May 26 2006

Democrats Crumble On Hayden

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General Hayden was confirmed in a totally lopsided vote as the new head of the CIA in the Senate today:

May 26 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. Senate voted 78-15 today to confirm Michael Hayden as director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Hayden, who is deputy director for national intelligence, will take over an agency that has been plagued with low morale and the departure of senior managers.

Hayden, 61, received bipartisan support from lawmakers who said they’re confident he’ll provide unvarnished assessments of intelligence to President George W. Bush.

“His actions have demonstrated on a number of occasions the independence and strength of character” needed in a CIA director, said Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat who’s on the Intelligence Committee, which approved Hayden’s nomination by a 12-3 margin on May 23.

Well, that should incite the liberal base. They are going to see their Democrat Senators roll over and just let the man who implemented the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program now take over the CIA. And the media is probably really upset as well, since the CIA has been source-central for all kinds of leaks and rogue actions.

As expected, the DU swamps are roiling and boiling. And now the KOS Kids join in (here and here as well).

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2 Responses to “Democrats Crumble On Hayden”

  1. Snapple says:

    General Hayden is bringing back Stephen Kappes. Here is the latest

    story about the conflict between Goss and Kappes.

    Who knows. But the right wing bloggers were all calling Kappes a leaker a few years ago. If he were, he would not be coming back with General Hayden now.

  2. Snapple says:

    Opps–I somehow posted the wrong article.

    Here is the article on the Kappes-Goss feud.

    The other article is Bloomberg on the immigration issue. I think he is sensible. We need high-tech ID. I think everyone should have one. I think this Bloomberg is a good guy.