

In other words, the dam that O’s built among early voters simply isn’t tall enough to hold back the red tide next Tuesday.

Neither is the fire wall Obama built able to hold back the tide. Yesterday I posted on how the tide was turning and making states like PA, MI, MN and even OR purple. These are not the only places where we see the 2012 wave rising to wipe out the 2008 wave. There are numerous signs of a rising tide in the bluest of blue states:

In 2008, Connecticut went for Obama by 22 points. The latest Mason-Dixon poll has Obama up by just 7.
In 2008, Michigan went for Obama by 17 points. The latest Detroit News poll has Obama up by just 3.
In 2008, Minnesota went for Obama by 11 points. The latest Minneapolis Star Tribune poll has Obama up by just 3.
In 2008, Oregon went for Obama by 16. The latest Oregonian poll has Obama up just 6.
In 2008, Pennsylvania went for Obama by 10. The latest Morning Call poll has Obama up by just 3.

No doubt Obama is sinking and the 2010 insurgent vote is still out there. And if you think the last round of polls were indicative of an Obama resurgence, suggest you read this insightful post by Bob Krumm

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7 Responses to “A “Change Course” Tsunami Is Coming Tuesday”

  1. oneal lane says:

    To repeal his legacy we will need a majority in the Senate also. How is that looking?

  2. sbd says:

    A few days ago, I saw a political ad for Obama for the first and only time here in San Diego, CA. I thought it was strange that the Obama Campaign would spend any money for tv ads here in California. I wondered if the Obama campaign was worried for some reason that California might be in play.

    I doubt it, but it would not be the first time that it happened. One can only with and pray.

    On a side note, Romney does have a house here in La Jolla, CA.

  3. Phil-351 says:

    @oneal lane,

    I haven’t seen any news about the senate races, but have been trying to follow the trends according to They currently are showing 37 safe or not running Dem seats, 43 safe or not running Repub seats, 9 leaning Dem, 1 leaning Repub, and 11 toss-ups. Basically, it could go either way, and turn out seems to be the key in these turn-out states as well.

    Of the toss-up states, I’m watching the MA race between Scott Brown (R) and Elizabeth Warren (D), aka Lie-awatha or Faux-cohantus. Unbelieveable that the race is considered close. Also, the Wisconsin race between Tommy Thompson (R) and Tammy Baldwin (D). That race is so tight, a mouse fart couldn’t squeeze thru.

  4. oneal lane says:

    I am quite afraid that the storm will change the course of the election.

    The middle/independent/moderate voters who are less “idea” driven and more “emotionally” driven are getting a 24/7 Obama-mmercial over his storm preformance.

    Now, I don’t like it but lets be honest. This has got to wax to his benefit, and I think given how close this race is it may well go down in record as the storm that saved Obama. I know these type voters are moved by the photo ops and emotion of it all. The same ones who were swooning over Obamas speeches in 2008.

    Limbaugh was having a hissy today like I have never heard before. I think he is worried, he puts on a good front, but if you read between the lines he is angry and worried, and has good cause to be.

  5. momdear1 says:

    Do any of you think Romney has a chance with voting machines all over the country counting Romney votes as Obama’s? It is too widespread to be a coincidence. As a matter of fact. I never heard fo this happening before.

  6. dhunter says:

    Obama may have gotten an early bump from his photo op in the NE but he fled the scene ahead of the mess and with the long gas lines, power not restored and food scarce, he may well lose more than he gained. Now if, as soon as the lights came on his Billion dollar solar and wind investments pay off and take over from dirty coal and oil he will be the hero. Good thing he didnt spend those billions burying the transmission lines in pipelines which would have leaked into the ground water like the Keystoned!
    The ballot machines recording votes wrong are not new and i wonder if they really add that much to totals. Due diligence at the booth is all thats’ required, in Iowa we don’t even get to see whats recorded, just a number. Romney has a GOTV machine like no other. It is a beauty to behold.

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