Apr 23 2006

The Raging RINO’s Are HERE!

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*** last minute submissions coming in at the end (OK, I posted early, not their fault!) ***

Yep, my turn to host those rampaging RINOs (and man, do they leave a mess on the carpet). So, without further delay, here are your RINOs with this weeks Raging topics (in the order I received them).

Head RINO, the Commissar, looks at the world in 2034 and a world were the liberals have outlawed conservatism. Scary and funny at the same time!

Countertop Chronicles looks at the early peaking of gas prices, who is to blame and what to do about it.

Gary at the Ex-Donkey Blog notes the Democrats want to exploit the high gas prices, but asks what are they going to do about it?

Jane at Armies of Liberation continues her excellent investigations into Yemen with one of the strangest interactions between business and government I have seen. Jane says don’t miss the comments.

The Unabrewer notes the Democrat’s plan for high gas prices is keeping high taxes. If given the choice…

Say Uncle (‘Uncle’ – can’t resist) relays the joys of parenthood with the young ones when you are the stay at home parent. Ah, those were the days! And its about job hunting. Just go read it…

Dean at Searchlight Crusades ponders the meaning of ‘a perfect war’, or if even a meaningful definition can possibly exist.

Mog, of Mind Of Mog, looks at the post-Katrina employment opportunities – for migrant workers. I hear there is an opening for Mayor in New Orleans as well.

Update:Major fix on the Don Surber link – my bad. Sincere apologies Don. Don’t take me to the woodshed!

Don Surber, from West By Golly Virginia (where my dad is from), takes Michelle Malkin to task for being nearly as immature as the students whose phone numbers she posted on her site. OK, I am being kind, Don is much harder on her.

A Typical Joe looks at the case where the court banned gay-bashing t-shirts and concludes both sides are right! Joe appears to have pulled off this logical tightrope act.

Mark Coffey at Decision ’08 wonders if Rumsfeld has weathered the media storm launched against him. Mark, a few million of us are wondering ‘what storm?’. (just kidding)

Bloodspite at Technography has an excellent Tale of Terror – Check it out.

Pigilito looks at a powerful militia inside Iran and its ties to the not so stable Ahmedinejad, along with his own bloody history in the Iran and Iraq war.

Larry, of Inside Larry’s Head, posts an open letter to President Bush regarding his apparent disinterest in seeing Republicans win this fall’s elections over rising gas prices.

Addendum: New arrivals!

Cardinal Martini discusses his encounter with Seinfeld’s Kramer (Michael Richards) at a nightclub – adult language warning!

Rachel at Tinkerty Tonk (I need to learn where that name came from – too cool) ponders the nations obsession with the Duke rape case. Fair question.

Scott at Environmental Republican learns two vials of anthrax is missing, but swears we have nothing to worry about. Let’s hope all of Scott’s predictions come true.

JimK of Right Thoughts as some good points on a movie about Theo Van Gogh and muslim reactions (another language warning is required).

Read them all please – good stuff.

End Update

And last, but hopefully not least, my post on Hillary and The Fence.

As usual, if a RINO wants to submit a late submission feel free to do so and I will add it as soon as I can.

Everyone have a great day and see you all in The Bitstream®!

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  1. Mind of Mog says:

    The RINOs Rage On…

    And I even remembered. It’s at Strata-Sphere.com, got some interesting reading, no kittycats thou. That’s for later.


  2. Jane says:

    ahowsitgoin? carnivalsup? snice. surbernmogabitmixed. gottawatchdatdonyaknow. goodtachat. laterdude.

  3. HaroldHutchison says:

    The Don Surber link seems to be off.

  4. AJStrata says:

    Folks, fixed the busted Surber link (thanks Harold)

  5. AJStrata says:



  6. RINOs out of control!…

    I forgot to submit something to the Carnival of RINOs again… luckily, AJStrata let me in late. Go check out all the submissions…….

  7. Don Surber says:


    AJ Strata hosts RINO Sightings….

  8. Decision '08 says:

    Raging Into A New Week…

    The RINOs, that is…hosted for this installment by our good friend AJ…as always, check ‘em out…


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    RINO Sightings Recommended: Politburo Diktat, …

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    AJ Strata hosts the Raging RINO Roundup this week.  Loads about McCarthy, Rummy, parenthood, missing anthrax and more.