May 23 2006

Uhinged Left Scares Moderate Left

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One word for 2006 elections: Impeachment.  The leftward base cannot live without it, and the centrist left cannot live with it:

Now that everyone recognizes what I first said last September – that Democrats have a real chance of taking back control of the U.S. House of Representatives this Fall – it’s time for Democrats to start acting like winners.

Step one would be for the Democratic leadership to definitively put to rest any loose talk of impeaching President Bush. They should say in one and two syllable words that impeachment will not happen once they are in the majority and thus take away a potential rallying cry for the beleaguered Republicans.

I need to correct the record.  Impeaching Bush is not a rallying cry of the Reps (or conservatives in my case).  It is the rallying cry of the BSD maddened left.  And it needs to be an issue up front to the voters.  Cons and Reps do not shy from the debate anymore the the far left wing does.  It is only centrist democrats obsessed with votes (and their media enablers) who shy away from the subject.  Will the centrist muzzle their left flank this year?  I seriously doubt it!  Bring on the debate and let the voters decide.

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5 Responses to “Uhinged Left Scares Moderate Left”

  1. Terrye says:

    I don’t know AJ, with LaShawn and polipundit going off the deep end over the Invasion on our southern border it seems that the extreme right and the extreme left may have common cause here. Next thing you know Malkin and Moore will be keeping company.

    But most normal people have had enough drama.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    The illegals for the large part don’t want to gain citizenship. They come here for short term, live in multiple people per house to cut costs and maximize the amount they can send home to Mexico. When they get enough to assure a relatively good lifestyle when the go back they leave.
    The only thing the amnesty does is maybe give them a chance to double dip after they retire to mexico and collect us social security at the same time.
    If they stay here they trade being at the bottom of the food chain in Mexico to being at the bottom of the food chain here. And oh yeah just try to get all that money they sent to mexico back here. Sure it’s gonna happen.

  3. az redneck says:

    Merlin: Not true here in Phoenix. Most of their kids that attended my school 15 years ago are still here!

  4. Retired Spook says:

    Hey, AZ, help for your ethnic balance is on the way. My conservative, Reagan Republican brother-in-law is retiring from his chiropractic practice in Fort Wayne, IN, and he and his wife are moving to Sun City this fall. You’ll like him. Now if I can just teach him how to use a computer before he leaves, heh.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:


    I agree there may be a large number who are relying on the next amnesty to bypass the legal entry backlog. Figures I have seen in some reports claim this end around effort at about 18 – 23 % of the inflow.

    The same analysis papers show there is a constant churn of illegals. They come for a time to send money home and then go back to live south when they have accumulated enough to live more comfortably than they could have by never entering our country.

    If you go to the census website and look at the historic data, the demographic picture of the hispanics compared to all groups shows a definite disparity in aging curves that can only be attributed to churn.

    The obvious fact of the amount of money being sent south every year totally defines the fact that this is not possibly just sending enough home to sustain the home fires. It is obvious that it is accumulation of cash to live at a more comfortable level, and hopefully eventually having people who have learned the advantages of fair competition to perhaps over time build enough of a base of reverse migration to build a movement for constructive change in Mexico itself to lower the percentage differential of local v yankee work and thus lower the incentive to come here by deminishing the risk/reward ratio.