Jun 27 2011

Eco-Corruption Biggest Threat To Environment

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The facade continues to fall from the global warming alarmists, proving them to be a combination of greedy, self-righteous, incompetents.

The greedy element is the desire to control the world’s energy flow. It is a well established scientific and economic fact that those who can provide and control energy to the rest of humankind (or any system) have incredible power – to use or abuse. Right now, energy companies are being incredibly responsible in their application of their revenues to new innovations that will reduce humanity’s reliance on their products.

But the alarmists want to play God, and so they create myths of lies about supposed evil abuse and oppression by people who make a living creating energy for others. A pathetic effort from a bunch of immature wannabes.

Which is were the warped self-righteousness comes into play. The marginal, substandard ‘scientists’ that came up with broken, error ridden climate models that cannot come close to producing accurate results of climate and misuse basic statistical and mathematical operations (such as error budgets on estimations) want to be important and pivotal individuals. They want to be super heroes. They are sooo desperate to ‘be somebody’ that they create imaginary evils so they can play savior to them. Check out this quote from a US Senator who happens to be an intellectual clone of Al Gore and the IPCC in general:

“We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing, in terms of economic policy and environmental policy. ” – Timothy Wirth quoted in Science Under Siege by Michael Fumento, 1993

Emphasis mine. Let me put this insanity in context. A doctor performs the wrong surgery on a patient, removing the wrong diseased limb. Now he has to go back and take the other one because of his mistaken judgement. Is it OK for the doctor to claim “even though I was wrong, I was doing the right thing“? Of course not!

A mechanic is supposed to fix a problem with your car’s brakes, but instead gives you an oil change. Days later when you are driving your family the brakes fail and you crash, losing one of your children. Is it OK for the mechanic to claim “even though I was wrong, I was doing the right thing“? Of course not!

An engineer or builder uses the wrong materials in a building’s overhang restaurant that arches into the atrium. Years later a young couple is having their wedding reception at the restaurant and the overhang fails, throwing guests and the bride into a pile of rubble – killing the bride and many of the guests. Is it OK for the engineer or builder to claim “even though I was wrong, I was doing the right thing“? Of course not!

What about airline mechanics, policeman, nursing home aids, etc? If they make a massive blunder, do they get to fall back on their superhero fantasies as some lame excuse?

The above cartoon by Josh summarizes the waywardness of the current global warming alarmist cult. It is destroying our environment with the pointless drive to use ‘renewable’ (which is just another word for unreliable) energy sources.

We aren’t paving over paradise, we are populating it with useless and doomed windmills. All the while the alarmists demand trillions in fees to save us from their fictional demons.

When I see crap like this being peddled as hard science, a product I would not give a passing grade to an undergraduate student for, I realize our scientific ignorance has left us vulnerable to charlatans and con artists of various motivations.

We need to protect our environment from all the by products of human society that cause real harm – and CO2 just is not one of those items. If we divert our resources and energy away from the real threats because some incompetent PhDs produces dodgy models and can’t manage an error budget through calculations, then we INCREASE the chance those real threats will do real damage.

If you really are for a clean environment, then you must demand high quality, indisputable and validated science as the basis for making decisions on how to apply limited funds to keeping our world clean and our biosphere alive and vibrant. Because otherwise we are not being responsible and we are throwing away those resources at the risk of life on Earth.

This is not a subject for amateurs and half-ass methods. This is serious and requires the same rigor we apply to medicine, cosmetics, transportation engineering, architectural engineering, etc. It has real implications, and can’t just be made up because someone sees themselves as the next Jesus Christ or something.

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  1. momdear1 says:

    Re: Control of energy sources. This point seems to have been missed by everyone. When Bill Clinton created the Escalente National Monument, which encompasses millions of acres of mineral rich land in the South West, he gave Clintonista loyalist government bureaucrats control over who can mine or develop inside the Monument area. These bureaucrats, all new Clinton hires thanks to Algore’s reinventing government rouse, in which old time career civil servants were offered lucrative buy outs and early retirement benefits so they could be replaced with Clintionista loyalists, now have complete control, through government permitting regs, over who gets access to those mineral extraction contracts. Even minning on private property inside this monument area are not immune from government control. Some of the minerals inside this monument are Gold, silver, clean burning anthracite coal, uranium and god only knows what else.

    Since corruption cannot exist unless someone has control over the allocation of goods and services, and since statistics prove that at least 10% of any population is corruptable, who’s watching the store as government takes over regulation of everything that takes place in this country?