Aug 31 2011

Obama Demonstrating His Impotence

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Boy, if our lame duck President needed to emphasize how much political capital he has lost, all he needed to do was try and demand time in front of Congress late in the game. Which he of course did. And the petulant POTUS tried to upstage a GOP presidential candidate debate to boot!

Since Obama has spent 2.5 years bumbling on jobs and the economy, I am sure we can all wait a day or two longer for his next set of tired and useless proposals. The House Speaker is not impressed either and has told POTUS he can come the day after the debate (with some good solid rational to go with it).

So what is the POTUS’ next move?

Will he pout and whine?

Will he stand outside Congress and demand to be let in?

Will he cry “Racists!”?

What, pray tell, is there for him to do but to pull his foot out of his mouth and come the next day???

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9 Responses to “Obama Demonstrating His Impotence”

  1. Sabastian says:

    My guess is he’ll address the nation from the White House during the debate and use the first 10 minutes to blame the Republicans for incivility.

    It’s like me inviting myself to a 5 course dinner with fine wine at your house and then complain that you are unsociable when you don’t say yes.

    The networks broadcasting the debate should just shut him off. He is being intentionally rude and should be treated like a spoiled child. I mute him every time he speaks.

  2. Neo says:

    If it’s Thursday, it will have to be a short speech.

    New Orleans @ Green Bay Thur Sept 8, 8:30 PM @Lambeau Field

  3. Wilbur Post says:

    What real difference does it make what he says or when he says it? Does anyone outside of the brain-dead MSM even pretend that his words have a shelf life longer than a soap bubble – or are anywhere near as firm? Even many of his supporters have caught on to the fact the man is one big FAKE. They’re just too scared of being thought of as RAAAAACIST to admit it.

  4. dhunter says:

    He wants to admonish the Republicans to support balanced, bi-partisan solutions/legislation or whatever other poll tested phrases popped up during “Cousin Eddies” “Endless Vacation”.

    Of course the balanced and bi-partisan legislation will be his plan which will be more stimulus, called infrastructure bank, and more government jobs, (Union Jobs) to rebuild the North East because of a thunderstorm he and the media hyped.

    He knows the Repubs won’t pass what he proposes and intends to use that to pin his terrible economy on the Republicans.
    The only question is are there enough stupid Americans to buy his and his Presstitutes lies and re-elect the worst President ever?
    The fact that he attempted to interrupt the Republican debates was petty and was his attempt to put the Repugs in their place and to twist the knife, to rub salt in the wounds knowing his policies will not pass, they were never intended to.
    This guy is a shameless Anti-American and should be impeached for multiple and frequent crimes against the constitution as shown by the courts.

  5. WWS says:

    this is hilarious – Obama got completely pantsed by Boehner today! It’s hard to underestimate how this looks to all the voters – Obama pulled a dumb move, Boehner stood up to him, while being polite and not defying him completely, and Obama folded like a cheap lawn chair!

    As you asked, what’s his next move? Now we know – and it shows just what a gutless, clueless SCOAMF he is! The wannabe bully shows just what a mindless fool he is, as he turns to Boehner and says simply “Thank you Sir! May I have Another???”

    Boehner looks like a thoughtful, serious, winner – Obama looks like a fool. (and Krauthammer is wrong on this one, btw)

  6. jwb says:

    Remember: Without TOTUS, there can be no (IM)POTUS

    White House Press Secretary Jay Carney should remind the country that they can DVR ObiWun and listen to his speech at their convenience.

  7. WWS says:

    This morning, I don’t think Obama understands even now how idiotic it was of him to A) set up this speech which was guaranteed to create a huge conflict, and then B) fold like wet cardboard as soon as anyone noticed and called him on it.

    It reminds me of the actions of a two year old who thinks he can’t get caught, and who then slinks away sheepishly when he is. It’s embarrasing, even to me, to have a president this pathetic!

    This is really a new low for him – not that the issue is all that important (the speech will just be more nonsense) but because it does truly put his incompetence on display for the world to see. How hard do you think the Chinese, the Russians, and Iranians are laughing right now, knowing that they can back down this sad assclown any time they want?

    my bet that night – Green Bay vs. New Orleans pre-game show (not to mention the game itself!) destroys his ratings! Hell, that’s what I’ll be watching.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    I can’t tell which side Mark Knoller is on… but he twittered:

    Pres Obama is urging lawmakers to “look past short term politics” and act on his plan and asks his supporters to stand alongside me today.


    BTW, if you have facebook, like Daniel McCool to see the pictures of my townhall meeting with Pete Olson and read the comments.

  9. KauaiBoy says:

    Sabastian—I used to use the mute button whenever any of the talking heads came on but actually wore it down. Then I discovered the SAP button and can appreciate the blabbering and actually understand it even though I know little Spanish. If we can’t get term limits then how about time limits on speech—that said I should never have to hear a peep from Bobo, Schumer, Bob Beckel (and the other clintonistas FOX likes to roll out) etc., etc.—-until they have a novel thought—-which means I should never expect to hear from them.

    I think it is obvious that Bobo is not in charge and is merely a shill for others. Time to expose the people behind the scenes.

    In the meantime I will await his upcoming epiphany.