Apr 28 2006

Saddam’s Terrorist Ties

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The Democrats are walking into a political trap. They are saying the march into Iraq was based on flawed and faked intelligence. At the same time, a very powerful movie about America’s first heroes in the Global War On Terror is premiering in time for the nation to reflect on where we have come in the five years since 9-11.

And part of that reflection will be on information gathered in Iraq but just now being pulled to together to build a detailed mosaic of what Iraq was like under Saddam Hussein. When I first heard that these documents were being released I wrote: “Unleash the Blogosphere!“. Even at this early stage, the results are stunning.

The biggest item to come through was Saddam’s ties and support to terrorists. While his WMD stockpiles where the focus of a myopic western media, WMD know-how was what would be transfered to terrorists if we let the associations between the two go on too long. The next 9-11 would not have Saddam’s fingerprints on it (he was too smart for that), it would simply have the knowledge of his scientists and engineers invisibly embedded in it.

That to me was the greates threat, a threat now proved realistic and believable. Laurie Mylroie joins Stephen Hayes and exposes the truth about Saddam’s Arab Fedayeen – his foreign terrorist fighters he was training along side his Saddam Fedayeen. (note: Fedayeen means one who is willing to sacrifice – so some where willing to sacrifice for Saddam, others for Arab Muslims and not Saddam):

This document also deals with training and calls for “preparing theoretical and practical lessons on popular [shaabi, literally, ‘of the people’] bombs.” Presumably, these IEDs were designed to be relatively easy to use. And it proposes “training Arab Fedayeen as part of the plan for 2000” (“Saddam’s Fedayeen” are Iraqis; the “Arab Fedayeen” come from other countries.)

This document is consistent with Stephen Hayes’ report that other documents (which have not yet been released) reveal that in 1998, Iraq began training 2,000 Arab Islamic terrorists a year and that this training continued through 2002. It is also consistent with what U.S. forces found at Salman Pak, a site used for such training, when they captured the area. As Centcom spokesman General Vincent Brooks stated on April 6, 2003


As a U.S. intelligence official explained to this author, the United States has interrogated the Iraqis who trained the foreign terrorists and has their accounts of that training, along with material like group pictures of the graduating classes.

Wow, group pictures. When it becomes clear Saddam was training 8,000 new 9-11 terrorists it will sink in that we faced a serious threat from the joint activities of Saddam and the Arab Fedayeen. 8,0000 terrorists – hopefully fighting, dying and dead in Iraq now – is an unnerving number when we think about what the small group of 9-11 terrorists did to us.

How many hundreds of Flight 93’s did that force represent? How many times would Americans had to fight and die inside our borders to protect the nation – sometimes armed with nothing but determination? The War in Iraq is over – the repurcussions are just now beginning to echo out into history.

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7 Responses to “Saddam’s Terrorist Ties”

  1. Jane W says:

    Sadly AJ I don’t think it will sink in. The moonbats will simply declare that we deserved it, it’s our fault and it’s not true; the antique media will pick up that meme and it will be codified for all time.

    Don’t forget, these are the same people who view Mary McCarthy as a hero.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Jane W,

    They are a minority – and not a very well respected one at that! There are always losers who whine.

  3. Jane W says:

    I hope they are a minority, and I think they are a minority. But having the media shill for them changes the playing field immensely.
    Unless the antique media can be shamed into simply recognizing an alternate point of view, many people will assume there isn’t one.

    I don’t know one lefty that has changed his mind on WMD regardless of all the information out there. Do you?

  4. AJStrata says:


    Nope – no lefties changing their minds (though plenty like Leiberman and Hitchens got it right off the bat). And no leftied winning elections either.

  5. Sue says:


    The left is not interested in the documents. When one pops up that is interesting, not necessarily damaging, just interesting, it is dismissed as Bush needing to boost his poll numbers, how do they know Bush didn’t fabricate the document, look it doesn’t really say anything, it doesn’t have the stamp, it doesn’t have this, it doesn’t have that. I can’t imagine what they would do with one that proved Saddam trained terrorists. They will never believe Saddam was anything but a danger to his own people. And he ran a secular society and we, the US, created a theocracy, if only we had left him alone.

    Glad to have your site back up.

  6. Crzy4politks says:

    As much as I do not think that the Democrats will ever concede the fact that we didn’t just go to Iraq for WMD’s, I wish they would realize that just because we didn’t find the actual fully built, fully capable weapons doesn’t mean that they could have existed in time. As stated in the post Saddam was willing to give the information gleaned from his scientists to help the terrorists. In the US we arrest people and charge them for a crime when all they have are the tools to make a weapon, bomb, etc. So, we went after Saddam to stop him from using that knowledge and to keep him from spreading it. (Along with the 10 other reasons we went into Iraq) It was a similar tactic. We were taking an offensicve approach rather than having to be on the defensive end once again.

  7. AJStrata says:


    I doubt the far left will ever recover from their delusions. All we need is the other 70-80% of the population to figure it out.