May 09 2006

Another Terrorist Meets Allah

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An Al Qaeda terrorist believed responsible for the recent bombings in Egypt was gunned down today:

The leader of an al-Qaeda-inspired group wanted for last month’s bombings at a Red Sea resort was killed in a gunbattle Tuesday in the mountains of the Sinai Peninsula.

Nasser Khamis el-Mallahi was the seventh suspected extremist killed by Egyptian security forces since a massive sweep was launched in the Sinai following three bombings in Dahab that killed 21 people on April 24.

El-Mallahi was killed in a half-hour gunbattle after security forces surrounded him in an olive grove in el-Karama district, south of el-Arish, the main town in the northern Sinai, said the commander of North Sinai security, Lt. Gen. Essam el-Sheik.

An accomplice, Mohammed Abdullah Abu Grair, was captured after running out of ammunition, and police found automatic rifles and hand grenades at the scene, el-Sheik said.

They can run, but not forever.

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  1. WWS says:

    Hey AJ – used to post with you on Polter’s forum a couple years ago, always liked to read what you had to say! (I was Scuzzz) Great to find you’ve got such a wonderful site now! E-mail me if you have time, I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to. (don’t really want to post personal info)
    – WWS

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    According to Debka the eygptians KILLED the top guy of a 700 force lined up against Mubarak’s rule. In other words, they killed the guy, instead of taking him in and getting all the information they would have needed to deal harm to his CULT.

    Compare the 700 here, to the 300 AQ force in Iraq.

    It tells ya something about the eygptians. Someone decided that Mubarak wouldn’t get to know where the money was. And, how the terror cells worked. And, the terror cells live in very small groups. With no knowledge of the operation.

    So the score? A poor one for Suleiman. The guy charged with keeping Mubarak secure.

    The other thing to notice is that yesterday an alarm was sent out by Israel to all of its citizens telling them to get their arses out of SINAI. On the double. (This particular threat was dealing with a terror attack that would include kidnapping.)

    Egypt depends on tourist dollars. Don’t laugh. Israelis go there all of the time. But there’s been a few successful attacks that have killed Israelis. And, now enough of them respond when the IDF tells them to run.

    It also means ALL TOURISTS who choose to go to eygpt are playing Russian Roulette. With their lives. Some vacation trip.