May 14 2012

A Peek At Evidence In Trayvon Martin Case

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We finally get a peak at the evidence against Zimmerman in the shooting death of young Trayvon Martin. And one of the big surprises is an unknown video from the club house at the complex where the shooting took place.

According to the documents, prosecutors also have new video evidence from the night of the shooting — both from the 7-Eleven store where Trayvon purchased Skittles and Arizona iced tea, and from the clubhouse of Retreat at Twin Lakes, the apartment complex where the teen was killed.

This could be nothing of import, or could be something pivotal. We won’t know for sure until trial I wager. But here is a close up of the clubhouse area from maps out on the web, and possible viewing angles towards the incident.

Click to enlarge. Let me stress again these are possible viewing angles of interest. Most video cameras are not aimed out to distance (usually aimed to cover entrances). So we don’t know what could be on the video> It may be nothing except confirmation of events and timing.

One angle shown above is across the pool from the far corner of the clubhouse. Viewing is limited by the back of the clubhouse and the buildings were Zimmerman parked his truck. The second angle is from the entrance near the mailboxes. It’s viewing is limited by the row of buildings across the top.

Neither angle would see the location where the incident took place (F). Neither angle probably has much detail (if any) at those distances. The only area of interest possible is the area near the mailboxes, and what Zimmerman did as he left his truck.

In my mind it is this last potential ‘evidence’ that could be most problematic to Zimmerman. If his actions outside the truck on video do not match his testimony, his entire case is gone. Of course, these things can play into the defense as well, so we shall see.

I would be surprised if the camera could detect whether Zimmerman’s gun was in his waist band or out in his hand. But that is a possibility.

Other evidence is quite telling as well, with a large number of police investigator statements – obviously not in Zimmerman’s favor:

Other primary witnesses include four FDLE investigators and three investigators from the office of state attorney Norm Wolfinger plus two from Corey’s office, including Dale Gilbreath, who hand-delivered the motion to Seminole County clerks about 20 minutes before their doors closed for the day Monday.

Five fire-rescue personnel are listed as secondary witnesses. So are a fingerprints expert with Sanford police, and the following FDLE experts: a firearms specialist, DNA expert, trace evidence expert and fingerprints expert.

It should be noted that the police actually pushed for Zimmerman to be charged that fateful night:

The lead homicide investigator in the shooting of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin recommended that neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter the night of the shooting, multiple sources told ABC News.

Serino filed an affidavit on Feb. 26, the night that Martin was shot and killed by Zimmerman, that stated he was unconvinced Zimmerman’s version of events.

More here:

The lead homicide detective probing the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin wanted the Florida neighborhood watch volunteer slapped with manslaughter charges from the get-go.

All those claiming this is open and shut for Zimmerman, and the police investigation found no issues, are horribly wrong. Police went so far as to apply for charges before the States Attorney overruled them. They are not going to be goo for Zimmerman. All 18 of them currently listed.

I am sure there is more to come in this controversial case. But I have yet to see anything exculpatory – as would be expected with the prosecutors case. If there was, it would have derailed the charges being made in the first place.

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  1. Neo says:

    You don’t have to be a technical genius to see that the camera you mention above is going to render virtually no useful information. At best it will possibly establish a point on the timeline. Between the distance, the usually poor quality of the video, the fight, if it is seen at all, will appear in about 3 or 4 pixels. A regular camera will see about nothing at this distance in the middle of the night and an infrared camera won’t give us and color information with which we can establish who is who. We certainly aren’t going to see any faces during the fight.

  2. Marsh says:


    Something is definitely up. It’s really astonishing to watch. A once sensible/rational blogger now attacks his own readers???

    the Dan Rathers?? I gotta admit, that one hurt. lol

  3. AJStrata says:

    LOL! Marsh, after days of slamming me you are now hurt???

    I am no willowing flower. Be prepared to engage when you do.

  4. AJStrata says:


    I did say it looked like it would provide no real information….

  5. browngreengold says:

    What the camera shots are likely to show is that Martin was not doing anything any more or less suspicious than walking down the street, talking on the phone, minding his own business.

    Zimmerman didn’t provide anything more in his descriptions to the dispatcher. He’d best hope that the tape fills in the blanks for him.

    The tape will, to a certain point, confirm the movements of the parties involved.

  6. Marsh says:

    “Keep telling yourself that Marsh. And when he is asked in court by Zimmerman’s lawyers if it happened make sure you have a healthy helping of crow with you.”

    lol You actually believe that Wolfinger investigators/witnesses will testify against GZ??? After he/they claimed there was not evidence to arrest GZ? Serino has publically stated that all of the evidence backed up GZ’s claim of self-defense. You think he will change his public proclamation?

  7. Redteam says:

    “As of today, Martin was harming no one”
    I’d say we can be sure of that..he’s been dead about 2 1/2 months now.

    LOL, “I told you over and over it existed and then cited a source to back me on that. Even the Prosecutor’s Office has verified its’ existence.”

    no they haven’t. they said 7-11 had turned over a disk to them and THAT NO ONE has verified what is on it. Sheeesh…..

    “so why don’t you tell me when, outside of moving violations, Police Departments bring criminal charges against suspects.

    Prove me wrong smart guy.

    I’ll wait patiently for you to do that.”

    You’re not amusing, period.

    even you know the answer to that now that you’ve thought about it for 5 minutes.

  8. Redteam says:

    “Erykah Badu Charged By Police Over Unclothed “Window Seat” Music Video Shoot”

    “A police officer may also charge someone after they investigate the possible crime they committed.”

    “Once they confirmed that the guitar was one of the missing instruments, officers quickly placed him under arrest, charging him with theft between 15-hundred and 20-thousand dollars. ”

    “The man was stabbed a number of times with a kitchen knife

    The woman was arrested at the house and later charged by police.”

    BGG, you need a few more quotes?

    none of these four cases involve ‘moving violations’

  9. DJStrata says:

    Police officers are the ones to formally charge a person all the time. The prosecutors office says yes we have enough evidence for a case go arrest them. Ever watch one of the many legal television shows on tv nowadays? The police officers are the ones that have to read the defendant their miranda rights, not the prosecutors. The prosecutor’s step in once the person has been arrested and charged.

  10. browngreengold says:

    RT and DJ.

    You’re both incorrect.

    Police Officers/Detectives gather evidence. That evidence is then presented to a Prosecutor or District Attorney.

    Police Officers do not, outside of moving violations, charge suspects directly without the involvement of Prosecutors and Judges.

    Good try though.

  11. browngreengold says:

    Forgot to insert this link in my response to the two of you:

  12. browngreengold says:

    Hey RT…

    “The man was stabbed a number of times with a kitchen knife
    The woman was arrested at the house and later charged by police.”

    Dood…this quote is from a story that happened in Australia.

    You do realize we are discussing American law right?

    Ignorant. Amusing. Some assembly required.