Jul 16 2012


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Good lord, we never knew how ignorant our current President was until this weekend. That is when he went into full panic mode and started just babbling leftist BS. In Virginia over the weekend the President pulled the dumbest political move I have seen ever. He just pissed off a huge majority of the voters by claiming they did never really earned the fruits of their hard work.

If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.

Talk about pulling an O-Dumba!

There is a reason the economic engine in the US is the small business. That is because the vast majority of companies in the US are single small business. The largest number of businesses are sole proprietor (77% in 2008), with most of the remaining businesses under 100 employees.

77% of companies in America are single proprietor firms without payrolls. They represent 21.7 million individuals. That is a lot of voters Obama just lost.

Of the remaining 23% of businesses, 21% have fewer than 100 employees. They represent another 42.2 million workers. Only 2% of business in the country are medium to large in size.

These small companies take pride in what they do, and they earned their hard-won success. Who is Obama to say otherwise?

There were around 120.9 million workers in America in 2008. 63.9 million  of these workers (42.2 + 21.7) work for small companies with between 1-100 employees/proprietors. That is 53% if the work force (and I would wager a much higher percentage of the likely voter pool).

President Obama really and truly lost his mind with this silly statement, and lost the election. As everyone knows, we all succeeded thanks to those who came before us. But what we accomplished is a credit to us as individuals, and it is not something the government can belittle and to take away. This asinine comment comes from someone who never created a single job, and yet is obsessed with what ‘he’ has accomplished in office (there is no ‘we’ in Obamaland).

It was a truly jaw dropping misstep.

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  1. gwood says:

    Obama is ignorant of the workings of the private sector for sure. I also agree this is yet another backfire, born of his narcissistic belief that everyone harbors the same envy and disdain for the successful, as all his friends and influences certainly have, throughout his life.

    What he’s attempting to do here is drive a wedge between employers and employees.

    Barack Obama simply cannot contemplate a workplace environment where employees and employers are actually in harmony. For him, it must be a place of constant conflict-just like in union shops. Heck, I’ve worked in union shops that were pretty much together, both management and rank-and-file marveling at the stupidity of union rules.

    It’s sheer desperation. He must figure out a way to get private sector votes, and a Marxist would go about it just this way, by attempting to pit the employees against those who sign their checks.

    Complete idiocy. Won’t work.

  2. kathie says:

    He said we had help, someone built the roads, someone pays the police that keep us safe and more stupid stuff…..well Mr. President, I payed for those roads and the police and all that other stuff you were talking about that the government does. I pay property taxes so that children can go to school, I pay local and state taxes so that the government can pay for those things that I need to carry out my ideas.

    Mr. President did you grow up under a log?

  3. AJStrata says:

    Well said Kathie – especially the ‘log’ part!

  4. Mata says:

    The landmines you encounter when weaning yourself off a teleprompter…. not to mention getting some fresh speechwriters.