May 09 2006

NY Times Tripe

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The NY Times is out with a pathetic ‘news’ article that is 90% speculation and 110% ignorance.  Just one example because the thing is end-to-end tripe:

In one of the boldest new missions, the Pentagon has sharply increased the number of clandestine teams of Defense Intelligence Agency personnel and Special Operations forces conducting secret counterterrorism missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and other foreign countries.

Gee, you think all this action is because we are hunting down Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Bin Laden, Zawahiri or Zarqawi?  Well, not to the NY Times!  In a stunning example of pure idiocy the real motivation for all this is not national defense or our efforts to avoid another 9-11, it is a coup d’etat at the CIA:

President Bush’s selection of Gen. Michael V. Hayden to be the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency sets the stage for new wrangling with the Pentagon, which is rapidly expanding its own global spying and terrorist-tracking operations, both long considered C.I.A. roles.

Some of the Pentagon’s new initiatives have been previously disclosed. But in interviews, more than two dozen officials from intelligence agencies, the Defense Department and Congress provided new details of what they described as a strong effort by the Pentagon to assert a much broader role in the clandestine world of intelligence.

What a bunch of juvenile fantasizing.  Look, in the adult world (which is beyond the grasp of the news corpse) those who accomplish their goals get more challenges and support.  The CIA blew their job for decades missing Iraq’s nuclear program in the 1980’s and 1990s, missed the invasion of Kuwait, missed 9-11, missed the nuclear programs of India and Pakistan, missed the Kahn nuclear technology network….

Of course the CIA is not getting attention.  And yes, we need more people in the middle east on the ground.  This is the dumbest piece of ego-stroking I have ever seen.  If you own stock in the NY Times – sell.  It is now on par with the National Enquirer (which may be an insult to the Enquirer).

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Lets see a string on misses on WMD….Remind me, what was Plame’s area of speciality

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    My guess is that there are internal conversations or phone calls between operatives at the CIA (or other assorted leakers), who are besides themselves with concerns. Since they see their ways of life quickly disappearing.

    Of course, when Nixon faced this “final moment,” according to Kissenger’s leak, he went on his knees looking to cry and pray at the same time. While the news flashed “Zul guernicht helfin.” (Translates to: Forget about help arriving at this late date.)

    Makes, of course, that strange salute and promise by Kerry, in bygone days “that help is on the way” … to appear kind’a goofy.

    With less propaganda and more reporting you wouldn’t have to surf the Net to see a clear day.

    Well, you want the NY Times to print its own Obit? When Dan Rather crashed no news of the event leaked out, either. Shows ya, George Tenet wasn’t the only dude kicked out the door with “sweet goodbyes.” And, Tenet had the Medal of Freedom draped about his neck.

    It seems the President knows a thing or two about Nobel’s and Pulitzer’s after all.

  3. trentk269 says:

    Kinda looks like Dan Rather will be getting some company at the Has Been Bar & Grill.