Nov 02 2011

Double Standards Continue From The MSM

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The MSM continues its double standard critiques of candidates. Obama was barely vetted during the 2008 election. Romney has barely been vetted this time around. The MSM favorites always get a pass. Then we get to the hypocrisy for the Republicans vs the Democrats. Clinton had multiple women speak up about extra marital affairs. One even occurring while in the White House. And there are many more Democrats who have gotten away with illegal or immoral activities.

But lets take a look at this supposed “situation” involving Cain. There are two women who have come out and said that they had a claim of sexual harassment against Cain over 10 years ago. The National Restaurant Association gave the women payouts to leave and keep quiet. These “claims” were never brought to a court. Cain never admitted guilt or was found guilty by a court. The payouts were quite small. Hmmm, this screams of women making unsubstantiated claims of harassment against a man for money. It happens all of the time. Any time a man is in a situation alone with a woman there is the opportunity for sexual harassment to be claimed.

Why do you think male doctors require a female nurse to be present for exams of female patients? Too many of these types of claims. Why do you think more office doors have windows into the hallways? To help cut down on these claims. Any woman who is out for revenge, is angry at someone, wants money, etc. can use this claim to get what she wants. It turns into a he said-she said situation and our society and justice system takes the woman’s side more often than not. And people exploit that.

So what that the National Restaurant Association paid off two women who could potentially damage the image of the association. All parties were required to sign an NDA to keep the potential for damage low. But then after over 10 years someone saw dollar signs and decided to trap Cain. “Cain spoke about the situation and now the NDA is breached and I can talk too.” Really? Cain was defending himself against information that was already out there. Whoever spilled the information first is in breach of the agreement. I write these things every day. Nice try.

Americans are fed up with how politics has turned into a mudslinging fest. We are tired of the negative campaigning. If you cannot campaign and win on your own merit, experience, and plans then get out of the game. DC politicians, MSM, DNC, RNC and anyone else who prefers dirty politics needs to grow up or get out of the way. If you don’t we will forcibly move you out of our way via the ballot box. Continue to under estimate the people and the power that we wield and you will end up on your ass in the streets.

Unless there is hard proof of Cain committing a serious crime once or repetitively I will support him all the way to the White House. Cain please clean house!


DJ Strata

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    I agree! Hot Air seems to allude that the sources are coming from Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. If Cain handles this correctly, then the story dies and Obama cannot use it.

    Hopefully, there are no other secrets in Cain’s closet.

    I understand that Cain is tired of answering these same questions today. I don’t blame him.

    I understand Corporate American well enough to know that there is nothing there. NRA found nothing and kept it at the low levels. And settled it. If they did find something, then they would’ve pushed Cain out. They did not. There is no there there!

    And for a women to make 35,000 per year in 1999…what position is that to be working at that level?

    What gets me is that the MSM is ignoring Romney.

    Romney is Obama-lite. Now Obama is telling us that his policies made our country better now than four years ago. UGH!

    Obama…scandal-free? Nope but that is what the MSM believes.

    Jay Cost is unhappy with this whole thing. Right now he sees Romney emerging as the winner with the rest bringing each other down. He doesn’t like Romney either.

    In the meantime, there’s enough work going on to convince Congressional members to endorse Romney simply because they think Romney will be the next President.

    Not good.

  2. WWS says:

    A few decades ago what Cain is accused of would have been called “lookin’ funny at a white wimman!” Doesn’t matter if it was true, then as now the accusation was enough to get a black man in a heap a’ trouble.

    Limbaugh was dead on yesterday – “what is MSNBC going to do next, run a cartoon showing Cain with big fat lips eating a watermelon?”

    It does show once again who the true racists are in this country!

  3. Frogg1 says:

    A new national poll taken mostly before the harassment charge has Cain leading Romney by 7 points. Iowans aren’t interested in this. A new poll in SC done after two days of discussion on the harassment claim has Cain surging over Romney by a 10 point lead. Don’t forget SC went through this kind of politics as usual with some lame charge against Nicki Haley right before the election. I just think most people see this as the same type of politics they want to throw out the door and wipe their hands of. I’m sure the leak was bound to happen sooner or later. And, it is certainly news worthy for a cycle or two. However, it is the way it is being reported that I think has most people in disgust. If the leak came from someone who has something to gain by being in a Romney Administration or a Perry Administration (two rumors) then that also represents the type of chrony capitalism we are sick of. If Cain can handle this with grace…..he will rise above it and only garner more support. I think people see it for what it is. Ugly politics of exaggerated personal destruction.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    This Wilson and Deance thing…go away and shut up about it. I’m disgusted with your statements. Not unless you have something REAL.

    People are already noting their connections with Perry, Romney, and now Karl Rove.

    You guys are making things worse; not better.

    I see that Barbour advises Cain to waive all confidentiality agreements. Leave it alone.

  5. kathie says:

    Gosh I hate this! What’s to keep 20 women from claiming “sexual harassment”. I hope this didn’t come from Perry’s camp, if it did, he is finished!

  6. dhunter says:

    I see Cains spokesman has accused the Perry campaign. I hope to hell he has proof and is not just throwing around wild accusations.
    I will vote for and contribute to Herman Cain until I find him unacceptable as an alternative to Obama, Perry and Romney and he has a hell of a long way to go to reach that low level.
    10 – 15 year old accusations and the new ones that will arise from the left, now that the path has been shown for the destruction of a conservative black man will only increase my resolve and support of Herman Cain.
    The talking heads on Faux can spew and blow and pontificate all they want but they are stuck on stupid, in the past, and fail to see the hatred of them as enablers of the DC rot and incompetence that is destroying our nation.
    The Cain campaign accusing the Perry campaign is worse in my opinion than the harassment claims that will continue against Herman Cain in an attempt to destroy another outsider who would change the DC power pimps and whores.
    I hope Cains campaign can prove their accusations are true and not just another baseless charge.

  7. Redteam says:

    Let me start out by saying that I don’t think Cain ‘did anything like sexually harrassing women that worked for him’
    I do think it is possible that some women (apparently 2) may have made some accusations against him and the NRA reached an agreement to get rid of the potential problem.

    But, Cain needs to get his story straight. First he said it’s not true, then he did recollect ‘something’ about 10 or more years ago. Then he didn’t have any idea who it might have been. on and on.

    Any manager, in a position over women, that have had an accusation against them, will VERY CLEARLY remember the DETAILS, probably FOREVER.

    clearly, the best thing is to stay with the truth. If there were something that occurred, just say so. Don’t try to convince the lame stream media of anything, he can’t win that battle.

    I think this is a deal like Clarence Thomas, just keep the story straight, honest, consistent.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    Now Rahm Emanuel got brought into this.

    Either Cain and his team will learn from this and move on or they will lose.

    First, Politico should never have broken the story since they lacked the evidence. Secondly, it’s a good thing that this broke early…before the primaries.

    I remember some things from 30 years ago but there are things that I don’t remember.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    So now this one woman wants to issue a statement to make it “fair and honest” if NRA would grant her permission. Wowza.

    I’m glad that the Perry team brought Romney into this “scandal”.

    Hot Air alludes to the Perry team picking up new “employees” that are mean to other competitors.

  10. dhunter says:

    The one lady anyhting or make a stdoesn’t want to ement but her LAWYER will have one for her.
    lawyer milking this for his 15 minutes of fame a paycheck and to hurt Herman. Sue em! Herman sue his socks off.

  11. dhunter says:

    oppps doesn’t want to make a statement

  12. Frogg1 says:

    PICKET: Source – Rahm Emanuel involved in Cain sexual harassment accuser attacks

    So the plot thickens? This actually makes the most sense to me. The Democrats don’t want to face Cain in the general election. They clearly want Romney. If this is true then the Dems leaked it while still making it look like a GOP hit job.

  13. Fai Mao says:

    WWS: Romney is not “Obama Lite” he is Obama White – except does not rely upon a teleprompter as much

  14. lurker9876 says:

    Whatever happened to virtue…one of the founding principles for a Republic?

    I do not like where OWS is taking us. Will OWS determine the election?

    Anyone remember the finger pointing by Romney and Perry a few weeks back?

    Today…we’ll hear more about this Cain story.

    Fai Mao, I agree with you. Problem is that Congress is planning to endorse Romney. Rove wants Romney to win.

    I am getting so disgusted with these people.

  15. dhunter says:

    “Problem is that Congress is planning to endorse Romney.”

    Hooooo hooooo hoooo, Merry Christmas Herman!

    The only people, possibly, on the planet ,with less approval with the public than the Lyin kING endorsing Romney?

    If I’m Herman I say to Romney and congress, I’ll see your endorsement and raise you a phony, old, trumped up sexual harassment scandal any day, Game ON Cowards, Game ON!

    The ultimate in insider failures endorsing ROMNEY whooo hooo, the kiss of death, we can only hope that is what they plan, genius, that makes my day!

    Hermans got a money bomb going today! For any tired of the corrupt old clowns destroying our country the crooked lawyers and political panderers and cockroaches inhabiting DC send Herman some change for real change,.