Apr 28 2006

Terrorists Are The Problem, Not America

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We can all hope the lefty media will shake itself lose from its partisan hypnosis. The days of claiming all the world’s problems are the fault of America are well over in most ‘normal’ people’s minds. But occasionally news breaks that is an acid test of how partisan or professional a journalist is. The report that 14,500 people were killed by brutish terrorists last years is one such story:

Terrorists killed more than 14,500 people in 11,000 attacks across the globe last year, the U.S. State Department said in its annual report on terrorism.

Fifty-six of those killed were Americans, the report said. Three thousand of the deaths were attributable to 360 suicide bombings. There were 25,000 people wounded and 35,000 people kidnapped, the report said.

Watch how the media plays (or doesn’t even report) this news. See which news outlets report the constant bloodbath that is terrorism. See which ones try to spin the “it’s America’s fault’ meme into their story to aussage their egoes. Time to test the media.

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