Apr 28 2006

From The Duh! Files

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The UN has found Iran non compliant with it nuclear program and a potential risk to the world and its neighbors. That officially makes the UN the last people on the planet to come to that conclusion.

The IAEA will include these findings, sources said, in what they characterized as a brief and highly negative report to be delivered today, the end of a 30-day deadline the Security Council set for Iran to stop enriching uranium until inspectors are confident the program is exclusively peaceful.

“It’s pretty clear Iran is not going to meet those requirements,” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said yesterday. “When that happens, the international community, represented by the Security Council, is going to have a choice.”

Unfortunately for mankind, the choice the UN is facing is to do nothing quietly, or do nothing while loudly denouncing those who do try and stop the Mad Mullah’s and Iran’s President, who see himself as the coming of the final messiah.

On Monday, diplomats from the United States, Britain and France will begin pushing for a resolution that would legally obligate Iran to abide by the council’s demands, officials said. If Iran balks, the trio would then pursue international sanctions, either through the Security Council or with like-minded allies, administration officials and European diplomats have said.

Here’s to hoping the UN will shuffle off into their incompetent corner quietly. The ‘like minded allies’ option is the only viable one.

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  1. Crzy4politks says:

    Why do we still have the UN? What is the point? They don’t actually do anything. There is no enforcement (other than the US) to enforce their sanctions. They always take FOREVER to get anything accomplished. Iran has a been trying to start a nuclear program for years. Why is the UN just now deciding that Iran is not complying? At this point in time I would think the threat from the US would be more effective. And once again the Democrats are going to claim that we didn’t wait for the UN to pussy-foot around and come up with a solution. It’s Iraq all over again. But whatever because if there really is a threat from Iran I trust Bush to make the right decision. And if that is decision is to go and take out their program I’m all for it. I would rather go in and piss them off and get rid of the threat then sit back and watch it grow until its at a volatile point like North Korea.

  2. AJStrata says:


    There is little value in the UN except when handing out aid (and even then it is of little additional help). If the world wants to play UN – fine. The question for me is why are we paying for it!