May 09 2006

Ex Con Saves Bush’s Butt

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Our local news station WUSA TV (CBS) has an interesting story about the White House leaving details of President Bush’s travels in the trash where an ex-con with a good heart found them (thankfully):

It appears to be a White House staff schedule for the President’s trip to Florida Tuesday. And a sanitation worker was alarmed to find in the trash long hours before Mr. Bush left for his trip.

It’s the kind of thing you would expect would be shredded or burned, not thrown in the garbage.
Randy Hopkins could not believe what he was seeing.

There on the floor next to a big trash truck was a thick sheaf of papers with nearly every detail of the President’s voyage.

“I saw locations and names and places where the President was going to be. I knew it was important. And it shouldn’t have been in a trash hole like this,” he said.

Hopkins works in sanitation. He’s an ex-con, and he’s worried about fallout from talking to us, so he’s asked us not to say exactly where he’s employed. But he also felt it was his civic duty to tell somebody about what he’d found.

“We’re going through a war, and if it would have fell into the wrong hands at the right time, it would have been something really messy for the President’s sake,” he said.

Give this man a medal, give him a dinner at the White House and give him a reward if this is all true. Hopkins did a very good thing in noticing the information, taking it in his possession and trying to alert someone about what he was protecting. The man should be recognized for what he did. He protected the President of The United States.

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  1. Bill in AZ says:

    It’s good it didn’t fall into the hands of some lunatic liberal – or the new york slimes… er… or maybe it was yet another CIA or VIP’s scheme. Wouldn’t put anything beyond either of them anymore.

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    I saw this story up on Drudge, yesterday.

    One of the things that surprised me was that someone tossed it out!

    While in hollywood, anyone whose given a part where they get a script, save the darn things. How come the person who did the tossing didn’t want the document as a souvenir?

    Yeah. I’m sure someone’s hide’s on the line. But the White House doesn’t leak. So we will never know.

    I’d also bet that there are enough copies of this document to paper the average living room wall. In other words it goes out to all those who are on the planes. And, to their staff’s.

    It’s probably not the first time detailed information got tossed. We’re just very lucky it ended up “saved” by a gentlemen who served his time. And, for a reward, it would be nice to take his “conviction” off the record, so that he could at least vote!

    Ya know, by law you’re NOT guilty before the judge’s gavel comes down with the results from the jury. And, then when you’re released there should be a way for some people to earn their good name back. Isn’t it a shame people never do? Not even in this case.