Mar 06 2012

Will Virginia Upset GOP Race Using Ron Paul?

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Virginia is participating in the GOP Super Tuesday voting today. And as a long term native of this great commonwealth, I hear rumblings of a mini protest vote in the works. The VA GOP screwed up again and somehow we only have Romney and Paul on the ballot. But that provides some interesting options to voters.

Given Romney’s inevitability to be the GOP Presidential candidate in 2012, I am betting a good number of people will cast a protest vote for Ron Paul (now safely out of the realm of potential winners). While everyone wonders if Santorum can stop Romney today, a significant Paul showing in VA would be the real surprise.

I am not banking on this happening, I am just noting how many voters in the state realize the best way to have their voices heard now is to say something very controversial.

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  1. dhunter says:

    Either Newt needs to run the south and end up the pick at a brokered convention,
    or we need a third party run against the kING to siphon off some votes,
    or Romney needs to pick a very strong conservative or populist Palin/West/Rubio as his VP. Sarah alone nearly pulled McCains fat from the fire and had he not suspended his campaign to surrender in DC he might well have won.
    I don’t think Santorum can win and I fear Romney even more as the OWS, Union, class warfare schtick is aimed at Romney with both barrels , his scorched earth method he uses against his repunk opponents will not work against the kING as the Presstitutes will have scorched the earth before him.
    Not lookin good but than again the kING is unacceptable ,his supreme court picks alone will turn this country into all out s-o-c-i-a-l-i-s-m and I fear the cowards in DC have not the backbone to fight him on them!
    We may be doomed to servitude to those who pay off the left and those who don’t want to work or support themselves and their habits.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Santorum may be looking to build enough delegate votes to convince Romney to offer him a VP or have some influence at the RNC.

    At least that’s my dad’s analysis.

    He also said one of two things will happen after SuperTuesday: Romney will pull away or our May 29th primary will be the deciding factor in determining the nomination.

    Looks like our Texas May 29th will NOT be a deciding factor. In fact, the presidential primary has become moot for Texas but the primary for other positions remain important.

    The members of my family will vote ABO regardless of who the GOP nominee is. But none of them like Mitt.

    My husband tells me that the people he works with are fundamental Christians and they have a serious problem with Mitt’s religion. I hope that they can get past that to vote for Mitt.

    My husband believes that Obama still has a good chance for a reelection. And I have some doubts of Mitt’s electability and agree that Obama’s odds look good.

    Nobody in my family can figure out why people still love Obama and would still vote for him in spite of his bad policies. Even one member just could not even look at him. Much less…listen to him. I can’t either. This member works in the oil industry and has a problem with Obama’s interpretation of tax subsidies for the oil companies. They are not tax subsidies.

  3. MarkN says:

    I never agree with WWS. But Newt is sapping any strength Santorum can build. In fact Newt was building some strength going into last night. Anyone doubt Rick wins in a Ohio run-off with just Mitt. I’d say 52-48 Santorum. The inconclusiveness of last night will lead to a long slog of attrition.

    Kansas, MS, and Alabama are huge now in that “our” nominee cannot be trounced or how can “Mr. “inevitable” come in third three times in a row. If those three turn out like OK and TN, new ballgame especially if Newt endorses Rick. With MO and LA coming up.

    BTW, most GOP delegates are not legally bound, so if Newt drops out and endorses Rick, Newt’s delegates are free to pledge for Santorum.

    Texas may loom large on May 29th.

  4. MarkN says:

    The WSJ had an article today on how last night brings a long war of attrition.

    The ND results are shocking. Third for “OUR” nominee. He just barely got second in OK.

  5. ivehadit says:

    We need Rubio. Or West, imho. And after August, we need ALL the candidates to be out in the field helping Romney get elected.

    Can we stop the negative thoughts? They lead to negative outcomes. Please do not give in the the psychological warfare being practiced by the opposition. WE ARE STRONGER THAN THAT.

    For now, we are on lockdown until Nov. 7th. (yes, the day after) NOTHING WILL DETER US. Our very existence depends on it.

  6. jan says:

    Romney is actually demonized more than Obama by some here. I can’t believe the recriminations this man is receiving, like he is a war criminal!

    When Romney says nothing about an issue, people construe it to be ‘weak.’ When he gives his opinion, many times a line is taken out of context, rendering the meaning lost, while the misinterpreted sentence becomes a negative headline.

    I just saw an article’s title warning people about Romney’s “Pending sellout on GW.” After slogging through three long pages, with no Romney citation, the last half of the last page proposes a sell-out because Romney has little to say on the issue (of cap and trade), and no history of fighting against it.

    He is also constantly being slammed for his HC policy in MA, when, for the most part, people rebuking him only have superficial knowledge about what was involved in MA. Romney is derided as being a mediocre governor in MA, too, with little understanding or credit given for the obstacles he had to overcome in his governance. They act like the state was deep red, so why didn’t he do more!

    In Super Tuesday Romney was able to attract voters in Ohio’s metropolitan CDs, the very areas where most republicans have trouble. Santorum took the rural CDs, having more evangelical populations. Who got the criticism? Romney of course, even though it was speculated that in a GE the rural areas most likely would be ABO in their votes, while Romney would continue to have a better chance in the cities against Obama.

    This continuing intraparty struggle is not only fatiguing, but it’s also becoming destructive in how it is painting the most likely nominee (at this point) as a monster of sorts. The endgame of ABO seems to be lost in all the strife in the selection of “the most conservative candidate.” While these primaries are meant to be a serious selection process in choosing the best candidate, one must keep in mind a certain awareness that all these candidates are on our side. All these candidates are republicans. And, any of them would be far better than Obama.

    So, be cautious about having too many hyped, caustic accusations being placed on any one republican in our field, as it may be the first step in cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  7. dhunter says:

    Thou shalt speak no evil of our kINGS!

    kING Obama or kING Mitt!

    Our betters have spoken so let kING obama and kING Mitt trash the subjects and their ‘Enemies” all they want with millions, billions, however, speak no evil of the chosen ones!

    It has been decreed so shall it be done!


    Funny thing happened on the way to the coronation, the peasants had their say and the rulers hated it!

  8. jan says:

    dhunter, you and the MSM certainly are drinking from the same cup.
    Their take on Romney’s outcome is similar to your’s and other Romney bashers. For, while Romney did have a sizable win last night, the press failed to notice.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Romney picked up 211 delegates while taking six states, bringing his total delegate count to 415. Santorum won in three states and added only 84 delegates to bring his total to 176.

    Romney scored a huge upset in Ohio, coming from way back to take a politically diverse state that is representative of the type of place he’ll need to win to beat President Obama.

    Romney is being widely panned by the press for an “inability to close the deal,” and yet the description seems far more apt for Santorum, who now has blown huge leads in the most critical contests of recent weeks, Ohio and Michigan. If anything, the more voters look at Santorum, the more concerned they become and less likely they are to sign on the dotted line.

    Most political pundits asserted, before Super Tuesday, that anything over 200 delegates should be construed as a very good night for Romney. And now with approximately 211 delegates awarded Romney we have headlines like the following:

    Wall Street Journal: Romney Ekes Past Santorum in Ohio

    New York Times: With No Knockout Punch, a Bruising Battle Plods On

    Los Angeles Times: Battle in Ohio Reinforces GOP Divide; Romney’s Slim Victory Leaves Race Uncertain

    USA Today: Romney, Santorum See Momentum

    CNN: No Knockout Blow for Romney

    Reuters: Romney Narrowly Wins Ohio, Fails to Knock Out Santorum

    Exhibiting double standards and hypocrisy is natural for the MSM. But why are ‘conservatives’ like you doing a Bah humbug dance? It all seems so counterproductive in the long-run goal of getting Obama out of office. But, maybe all you want to do is continue to complain about Obama, reaping the benefits of victimhood, or something like that…..

  9. dhunter says:

    How many states have voted? maybe we should let over 1/2 or 2/3rds have their say, before we coronate the guy who only wins by outspending the opposition 6, 8, 10 to one in largely negative, fact distorting ads or out right lies.
    I would have no problem with the chosen one winning if he did so in a positive fashion but no, from the git go Mitt starts out behind and in the final week in any given state he scorches the earth with negative ads drawing and quartering his opposition and then winning only liberal metropolitan areas that he will have a tough time winning against a real liberal.
    especially since according to him Marcus of Queensbury rules will apply when it comes to the other kING!
    I voted of him over McVane and I warned on this very site loudly that McVane would lose, he could not out debate, or out fund raise the kING!
    Romney lost me from day one when everyone else was positive and he went all search and destroy against any conservative threat.
    He will not win the areas in the general he is winning in the primaries.
    Better we find someone who can beat Obama before the sacrificial lamb who would be kING is coronated.

  10. MarkN says:

    Romney is a war criminal. His negative ads are criminal. Defamation also.

  11. MarkN says:

    One reason Newt needs to leave is that AL and MS have 50% rules. Without Newt, Santorum could win 55% of the vote. That would be an 80 delegate gain in one night. That would change the delegate math in an instant.

  12. WWS says:

    Newt won’t leave the race because is ego is more important to him than anything else in the world, and that includes beating Obama. If he can’t win, he doesn’t any other candidate to win, either. That’s been my evaluation of him from the beginning, and that’s why I’ve never supported him.

    Newt is brilliant, and a good debater, and a great speaker – and his heart is rotten to the core. Watch and see – he’s going to screw Santorum’s bid up just out of spite. He’s going to do everything he can to make sure Romney doesn’t win, either. He’d rather Obama win than any of his GOP challengers.

    And Newt WON’T release his delegates to vote for anyone else – he’ll hang onto them out of ego and spite. Wait and see.

  13. Redteam says:

    WWS, who were you writing about? Sounds like Newt, Romney, Paul and Obama. (well, except for the brilliant, good debater and great speaker parts) uh, and well, the ego part also. but the rest of it sounds like all of them. Well, maybe except that part about releasing delegates.
    Congrats on staying out of that overnight bar for about 3 days now..

  14. WWS says:

    Wow, I have my own stalker. Get a life, Redteam,.

  15. MarkN says:

    An online stalker??? Things are getting interesting at the sleepy Strata-Sphere.

    Well if Newt gets under 15% in Kansas the dump Newt for Rick campaign will go into overdrive Sunday thru Tuesday in AL and MS. The voters will have to drive Newt from the race if he can’t take a hint.

    Holding onto his delegates will only create a contested multi-ballot convention.

    Jeb/Daniels 2012

  16. Redteam says:

    WWS, whoa, don’t be so sensitive… You are the one that told us about your experiences getting locked up overnight in a bar while drunk. We didn’t ask you to reveal that info, but if we/I misunderstood then I apologize.
    by the way, I’ve got a fake Louisiana title for an auto in Texas, but I can get the governor(or some ‘official’ ) to swear it’s not fake. Can I rely on you to get the car delivered to me here in Louisiana?
    And if you need to come into Louisiana, you may bring your concealed weapon as long as you have a valid permit as I understand it, all cities and states have to honor all concealed permits no matter who issued them and no matter which city (even New York and Washington, DC)
    That’s all right there in the Constitution. Full faith and all.

    footnote: Don’t take this seriously, it may contain some bad information, if so, we have you to thank.

  17. dbostan says:

    If Jebb Bush is the nominee or the VP nominee I will leave the GOP the next morning.
    I will never, ever, vote for another Bush.
    In fact, I would treat that as an offense against our republic and actively work to defeat that ticket.

  18. Redteam says:

    dbostan, you don’t have that to worry about. All the nominees have their hat in the ring. (I certainly understand that feeling tho)