May 31 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Has Way Too Much Free Time

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One thing Americans are fed up with is those busybody, know-it-all pols and bureaucrats (who on average are worse role models than the average American family). Apparently, in a desparate fit to be relevant somehow, the Mayor of New York City has decided to waste time and money creating the “Large Sweet Drink Police Squad” (can’t wait to see this yawner on a major network this fall).

In other words, it may soon be time to say goodbye to those Big Gulps, those Slurpees or even Venti at Starbucks, CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis reported.

“That’s okay,” one person said.

No it’s not, according to Mayor Bloomberg, who is set to propose a ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces everywhere, all across the city.

“I disagree with it, because it’s the right to choose. If you want to drink a Slurpee, you should be allowed to drink a Slurpee,” said Jamie Sawyer, a tourist from Oklahoma.

Ah, but you see Mayor Bloomberg is smarter than everyone else in New York City (yet he apparently doesn’t realize a 2-for-1 sale of 10 ounce drinks will do the job just fine). The man is superior, and you will obey is decrees!

We can only conclude there are no other pressing matters for the Mayor, the legislature and law enforcement than the scourge of the large Slurpee!

Pathetic. Someone show the man the exit.

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6 Responses to “Mayor Bloomberg Has Way Too Much Free Time”

  1. Redteam says:

    I just had a thought. Maybe dumb-ass politicians should be limited on ‘hot air’. Bloomburg has always given the appearance of someone totally out of touch.
    So, can I still buy my 64 oz Gut Buster if it’s a diet drink? Can I buy the huge cup of ice and pour my own sugary canned drink into it?
    We need to vote all these losers out and replace them with a new set of more responsive losers.
    Where the hell does any politician get off telling anyone what to drink or eat as long as it’s legal or prescribed.
    It’s kinda like them telling people with a gun that they can’t shoot someone if they’re bashing their head onto a concrete sidewalk, or something…


  2. soupy says:

    “Mayor Bloomberg Has Way Too Much Free Time”

    No, he doesn’t have ENOUGH free time!

    When is he up for re-election?

  3. Layman says:

    Planning a summer trip to the Big Apple this summer. Told my wife I want us to go to a 7-11, get the biggest “Big Gulps” or “Slurpees” they sell, and then go drink them on the front steps of City Hall.

    She told me I can do it by myself but that she’d bail me out if I get arrested. I’m going to take that as supportive of the idea.

    Maybe we can eat some of those large sugar cookies with the pink frosting too!

  4. mojo says:

    Yeah, he definitely needs more time to spend with his family.

  5. Redteam says:

    Layman, I think I’ve gotten this thing figured out. Once you are sitting there with your Big Gulp, to arrest you, they have to ‘prove’ that it has sugar in it. Then they have to prove you bought it in a place that was not allowed to sell it. I would think that since you have it, it would be prima facie evidence that you bought it in a legal place, because surely no place would sell them illegally. If they did then they would have committed the crime, not you. Then they would have to ‘prove’ that you knew it was against the law, didn’t Edwards just get off because they couldn’t prove that he ‘knew’ what he was doing was illegal.
    All in all, I think you’d be safe drinking all the Big Gulps you want to in the Big Apple. Now, as for the sugar cookie, that’s a whole different ball game..

    And you can carry a weapon also, because all the do-gooders are gonna force them to stop enforcing the stop and frisk law.

  6. Redteam says:

    I guess they’re gonna have to have a new law enforcement division, let’s see, maybe they’ll call them the “Big Apple Sweet Squad”? anyhow, I guess they’ll have to have some kind of machine that will test drinks for sugar content. It’ll have to be able to distinguish between, natural sugars vs artificial sugars. I think if I were a soda vendor I would make a ‘double cup’ with a split straw. each side could contain 16 oz. Then of course if you buy a 48 oz cup of ice and walk outside and dump 4 super sweet colas into it, that would be legal.
    See how much thought the mayor must have put into this thing?
    I wonder if it’s gonna be a prison sentence for the vendor or for the vendee? Will the length of the sentence depend on just how sweet the drink is? sweeter=longer?