Jul 17 2011

An All New Meaning For the Phrase “Tit For Tat”

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There is another dam about to break out here in Middle America, which naturally follows if the current political path to a new future fails.

In 2010 the people were crystal clear about which path they wanted leaders to take. And that path did not include ANY expansion of government failures. That was a political tsunami that wiped out big government Democrats across the nation – more so at the local level than at the top level (which is why the US Senate did not flip control, being the body the farthest from the reach of local voters). The damn that broke was our knee-jerk trust in government solutions. It was a huge political shift that has yet to play out, since we have only operated under this new general approach for a few short months.

But Democrats better beware, because the next dam they are playing with is much more powerful – and will take many generations to repair. And that dam is the basic key to governance – the support of We The People in our government. Our democracy operates not just by the consent of the governed, but by supporting participation. If this dam breaks then we will see widespread civil disobedience become the norm. The governed will begin to really push back against the political elite in a manner that will bring governance to its knees. That is the point of mass civil disobedience.

Take this incident for example – which had me and LJStrata rolling on the floor laughing:

Court records show 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae grabbed the left breast of the female agent Thursday at the Terminal 4 checkpoint.

Police say she squeezed and twisted the agent’s breast with both hands.

Officers say Mihamae admitted to the crime.

There’s no word why she touched the agent.

Mihamae now faces a felony count of sexual abuse.

Credit LJStrata for the thread title – too good to pass up.

The Feds better be careful on how they handle this. There are so many frustrated and fed up people passing through security check points that a wave of similar responses would cripple not only air travel, but also the court system. The irony of all this is the liberal left – with their nostalgia for the civil disobedience of 60’s and 70’s – are about to ignite a wave of Libertarian civil disobedience not seen since the Tea Party that launched this great country. It is no mystery that the Tea Party moniker took in 2010 to galvanize the rising tide of ‘small government’ forces now aligned against the heart and soul of big government liberalism. But if the voting booth fails to get the attention of the political elite, the next step will be impossible to ignore.

Would a wave of TSA disobedience send a signal to DC to get their paranoia under control so they start looking for terrorists and stop sifting through senior citizens’ Depends and accosting 6 year olds? Keep up the TSA madness and find out. Airline travel already is dysfunctional, adding a day more here or there won’t make much of a difference. More on that in a bit.

The debt ceiling debate is the focus point for the face off between big government and small government forces, all of which tie back to what is the reasonable and required level of government intervention in our lives. Right now, the arrogant and ignorant leftist busy-bodies are well over the line in terms of dictating what people should think, say, do for a living and make for an income. We know they have over reached. Heck, even they know it. But for some reason they cannot stop themselves. They will be stopped, now it is a question of how.

The left are completely afraid to give an inch on this manner now. Obama and the Dems say we should face painful cuts, but they are obsessed with adding a tax on the rich and small businesses. So obsessed they don’t even pretend that the higher taxes will go to reduce the pain of the cuts! They just want to stick it to the successful people. And they will shut the government down over this silliness.

Instead of giving up on taxes, they have demanded America make a choice between more government at all costs, or less government. Everyone outside the rabid left is heading towards less government at all costs. The argument is a lost cause. The left (and those trapped in the Political Industrial Complex bubble that covers the news media, talking heads, lobbyists, politicians and career bureaucrats) has no inkling things have shifted so much in Middle America. They are way behind the curve at the moment. So they don’t see the danger signs, any more than they saw the signs in 2010, or in Wisconsin and the reigning in union spending, or in Minnesota and reigning spending, or in NJ or VA and a myriad of places where real change is now taking place. There will be no unfettered growth in government. We don’t need ANY growth in government at all. We know it, the left can’t face it. So we have the coming stand offs.

America’s frustration is growing as its patience heads towards empty. If America decided to go to mass disobedience using the flash mob approach to start signaling the Political Industrial Complex – watch out. We could see a day where everyone brings a bottle of water to airline security, or everyone decides to delay their tax payments by a week or so, or any myriad of mass disobedience events. The bureaucracy could not handle any of these – trust me. It is lethargic, bloated and pretty damn stupid. It would crumble in dazed paralysis at each event.

The combination of this growing frustration and the internet/cellular communication (e.g., flash mob planning and coordination) could see civil disobedience on a scale that would boggle the mind. No more sit ins at one campus on one day. Think what would happen if everyone, on one day, brought that bottle of water to the TSA security line what would happen? Millions of unopened bottles of water piling up, consuming TSA resources. No real delays, just millions of gallons of water donated by air travelers. TSA would drown in a mountain of bottled water.

Simple, safe and effective. I would not call for a day of TSA groping – that would be beyond the pale and too much like lynch mob. TSA agents are Americans too and should not be the brunt of frustration. They are doing what they are told in most cases.

But if DC needs clearer messages, if the votes and polls and protests aren’t doing it, then next stage could be quite disruptive – and actually fun to watch.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    The mainstream media and the Democrats thought for sure that the tea party movement is waning…”the flame in the pan”.

    Well, they will soon find out how wrong they are.

    Yesterday, I was at FreedomWorks event. And it was amazing. They did not anticipate 40 to 60 percent walk-ins so the conference room that they reserved was unable to accommodate the size of the crowd. Even after they pulled out more chairs to fill the room, it was still standing room. So we moved to a bigger room after lunch.

    The morning covered a demonstration of “Freedom Connector” and the new Texas Gallop Straw Poll (similar to the Ames Straw Poll). So register at Freedom Connector to find out about your local events, groups, etc. It’s growing already.

    The afternoon session began with the status of the US senate and house races in 2012. Brendan Steinhauser of FreedomWorks gave us a choice for the next topic: Presidential race or the state races. The audience chose the presidential race. Brendan began with the comment that they do not want Mitt to get nominated. He feels that we should look for a conservative candidate but a conservative candidate that, with clear confidence, could beat Obama. So he asked us a bunch of questions like:

    1. Do you want to vote Obama out of the office? A rousting Yes!

    2. When you are given two choices in the 2012 general election and you are given two choices: Obama and Mitt. Who would you vote for? MITT!!

    3. Obama versus Ron Paul? Ron Paul!!

    4. Obama versus Michelle Bachman? Michelle!

    5. Obama versus Perry? Perry! Then the audience revealed how controversial Perry is. Brendan showed a face of a little surprise by this.

    6, A few more paired questions before he tried a few single candidate questions like, “Ok, now how about Newt?” The audience BOOOOOOED!!

    The audience demonstrated such animation, agitation, and anger that Brendan had to open the floor to questions and comments…more like a venting session.

    So, yeah, expect this tea party movement to grow. There’s a lot of planning behind the scenes.

    I spent a few minutes talking to Ted Cruz and he was really excited to see the 40 to 60 percent walk-ins after a low attendance of a few April 15 rallies.

    It was just amazing!

  2. dhunter says:

    A senior citizen I was working with last week expressed concern that she was being harassed by a stock brokerage for asking to cash in her stocks, she had just taken over the finances as she is caring for a husband with severe alzheimers who didn’t share the financial info with her.
    I told her report them to the BBBureau. I would cash out too, long before her 75 and especially now with the Narcisisstist in chief threatening the country.
    She expressed extreme concern over OBLahBlahs suggestion that her SSI may not be paid.
    I told her that would not happen and if it did it would be purely a decision made by the Liar in Chief and his party to punish the people for their demands to not raise taxes and to cut Government spending.
    I went further and told her if this is the lengths the Democrat Party is willing to go to to push their socialistic theories on the American people then the much publicized, but phony, Million Man March, will become a real Million Man March with citizens descending upon DC with pitchforks, torches and hangmans nooses looking to take back their country from a isolated, insulated bunch of college professor type theorists, outright sabatours and Communists/Socialists and their Presstitute enablers.
    I futher told her if OBLahBlah would hold hostage military pay and SSI while paying his czars his and congress salaries and those of their many aides, limo drivers, cooks and house cleaners, the Political class Jets and their pilots then the country will turn on DC and the Presstitutes and run them out of town with the threat of burning their playhouse down around their ear plugged ears.
    I hope I was right, that the American People still have the will to do the right thing and force their leaders to do the same.

  3. dhunter says:

    P.S. if you didn’t see “The Undefeated” over the weekend, find it, and watch it. YOU will be forever changed!

  4. Mike M. says:

    With TSA involved? AJ, it’s going to get ugly. Sooner or later, some TSA goon will decide to grope-check someone with serious martial arts training. About 1/2 second later, the sexual predator in a TSA uniform will hit the floor. Permanently.

    I like the bottled water idea, though.

  5. WWS says:

    Lurker – I’d say that if anyone besides Perry had Perry’s gift for public speaking, Perry’s record, and Perry’s campaign issues right now they would be front runner for sure, and they would win.

    But Perry? I don’t know – it’s worrisome that the people who know the most about him are the most lukewarm about the idea, and I count myself in that bunch.

  6. DrDave says:

    So they have charged her with sexual assault. I think it is pretty useful that TSA has now defined what they do as standard procedure as a crime. Could make for some interesting legal challenges.

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