Sep 22 2011

More Liberal Incoherence

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Apparently Obama/Holder are making GITMO news in Europe today. But since the completely ignorant cries under Bush to close GITMO and put terrorists/enemy combatants on trial we have seen this administration put out an assassination order on a US citizen in Yemen without a trial and guilty verdict.

So … self proclaimed terrorist/enemy combatants from foreign countries deserve a trial but a US citizen does not, he just gets executed?

With such dizzying intellectual incoherence like this is it any wonder liberals screwed up so badly on the economy?

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  1. WWS says:

    It’s just like all the death penalty protestors who were wailing about the execution in Georgia – why was no one protesting the execution of James Byrd’s killer in Texas?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with both executions. But those who rail against the death penalty, just like those who wailed about Bush and Cheney’s anti-terrorist policies, always leave out the important disclaimers: “Well, it’s okay if someone we likes is giving the orders, OR if the guy being killed is Rilly, Rilly BADD like a white supremacist thug!”

    So here’s Leftist Morality with regards to the Death Penalty:

    (and again, remember I’m happy with the DP for both of these)

    Black gangsta thug kills a cop: “Oh the Death Penalty is SO BARBARIC!!! How could we as enlightened human beings ever contemplate such a horrible response?”

    Skinhead white thug kills a black man: “DEATH!! DEATH! DEATH!!!”

    to put it more simply, the left has no true morals – they do not even understand the word “Morality” in the way we do. To the Left, “morality” is just another tool to use in order to gain political power, and situational ethics is all they believe in. Meaning, if the situation is one in which it would enhance their political power, it is defined as “good”, and if it detracts from their power, it is “Bad”.

    This of course explains why their is no apparent coherence to their positions – there *is* coherence, it’s just not what you think it should be. That’s why they feel free to lie, cheat, steal, and yes, even murder in the name of the “cause” – if their action enhances their side’s power in any way, their “ethical” framework defines whatever they do as “good”, and defines anyone who opposes them as “bad”. Understand that and you will understand the left.

    btw, John Boehner has made a very nice tactical move with regard to the spending bill, I think, by cutting the Solyndra program in order to get the nay saying GOP congressmen on board. He should have started out with this position, of course, but it’s a nice save.

  2. cj_thespook says:

    Hey AJ,

    Off topic; however, I couldn’t resist. I read this article on the Washington Examiner website I thought you would enjoy. Judge questions honesty of Interior Department scientists