Aug 24 2011

Racism Card In America Defunct Since 2008

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I have to laugh at the dried up, knee-jerk and lame attacks from the tired liberal left’s old guard these days. It seems they have decided to trot out the race card and try for more white guilt. I guess they missed the memo.

In 2008 America elected an African American (or Black if you prefer) President. The colored/minority glass ceiling was busted for all time. I come from Virginia, the home of the capitol of the confederacy, and also proudly the state with the first black elected governor – Douglas Wilder. We have moved on from the race wars of the 50’s and 60’s. In 2008 the idea of people of color being inferior as a group was finally killed. Individual failure was not.

If liberals think they are going into the 2012 election crying ‘black victim’ while this economy is in this bad of shape they need to rethink their strategy. I for one am all for it, because it is time the the old ‘victim-hood’ political complex was dismantled anyway. It is a relic filled with relics pining over times long gone. They are actually the last barrier to finally breaking down the walls between the races. It is such a failed strategy that it should consume any lingering credibility the victim-hood complex has. It will also have a negative effect on Democrats. Their call of course.

Even more insane is the left’s attempt to pit their whining against the real concerns out in the nation about irresponsible spending and incompetent government solutions. Do they really want a black verses middle America fight? Is the country even in the mood for one?

It is not racist to point out the Obama/Pelosi/Reid policies have utterly failed economically. It is not racist to point out that pathetically error ridden global warming models have failed in predicting the impact of CO2 (which is actually a lagging indicator of warming, not a driver). It is not racist to point out Obamacare will cripple this economy and its health care into ruin. There is no desire to have a race conflict right now outside the usual complainers. They don’t number enough to make a difference.

Face it, President Obama just does not have the experience required to be an executive or understand even small business (let alone the larger forms). It is a personal failing, not a racial one. Liberal ideas are dying against the crucible of reality. They are failures and so are their proponents. Sorry, but not everyone gets to be right – no matter how hard one wants it or believes they deserve it.

If someone like Maxine Waters wants to go out looking the fool and claim Obama’s problems are due to the ghost of white racism and slavery long gone – it’s a free country. And it is also a free country where you can dismiss such relics for what they are. We elected Barack Obama with great fanfare and hope – and yet he failed. If Obama was really as good as everyone claims, he would walk above the pettiness of those Neanderthals still caught up in the racist insecurity that plagues bitter failures. In fact, even in failure as President he does walk above thoseĀ  racist rejects of human society.

Obama was justĀ  not up to the job of President in these hard economic times, and the black community only shows its glass chin when it complains it is unfair to hold Obama to the same standard as every other President.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Then there’s that rep in Florida…the woman with the shiny red cowboy hat.


    But hey…go ahead and continue with your game plan. If that’s the only thing you have left, then stick with it. With everything else you touched with your black thumb, let your game plan be touched with your still black thumb.

    The more you attack the tea party, the stronger we become.

    Harry Reid, go ahead and tell us that the tea party is GONE.

    Sorry, Harry, we ain’t GONE! We’re just waiting for next year to vote Obama out of the WH and you out of the majority leader of the Senate.

    Kudos to Allan West, Apostle Claver, Lloyd Marcus, MLK’s niece, Herman Cain, and many other conservative blacks to work to help the blacks get out of poverty on their own.

  2. WWS says:

    In related news, Al Sharpton is now the fulltime 6 pm host on MSNBC.

    for a good look at his reporting qualifications, see this:

    This guy makes Ron Burgundy look good!

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Off topic: Now that Progress vehicle just crashed back in orbit at Atlai, there’s a lot of talk about the concerns of one single supply option along with increasing funds for this or that. Some want increased funds for commercial space industry, which I say no. Others say we need to save Endeavour and Atlantis to be flown twice yearly and as launch on need until something cheaper, better, and reliable comes along.

    Too bad that USA laid off so many of its shuttle employess….too bad that NASA is driven by the whims of the politicians without understanding the real purpose of NASA.

    With funds questionable for the James Webb project, SLS project, and all that…now what?

  4. […] H/T Reader lurker9876. Only a moron would cancel America’s only transportation system to the space station which we spent billions of dollars over many decades to build. As I noted in my post regarding the last shuttle flight, technically it was illegal to cancel the follow-on to the shuttle (the Orion vehicle under the Constellation program) because it is illegal to leave any critical aspect of any US Space Program to the whims and performance of other nations. We can’t fly a sounding rocket if the entire mission has a foreign element key to the success of the mission. […]

  5. AJStrata says:

    Lurker – this is criminal in my mind. We just stranded a bunch of people in the darkness of space. Better hope there is no medical emergency up there.

  6. dbostan says:

    “The colored/minority glass ceiling was busted for all time.”

    Well, yeah, for those thinking, of course.
    For those drones who voted for Obama first, I have very few hopes.

    It is clear, even this early in the campaign, the race card will be played.
    It is played as we speak.

    Ulsterman has three articles exposing the Obama campaign strategy.

    What we can hope is that rationality will prevail and the nation’s hope (yeah, that devalued now word) for a better (economic) future will make them vote the right way.

  7. KauaiBoy says:

    Isn’t our first mixed race president half white? Does that not count for anything in his description or is that trumped by his blackness. He was raised by white folks, vacations in Martha’s Vineyard and plays golf. I’d even bet he prefers Pat Boone to Snoop Dogg.