Feb 28 2012

The GOP Machine & Whiney Romney

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My level of disgust with this year’s GOP primary seems to have no bounds. Today Romney is whining about a Santorum ad asking union  workers in Michigan to vote against Romney (or for Santorum). His elitist-ness is crying low blow:

“It’s a dirty trick,” he said on Fox News’ Fox & Friends. “It’s outrageous to see Rick Santorum team up with the Obama people and go out after union labor in Detroit and try and get them to vote against me.

Good lord, the man has no hope against Obama. It is well known almost half of the union membership are deep down conservative.

But our tone deaf whiner did not stop there. There was is idiotic NASCAR comment:

The full quote from Romney, when asked if he followed NASCAR, starts with an honest admission that he didn’t. “Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans. But I have some great friends that are NASCAR team owners.”

Is that a Dukakis tank moment or what? The head set accents his ears quite nicely. As Marisa Tomei quipped in the movie My Cousin Vinny: “Like you blend?”

Example 3: two Cadillacs for the little wife. Oh the humanity

The guy is an elitist just like Obama,  but does not even come close to making the kind same populist connection with the average voter as Obama can. Obama was/is capable if spinning anything and sounding genuine. Romney fails on the most basic levels.

With any luck voters in Michigan, and possibly even Arizona will save us from this tone deaf, wooden candidate.

BTW, if anyone has not yet realized Ron Paul has made a deal with the GOP establishment to be the permanent also-ran candidate to attract Libertarians but now actually win, they do not understand how everything out of DC is heavily staged.

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  1. WWS says:

    So Santorum lost both races.

    Micheal Moore is beside himself with grief.

    Paul in Houston – nice article. Also, Roger Simon’s piece, which you reference, is very good. Santorum has been making the same mistakes which killed Gingrich’s chances, as detailed by Simon in that piece. I feel like Casey Stengel – “Can’t anyone here play this game?”

    You know if Cain had been the character that he tried to play while he was campaigning (rather than the reality of what he was, a skirt-chasing money-grubbing fraud) we could have had someone fun to root for. I think that was his main appeal; he appealed to the emotions by pretending to be the fantasy candidate we all were waiting for.

    But there are no fantasies that will come true this year. Santorum lost yesterday not because some uber-SeKriT “establishment” rigged the vote; he lost because he’s a bad candidate with a fringe message who couldn’t beat another notoriously weak campaigner, Romney, and 2 other vanity candidates whose campaigns have become jokes that are no longer funny.

  2. dhunter says:

    Make that “silver” spoon in his mouth. 🙂 Sure got that mixed up this morning. 🙂

    I kind of liked CIVIL. He has a CIVIL spoon when it comes to Obama and the Rats but is full offoutright falsification and exaggeration when it comes to anything repunk or Conservative, a true progressive establishment Repunk!

    And I might add a true 1 per center perfectly set up to take the fall this fall!

  3. kathie says:

    There is not a chance that MSM is going to let their LOVE CHILD loose this race. It will not matter the lies they have to tell, they will tell them over and over, and over again. Just listen to Chris Matthews, he has already started. Does anybody think it odd that MSM hardly comments on Mitt’s faith, when during his last run it was a really big deal? Just wait until he is the guy. The Faith issue will be everywhere and it won’t be pretty.

  4. dhunter says:


    As you bash conservatives here take a look at who leads ideologically in this country and ask yourself if electing a DemLite like Dole, McCain and now Rumney will work when it has proven it doesn’t!
    The eastern Establishment inside the beltway Repunks continually pander to voters they will never win and in doing so lose elections.
    iIwarned of the same thing last time, loudly and was excoriated here and other places and I was proven to be correct. Let me state for the record that if I have to I will vote for the phony Rumney but I will not work or contribute to the Repunk Establishment as they are as much the problem as the democrats.
    They have done all they can to marginalize the Tea Party who gave them their majority in 2010 and to continue the big spending ways of professional pocket liners and crony capitalists.
    McConnell and Boehner have negoiated away any chance at fiscal constraint and as such are unfit to lead.
    I am not fond of Santorums stance on social issues but don’t fear that they will pass as law in the congress. I can’t say the same for the progressive, crony capitalistic stance of an establishment Mitt Rumney should he somehow , miraculously, win the election.

  5. WGIRL says:

    dhunter –

    “Silver” spoon ?? He gave away all Daddy’s money and yet his tax return was 203 pages long ……I smell SUCCESS !! What is wrong with that ?? You rather have a 1%er that all he did, to earn his bucks, was write an effing Book filled with lies and praise about his drunkard Kenyan daddy ??

    If Romney does take a ‘fall this fall’ ….I am blaming WHINERS like you, who can’t see the forest for the trees !!

    Just because he hasn’t chased away, like every other candidate so far, the Independent voter that he needs to win the office …he is a progressive establishment Repunk ??

    From the WaPo this morning —

    “I’m going to deliver on more jobs, less debt, smaller government,” Romney said. Later, he returned to another three-point message about government: “I’ll make it simpler, smaller and smarter.”

    What is so “establishment” about that message ??

    That message is good enough for me ….and if he delivers I will consider him another RR !! RR who was once a Democrat !!

    And my final point, HE WANTS THE JOB, and he prepared himself with an organization and the money behind him to get it done. Unlike, every dreamer that has thrown his hat into the ring and made a joke of the party. I rest my case !!

  6. WWS says:

    The problem I have with Santorum, DHunter, is that he’s much more of a big government liberal than Romney is. This idea that he’s some uber-conservative just because he hates birth control and gays is bizarre.

  7. dhunter says:

    Romneycare is not conservative and Mitt makes no apologies for it and will be the least able to reform Obamacare or even address it as a result.
    That and his Wall Street Fat Cat persona sets him up perfectly for the crap storm that is all qued up and ready to roll from the Democrat Party, the OCS, Big Union and their Presstitutes.
    I said above I would vote for your boy so calm the hell down!
    Your type of invective shows the clueless contortions the Progressive Republicans will go through to make their arguments and sell their boy.
    As I said also above I went through this last time and was proven right about the old pandering fool McCain and for my countries sake I hope I am wrong about The 1% Romney, but am willing to bet I am not!
    He Will Lose!

    Oh and McCain didn’t lose because conservatives stayed home, look it up McCain lost because the independent s and vaunted Moderates voted for a real dem rather than an old inside the beltway DemLite

  8. dhunter says:

    WWS I understand this also! The candidates I favored are no longer in the running.
    I look at the proportional breakdown of electors now in MI, of the shenanigans in New Hampshire, the false flag declaration of a Romney win in IA, the collusion with Michelle Bachman and seemingly Ron Paul, and lived through the scorched earth exaggerations and lies in IA by both Mitt and Paul, despicable lies and never ending commercials such that they took the full commercial cycle, and then contrast that with Mitts soft peddling of Obamas governance and I see pretty well that it is a setup for a loss in Nov.
    Nominating the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama!

  9. jan says:


    I can understand your disappointment that the candidates you support are no longer running, but it still doesn’t excuse some of the bitter misinformation you are putting out.

    NH was not an open primary as was MI, in that it allowed democrats or republicans to vote in opposing party primaries. Only undeclared voters were able to vote in the NH R & D primaries. It was otherwise closed. So, there were no ‘shenanigans’ by Romney, such as were exhibited by Santorum in MI’s primary.

    In yesterday’s MI primary Santorum was actively going after dems to boost his vote count With even higher deception, Santorum did not denounce Michael Moore or the calculated union robocalls going out, which were openly defrauding the R primary by encouraging dems to vote for Santorum, not because they supported him, but merely attempting to tip the nomination away from the stronger candidate, Romney, in getting Obama reelected in November. Furthermore, it is a well known fact that Santorum vehemently opposed open primaries, in a recent speech in Minnesota, where he strongly denounced the open primary process allowing Democrats to vote in Republican primaries, essentially tainting the abilitity of republicans in choosing their own nominee.

    Also, where has there been evidence (other than pundit speculation) of any collusion of Bachmann and Paul towards Romney? Maybe their lopsided criticism is because there is more stuff in other candidate’s records to argue about than there is in Romney’s. Gingrich’s is full of big government flip-flops, a former Rockefeller republican, having various social/personal issue conversions in his past. Santorum has been pro union, anti RTW laws, big spending etc., for years, describing himself as a social progressive in the early 90’s, something that has now changed to being a ‘consistent conservative’.

    Neither of these two candidates, though, have had private sector jobs, let alone been fully in charge of a state, like Romney has been. Their resumes primarily consist of their membership in Congress, in which they participated in pieces of the legislative process, or, in various lucrative post Congress consultant jobs. Romney, OTOH, did balance his state’s budget, leave a surplus upon his departure, made changes to health insurance that are currently still held in favor by it’s residents and physicians, moderated the MA courts despite an 8-1 democratically favored filtering committee he had to first get his appointments through…plus he was in the private sector for decades.

    Finally, Iowa was technically won by Santorum, not disputed by Romney, even though 8 precincts, said to have favored Romney, were left out, their votes not included in the final tally. So, don’t even go there as some kind of slam against Romney. If anything Santorum got a free pass on that one.

  10. dhunter says:


    Sorry Maine not NH had the shenanigans.

    Twice Mitt is declared winner when once for sure he was not and probably twice as Ron Paul probably won Maine.

    MI was a split of delegates 15 – 15 Spin that win how ever you want Mittbots!

    Mitts millions spent tearing apart conservatives with exaggerations and falsehoods are not endearing him to the base.

  11. jan says:


    Actually every candidate is tearing every candidate apart. As Romney has always been at least in 1st or 2nd place in these state primaries, he is targeted by his closest rival, as is his closest rival is targeted by Romney.

    I don’t begrudge Romney his millions to spend on his campaign, as both Santorum and Gingrich have their big donors as well. Also, money doesn’t always spell ‘advantage’ for a candidate, especially when there is so much wealth resentment, negative press, being classified in the 1% (made infamous by the OWS so-called 99%).

    Personally, I’ll be relieved when this primary is over and done with, whether it is Romney or someone else having the nomination. The real goal in all this should be Obama, the dems, and their awful agenda, not each other.

  12. Layman1 says:

    I’m sick of this Romney is Dem lite – not a true conservative crap.

    Go ahead, explain it to me. What is your definition of a “true conservative.”

    I ‘ve personally known several Mormans in my 55 years. They’ve all been decent, God fearing people who put family, faith, and community first – all good “conservative” values. Romney was successful in business, ran a blue State in the best way he could to balance budgets and cut income taxes. Yes he raised fees – but transferring costs to those who actually use services used to be considered conservative.

    Yes, he thought he could keep his personal values and his governing values separated, but in the end he went with his values – just couldn’t do it. I guess that makes him a flip flopper. Well, that’s a good flip flop in my opinion.

    And one last thing. Why do Gingrich and Santorum get passes on their breaks with “true conservatism” while Romney is crucified as “unpure.” Answer (read the following in a Foghorn Leghorn voice): Why… Romney is a northeastern person, he’s rich, he must be a liberal. I say, he must be a liberalllllll !” It makes me sick that some conservatives are as bigoted as those in the political and MSM elite who dismiss those of us in “flyover country.”