Feb 16 2012

Romney Fading, Santorum Rising, GOP Losing Ground To Obama

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Major Update: Rasmussen confirms my Ohio prediction:

The new statewide telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary voters shows Santorum picking up 42% of the vote to Romney’s 24%. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich draws 13% support, while Texas Congressman Ron Paul picks up 10%.

H/T Ed Morrissey at Hot Air – end update

The political dynamic has been pretty boring recently. We continue to see the “anyone but Romney” faction out there resisting the establishment choice and now massing behind Rick Santorum. I think Rick will stick as the 2010 insurgent voters’ candidate.

I think Romney’s attacks are wearing thin on everyone as he desperately tries to retain his mantle as the next obvious choice. Moreover, his attacks have helped make Obama look good, who has seen his support rise continuously while the GOP dukes it out. This remains the largest risk to the GOP effort – they have promoted a seriously flawed front runner and their A-Team options stood on the side line.

It is time for Newt to capitulate and go back to being a force in the GOP, not the leader.

It is time for Paul to be honest with his supporters and tell them he is not in this to win, and he too should bow out.

And it is time for Santorum to stand up and become the true anti-big-government candidate. He is right about one thing, he is the best alternative to Obama (since Romney is barely and alternative).

I expect Santorum to take Michigan and Ohio. I hope Arizona wakes up and realizes Romney is a recipe for a landslide win for the Dems. And I expect this slow rolling train wreck, where the GOP continues to diss their 2010 insurgent voter base, to plow slowly onward.

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