May 02 2006

Rogue CIA Fires Back?

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Mac Ranger predicted the roque CIA agents trying to destroy this country through leaks would create some bizarre news. Sometimes we need to spell things out for the liberal puppets on the left, so I must point out again that the tools available to the CIA to gather information illegally and use it against people can be used by more than the President. Everyone feared Nixon and Hoover and how they used the power of government against their enemies.

Well, nothing says a band of radicals inside the intelligence community can’t do the same thing. The tools are there. You just need to be missing the scruples and concience that stop normal people from violating the law to grab those tools.

The news that ex-CIA agents are talking to ABC News about an investigation into links between CIA contracts and Rep Randy Cunningham’s (R) bribery acts leads me to believe Cunningham may have been outed by some ex-CIA agents to send a message to the Reps and Bush.

A stunning investigation of bribery and corruption in Congress has spread to the CIA, ABC News has learned.

Two former CIA officials told ABC News that Foggo oversaw contracts involving at least one of the companies accused of paying bribes to Congressman Randall “Duke” Cunningham. The story was first reported by Newsweek magazine.

Sadly, the message would not work on Bush. I doubt he shed a single tear for Cunningham because he was a crook. He deserved what he got.

But this CIA angle looks like an attempted smear campaign against Goss’s loyal core supporters. The man is not being asked to step down so it tells me the CIA management feel there is nothing much there. They will investigate to verify their suspicions, but they are not seeing a serious connection. SOP.

The CIA released an official statement on the matter to ABC News, saying: “It is standard practice for CIA’s Office of Inspector General — an aggressive, independent watchdog — to look into assertions that mention agency officers. That should in no way be seen as lending credibility to any allegation.

“Mr. Foggo has overseen many contracts in his decades of public service. He reaffirms that they were properly awarded and administered.”

The CIA said Foggo, the No. 3 official at the CIA, would have no further comment. He will remain in his post at the CIA during the investigation, according to officials.

While based in Frankfurt, Germany, he oversaw and approved contracts for CIA operations in Iraq.

It always comes back to Iraq. How obvious does it need to be? Looks like the war to rule the country democratically or through some shadow government made up of overly emotional CIA agents is on. However, if this is on the up and up and these folks were giving contracts to friends for money – send them to jail for life. If the result is clearing out the bad apples I could care less about motives.

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  1. Jane W says:


    Do you mean “rogue”?

    I’m not a spelling giant but “roque” looks wrong to me. And feel free to delete this post if you want.

  2. Snapple says:

    This is a CIA story about a high official in trouble.

    I think you wrote about this guy but am not sure.

    The man is named Mr. Foggo and he awarded contracts.

    He got swept up in thebribery and corruption investigation of Congressman Randall Cunningham.

    Didn’t you tie this corruption case to the Wilson-Plame business at one point??

    Hope to hear more about this.

  3. roonent1 says:


    This is exactly why these rogue lawless former cia agents that are UNELECTED should be rounded up and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    To you rogue agents that think you can CONSPIRE to bring down an elected administration when we are fighting a war, may you receive the just punishments for your crimes.

    Wilson do you think we are so stupid that we do not know you mentioned the “forged uranium document” regarding Niger BEFORE it was made public? You tipped your hand. I for one am going to laugh my ass off when you are called to the stand and sliced and diced by Libby’s attorneys. I bet you have been worrying about this. You should. You will be exposed for what you are.

    The feds are investigating you rogues closely. The net is closing and you all WILL BE NAILED. Did your mommas never tell you what comes around goes around? Well it is your turn.

  4. Snapple says:

    Opps! Past my bedtime–sorry. Am taking dissiness medication for vertigo and it makes me stupid. This is what your whole article is about. I am not usually that dense…right?

  5. Seixon says:

    Of course, the liberal blogs have already “implicated” Goss in all of this. DailyKos, Joshua Marshall, Think Progress, the rest of the gang. They have said that Goss is “implicated”. Did they provide a shred of evidence for this?

    What do you think? Hmmmm. Sounds a bit fishy to me. Either that or it could just be the usual wishful thinking of a bunch of BDS crazies.

  6. AJStrata says:

    Jane W,

    I am a typo generating fool! No surprises there.

  7. Jane W says:


    This stuff is too important to get waylaid by spelling. I hope I didn’t sound like an ass.

  8. Lesley says:

    AJ – “roque” might be a good word to describe those agents. Roque is an American form of croquet. Who can forget the manical father chasing his son around the Overlook Hotel in “The Shining” (book version) attempting to smash the poor kid’s head in with a roque mallet? “Roque Agents” indeed. Heh.

  9. sbd says:

    The question that all of us should be asking is why does Wilkes need to bribe Cunningham to get contracts that his best friend was in charge of? It does noot make sense that MMZ (reportedly a CIA front company) needed Cunningham to get these contracts. Also, the way the bribes were handled were sloppy at best which leads me to believe they were done that way on purpose and Cunningham was setup by the CIA. I am not saying Cunningham was blameless, he is a crook and should be punished, but the Rogue CIA Weasels should also be punished.

    From the San Diego Union Tribune Dec 4, 2005
    Contractor ‘knew how to grease the wheels

    Born in San Diego County in 1954, Wilkes graduated from Hilltop High School in 1972, along with his football teammate and best friend Kyle Dustin “Dusty” Foggo, currently third-in-command at the Central Intelligence Agency. Wilkes and Foggo were roommates at San Diego State University, were best men at each other’s weddings and named their sons after each other.

    Wilkes’ career in political relations dates to the early 1980s, shortly after Foggo joined the CIA. Foggo was sent to Honduras to work with the Contra rebels who were trying to topple the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, according to sources within the CIA.

    Making connections
    Wilkes had moved to Washington, D.C., and opened a business named World Finance Corp. about three blocks away from the White House. One of his chief activities, sources say, was to accompany congressmen – including then-Rep. Bill Lowery of San Diego, whom Wilkes met during his participation in the SDSU Young Republicans organization – to Central America to meet with Foggo and Contra leaders.
    A number of sources who have had business dealings with Wilkes say he hinted at that time and afterward that he was affiliated with the CIA. CIA sources say he was never employed by the agency.

    By the time Wilkes returned to San Diego in the late 1980s, he had established relationships with members of the House Armed Services, Intelligence and Appropriations committees.

    Neither Wilkes, Foggo nor Lowery responded to requests for comment.


  10. AJStrata says:

    Jane W,

    No problemo. Trust me.

  11. Seixon says:

    Anyone find it odd that Larry Johnson knew both Valerie Plame and Mary McCarthy personally from his short 4-year tour in the CIA? Anyone find it odd that Rand Beers showed up on MSNBC Hardball with David Shuster to talk about Plame being involved in work on Iran? I mean, who writes this stuff?