Nov 09 2011

CNBC Debate Disaster

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Now I know why NBC networks are trolling the bottom of the ratings levels. The questions are moronic – I mean seriously moronic. Each questions is tinged with liberal bias. I am surprised the candidates are even answering them – as opposed to calling the questioners on their idiocy.

Best part so far, the moans as the CNBC went after Cain on the sexual harassment charges.

Worst responses are coming from Romney – who the questioners are trying to prop up. I have no idea what Romney is even talking about! He is getting 2 questions to every other candidate getting one.

This is the worst debate I have ever seen, and it is all because CNBC is a pathetic joke. CNBC morons on parade – that is all I can see.

BTW, I predict a big night for Newt – CNBC moderators are like dead fish lying at the bottom of a dry barrel

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5 Responses to “CNBC Debate Disaster”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    The GOP candidates are not attacking each other this time.

    This is not a debate. They’re just answering to questions.

    Newt is the best debater. I think Newt is the best person to go up against Obama.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Well, I read some of the twitter comments and Dan Foster’s write up about Newt. Dan wrote about Newt’s contempt of anyone surrounding him. I still remember how Newt treated his wife when he and his wife and kids showed up for a book signing at the state convention a few years ago. Newt was not nice to Callista.

    I was not surprised when I read these comments.

  3. mbabbitt says:

    Good. I thought is was just me. This had to be the most juvenile of all the debates I’ve seen, like watching adolescents pretending to be adults and not doing a good job. CNBC did not make me want to watch any of their very smart people again.

  4. crosspatch says:

    These aren’t “debates”. There should be two, no more than three candidates for a “debate”. This is nothing more than a “gong show”.

    A candidate should have a considerable amount of time to state their general philosophy, which I personally find more important that a bunch of minute details squirted out in 2 minutes time.

    I would like to see more of a round table discussion than this “debate” format.

  5. han_solo says:

    The best part was the CNBC where all the network regulars like Jim Cramer, all totally ousted themselves as statist big government liberals by complaing about the republicans not being willing to do big government bailouts, give trillions to other countries etc..

    Cramer when onto my “never watch” ever again after his performance and showing his true colors.