Apr 22 2006

Mac Ranger On Mary McCarthy

Mac Ranger has inside sources which provide a lot of insight into what is happening. Don’t miss his latest post – it is a big one. A tease or two seems to be in order:

…Mary’s discovery definitely came as a part of a tip, most likely on the promise of immunity, which I find most intriguing and amusing. Imagine a mole on the inside who is now spilling the beans on those leakers – such as Mary – who have been leaking stories over the last three years.

Dominos are starting to flip. Where they go, no one knows!

But the pure and simple fact is as I told you this is going to be a vindicating summer for supporters of the Bush Administration.

I, for one, cannot wait. Mac also explains the reason why Len Downing at the WaPo is out making dumb comments instead of keeping his head low and quiet:

Also in spite of what the WAPO editorial board thinksabout it’s supposed right to print classified information, the JD is specifically aiming at them..

Game on!  And keep and eye on the list of names Mac sited on a letter to John McCain regarding interrogations.  A good number belong to the left wing group called VIPS and to the other group we mentioned today: OSS.  And do not forget the call to arms by the VIPS to topple Bush’s administration through illegal leaks!

We appeal to those still working inside the Intelligence Community to consider turning state’s evidence. Daniel Ellsberg, one who knows, recently noted that truth telling, in time, can stop a misguided march to war. Ellsberg and our former CIA colleague, Sam Adams, spoke out courageously to expose the lies of the Johnson administration and to put the brakes on the war in Vietnam–but, sadly, not in time. Sam is now deceased, but Ellsberg recently appealed to insiders at intelligence agencies “to tell the truth and save many, many lives.” We Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity join in that urgent appeal.

The names to watch, thanks to Mac Ranger:

ROBERT BAER, former Case Officer, Directorate of Operations, CIA

VINCENT CANNISTRARO, former director of the CIA Counterterrorism Center

KATHLEEN CHRISTISON, former Analyst, Directorate of Intelligence, CIA

WILLIAM CHRISTISON, former National Intelligence Officer and Director, Office of Regional & Political
Analysis, CIA

RICHARD CLARKE, former advisor, National Security Council

RAY CLOSE, former Chief of Station Officer, CIA

VICKI DIVOLL, former Assistant General Counsel, CIA

GRAHAM FULLER, former Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, CIA

MELVIN A. GOODMAN, former Analyst, Directorate of Intelligence, CIA

PHILIP GIRALDI, former Case Officer, Directorate of Operations, CIA

MICHAEL GRIMALDI, former Analyst, Directorate of Intelligence, CIA

RALPH M. HOCKLEY, Col. USA (ret), former intelligence officer

ARTHUR S. HULNICK, former intelligence officer, US Air Force, former CIA

LARRY C. JOHNSON, former Analyst, Directorate of Intelligence, CIA

EDWARD R. M. KANE, former Chief of Station, CIA

CAMERON LA CLAIR, former Executive Officer of Area Division, CIA

W. PATRICK LANG, Col. USA (ret), Chief of DIA Middle East Division, Director Defense Humint

LYNNE A. LARKIN, former Case Officer, Directorate of Operations, CIA

DAVID MACMICHAEL, former National Intelligence Council officer, CIA

TOM MAERTENS, former analyst, Intelligence and Research, Department of State

EUGENE A. MANNING, former Analyst, Office of National Estimates, Directorate of Intelligence, and
Counterintelligence Center, CIA

JAMES MARCINKOWSKI, former Case Officer, Directorate of Operations, CIA

JOHN E. MARSH, former Case Officer, Directorate of Operations, CIA

RICHARD MCDERMOTT, former Army Counterintelligence Special Agent

RAY MCGOVERN, former Analyst, Directorate of Intelligence, CIA

DAVID RUPP, former Case Officer, Directorate of Operations, CIA

GARETH A. SHELLMAN, former intelligence analyst, U.S. Army Security Agency

JOHN P. SONTAG, former intelligence analyst, CIA and Department of State

LEWIS R. SORLEY, former Director, National Intelligence Emergency Support Office, CIA

ROBERT DAVID STEELE VIVAS, former clandestine officer, CIA

STANSFIELD TURNER, former Director of Central Intelligence

AMB. (RET) PHILIP C. WILCOX, JR., former Ambassador at Large for Counter Terrorism at Department
of State

AUSTIN YAMADA, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Combating

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6 Responses to “Mac Ranger On Mary McCarthy”

  1. elendil says:

    1. Of course everyone has noticed the constant drumbeat in the MSM, especially the WaPo–Porter Goss has got to go! He’s destroying intelligence, especially the CIA! Interesting that the latest installment on this theme by David Ignatius was in yesterday’s WaPo. Perhaps Mary Mac was not alone in her leaking from the CIA–almost certainly not, just look at the number of others who have been forced out. Are these stories markers that indicate when some of the leakers start feeling the heat close to them, and they squeal to their pals–do something! Get them off our backs!

    2. Mac Ranger’s suggestion that Mary Mac may have had an hand in the Plame referral–hmmmm. Exactly why is it that Fitz doesn’t want to turn that referral over to Team Libby? Even without being identified as a leaker, her connections are radioactive and might have gotten Team Libby scrambling to send out more subpoenaes.

    3. Just how far all this goes this summer and fall may depend on the answer to a question that insiders in WDC are no doubt asking themselves: does Dubya believe in getting even? Does he watch loyal associates hounded from their jobs by kangaroo special counsels (if hounding is what kangaroo special counsels do), and just say ho-hum, or does he grit his teeth and say: something has to be done? They say he’s a consumate poker player. There have to be some people inside the Beltway squirming and wondering–what’s in his hand?

  2. elendil says:

    Somebody please remind me: why doesn’t FitzMagoo want to turn the CIA referral over to Team Libby? If Mac Ranger is right that she was associated with the referral, wouldn’t that explain an awful lot? Even if she weren’t a leaker, her associations in that context would be radioactive.

    Question: is Dubya the kind of guy who just says Ho-hum when loyal associates are hounded from their jobs by a kangaroo special counsel? Or does he believe in getting even? They say he’s a consummate poker player; I’ll bet there are some people inside the Beltway wondering what’s in his hand right now!

    Anyone else notice yesterday that David Ignatius in the WaPo had the latest installment of the Porter Goss has got to go MSM refrain? Does this mean some other leakers are feeling some heat?

  3. elendil says:

    Oops, sorry.

  4. clarice says:

    I seriously doubt it McCarthy was involved in the referral, Fitz will be able much longer to continue to refuse to turn it over. The referral was always a phony. There is no way that Plame was within the confines of the Agee Act and everyone who knew about such things said so.

  5. Jane W says:

    I fear I am morphing into the right side’s equivilant of a moonbat, and I am way way ahead of myself and this story, but I can’t help thinking that somehow this was all aimed at accruing to the benefit of Hillary – not her potential election, but in some manchurian way after she landed in the Whitehouse .

    Okay I’m going to take deep breaths …

  6. MaidMarion says:

    Don’t forget that VIPs participated in the October 24, 2003 Democratic Policy Committee hearing, which was STAGED TO APPEAR as if it were a bi-partisan Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, on the issue of “National Security Implications of Disclosing the Identity of an Intelligence Operative”

    Witness: Vince Cannistraro, Larry Johnson, James Marcinkowski
    Members: Daschle, Rockefeller, Levin, Harkin, Graham, Lautenberg


    The Media Center later covered how CBS utilized the footage of this phoney hearing to confuse its audience and justify its Leakgate story:

    “Without ever explicitly identifying it as a Senate Democratic Policy Committee event, Stewart moved on to the story about the Senate Intelligence Committee preparing a report critical of the CIA on pre-war intelligence about Iraq.”


    A second phoney hearing, this time over in the House, was held July 22, 2005 on the subjsect “A Special Joint Oversight Hearing on the National Security Consequences of Disclosing the Identity of a Covert Intelligence Officer”:

    Members: Dorgan, Schumer, Waxman, Conyers, Slaughter, Inslee, Holt
    Witnesses: Larry Johnson, Colonel W. Patrick Lang, ret., James Marcinkowski, David MacMichael, Mel Goodman