May 14 2012

A GOP Twofer

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One rule in war and politics is not to intervene when you opponent is self-destructing. Newsweek has produced one of those rare missteps that takes out both the person launching the missive, and the person the missive was meant to help:

This cover is juvenile and crude. First off, the halo (sign of Christianity) is a complete insult to those who are against homosexuality from a religious perspective. If you wanted to ignite the opposition, that was the way to do it. The anti-gay religious armies will now be out in force.


And it was juvenile, in the teeny-bopper, doe-eyed, rabid fan sense. We know the media loves its little pretend prince of liberalism.

The end result of this will be devastating for Newsweek and Obama. Newsweek because the people who buy magazines are mostly middle class families. So be prepared for the magazine to go under.

But it will also destroy Obama’s already slim hope for reelection:

Just days after President Barack Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, pastors and priests around Maryland took to their own pulpits with their reaction– and in some cases– condemnation of the president.

Obama’s team could easily be inexperienced enough to assume there is nothing they could do to destroy is core base – the African American voter. But this idiocy sure could do it. And if it does, then Obama has no hope of winning and Romney could be facing a Reagan-like landslide.

I tell you what, this is one of the dumbest moves I have seen in ages. Just one more sign the news and the Democrats need to be shown the door to the dustbin of history.

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4 Responses to “A GOP Twofer”

  1. archtop says:

    This was bad for Obama on many fronts as you point out, but what it really does is to place this issue squarely in the hands of the voters. If Obama loses big, then this issue loses big too. I wonder if supporters realize this? And look what happened in N.C.? What message does that send to the Dems assembling in Charlotte later this year!

  2. Sabastian says:

    The Obama campaign has launched one attack after another without anything sticking. I think they live such a hermetically sealed echo chamber they cannot anticipate a response to their accusations.

    The responses are obvious, but they don’t anticipate it. Romney put a dog on the roof of his car; Obama ate dog. Romney was a teenage bully; Obama snorted coke. Anne Romney didn’t every work (my wife shudders at the thought of 5 boys); almost every mother of small kids would love to stay home. A mother’s crown of gold is a reminiscent of Hitler and Stalin; the response to this is WTF??? Bain Capital fired workers to enrich their investors; Obama fired non-union auto workers, stiffed white collar workers and teacher pension funds to pay off the UAW. Republicans hate women; unemployment under Obama hits women hardest. Et cetera.

    I think the Obama people are just throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks. The fact that nothing stuck might show that Romney has a good Truth Squad operation in place. I saw a reply to the steel mill hit before I saw the ad.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Obama supporters don’t care whether the Obama attacks stick or not. They still love him.

    MacRanger said that Obama’s campaign is over now because of this cover. The world and even many black churches were furious with him.

    I read about that one black man that went to school with both Romney and Obama. This one black man described how intelligent Obama was.

    I used the past tense intentionally. Obama ain’t smart these days and has not been that smart in the last ten years.

  4. Redteam says:

    lurker, I just gotta ask. which school did the three attend at the same time? Romney completed Harvard, the last school he attended in 1975 when Obama was 14. Well, maybe you’re not saying all were there at the same time. Obama only went to two colleges, Occidental and Harvard and there is no record that he was intelligent. and, of course, there is no record that he’s not intelligent.
    I have never seen Obama demonstrate intelligence, but he certainly may be just intentionally misleading us.