Jun 21 2012

Lies And Cover Ups Coming Fast & Furious Now

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Well the pure-as-the-driven-snow Obama administration has pretty much lost the election with their “transparently” dumb efforts to hold onto power past the 2012 election. After years of claiming the President “knew nothing” about Fast & Furious, Obama has to bogusly claim Executive Privilege in order to cover up for either himself, AG Holder or both.

What everyone knows now is that the Fast & Furious gun walker debacle that led to a lot of dead people (including two border patrol agents) has the Obama administration’s finger prints all over it. And they are in a heap of legal hot water.  Why else take the political hits of a Contempt of Congress vote? I mean it has to be really, really bad to go this route. If this is the best of their options, just wonder what the down side options look like…

So what does Congress have on Obama and Holder? We know it has something because as Issa’s committee narrowed their document requests (raising the stakes for team Obama) Holder and Obama became more and more desperate. So desperate they orchestrated a media display that was as transparently staged as it was foolish.

On Monday Holder pretends to go down to Congress to negotiate a resolution – which sounds like he tried to get amnesty for more delay. Knowing full well it was not going to fly, he heads back and shoots off his prepared (and coordinated) letter to Obama on Tuesday right before the committee vote on contempt, asking to cover up all the after-the-fact gun walker details (which is why Executive Privilege will not stand since it covers prior deliberations, not how to cover up past deeds). The entire drama was was planned and resembled a plot from a horrible, low-budget movie.

I have one request for the GOP on this – make public the evidence you have in hand. It is no secret Rep. Issa and Sen. Grassley have copies of the smoking gun files they requested. Even Holder and Obama know this. Which is why they called the GOP bluff. We don’t need any more staged drama. Get this out now and don’t play any more procedural games.

It won’t matter anyway, because Obama and Holder now have some new optional campaign themes heading into November:

“Elect us and we’ll bring you more investigations and likely impeachment hearings!”


“You think the rules did not matter in our first term? Wait to you see our 2nd when we have no more elections to worry about!”

I mean really, this is their plan? Americans will vote them out just to end this mess! There will be no focus on jobs and the econmy. Now a second term can only be about saving Holder’s and Obama’s butts. And it is clear America is not  interested in saving their butts, or seeing how many more laws this inexperienced bunch are willing to ignore.

Come on GOP – let loose the evidence so we can move on to discussing our new future with Team Romney.

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6 Responses to “Lies And Cover Ups Coming Fast & Furious Now”

  1. ivehadit says:

    I see great things ahead for the future of America! The pieces are in place for much to get done over the next four years. The Obama administration has damaged everything it has touched, IMHO.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    I read that the Democrats are shifting their focus by talking about the economy and job creation and avoiding FnF. They don’t want to talk about FnF. But they are seeing an opportunity to paint the Republicans for doing another witch hunt and their method is to talk job creation.

    John Boehner senses this and wants to get this vote done and out of the way so that they can get back on topic of job creation, which will remove that opportunity from the Democrats. This will backfire on the Democrats. I also sense that Obama’s executive privilege united the House Republicans allowing John Boehner to get the votes he needed to get Issa to file a lawsuit.

    In that case, if Issa files a lawsuit, then the evidence needs to be closeted.

  3. cali_sun says:

    Executive Priviledgeshould never be used to cover up a crime.

    From what I understand Issa and Grassley know that Obama is neck deep into F&F and, had regular meetings on updates etc…, it also incl hillary, holder, ATF among many.

    ‘Bush did it’ is their strategy, it won’t work; hopefully if this happens Bush will break his silence to set the record straight.

    What makes their desperate strategy so much more serious is the fact, that Ogden gave a speech, beginning with

    “Under the direction of Pres Obama, and AG Holder, we have began F&F……..” advertising their criminal plan in 2009 and, can be found on U-Tube.
    Obama also promised the Brady activist group ‘ban on guns, but he has to do it under the radar……

    I’ve always said: Holder is obama’s firewall and his protection; if Holder falls – Obama will fall!

  4. cali_sun says:

    Forgot something:

    AJ, if you want to get the whole truth about F&F, pls go to

    These are the guys who blew the whistle; gave Issa and Grassley all the info to start investigation, the last ones being the wire taps from the inside moles from holders department – there are a few getting cold feet.

  5. Layman says:

    This is classic! The modern Democrat party has its roots in the Watergate affair from 1972-73. A President claiming Executive Privledge in order to try to cover up a scandal. Everything every liberal has lived for since then is to expose the coruption of power in high places and to fight against the Executive Branch trying to use EP to keep its dirty laundry from the public eye.

    Now the most high and mighty Barack Obama employs Nixonian methods to try to save his hyde. I sense a liberal implosion coming our way and I want a front row seat!

  6. lurker9876 says:

    Mainstream media doesn’t seem to be reporting it. Guess there are more important stories?