Apr 25 2006

Iran Wants To Arm The World

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Iran wants to arm the world with nuclear weapons:

Iran’s supreme leader says his country is willing to share nuclear technology with other countries.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told visiting Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir that Iran is prepared to transfer the nuclear experience, knowledge and technology of its scientists.

Anyone who watched Blackhawk down must realize what a totally insane and suicidal idea it is to arm the Sudanese with nuclear weapons.   Maybe we are reaching the time of Armeggadon after all.  We cannot allow this dispersion of WMD technology to occur.  It would mean world wide devastation, a holocaust beyond imagination.

If Al Gore thinks CO2 is bad for the environment, wait until he sees what Iran is willing to do.  It will bring a whole new meaning to Global Warming.  Of course the left will minimize the danger because Bush is the true evil, not some mad mullahs led by a man who thinks he is the final messiah.

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