Apr 21 2011

Cruel Sick People

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I like many have preferred to not give light to the dark and hateful liberal left. It has become a daily event to discover another plunge into depravity by the left. Recently some idiot decided to pick on Sarah Palin’s youngest son, and all the host organization could was dig their hole deeper. Sorry, no links from this site to the left wing fevered swamps. But I will give a shout out to the one person who nailed why the left’s excuses will never fly, and they should just humbly admit they are evil an d sick, and seek help:

Jack Stuef made Trig Palin a political prop. Period.

Sarah Palin travels with her child, all the while beaming proudly as any mother should. For the sin of being a proud and determined mother who tries to balance a political schedule with family she and her family are vilified by cruel and sick people. Palin is not the one obsessed with Trig and his mother.

Seek help liberals – your insecurity and inferiority complexes are eating away at what little humanity you may have left.

Update: Advertisers respond in one of the most swift and terrible reactions I think I have ever seen. A salute them!

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  1. Had she killed Trig, instead of giving birth, they would have been cool with that.

    Had she hid him from sight, like some embarrassing secret, they might have been understanding.

    BUT, to treat him like any other child; THAT is unforgivable to them.

    The people at Wonkette, and their defenders, redefine “where the sun don’t shine”.

  2. archtop says:

    This is, without a doubt, one of the sickest and disgusting things I’ve ever seen on a blog site. One can lampoon politicians and other public figures, but to denigrate a little kid with downs syndrome is just beyond the pale. I am urging everyone to boycott any company that does “business” with W*nkette…they will NOT win this…

    I would feel the same way if was one of President Obama’s daughters or minor children of anyone I had political disagreements with…

  3. lurker9876 says:

    I do not accept Jack’s apology because of the last statement of his apology, which is entirely untrue.

    He still doesn’t show remorse through his apology.

  4. archtop says:

    lurker9876on 21 Apr 2011 at 12:47 pm
    “I do not accept Jacks apology because of the last statement of his apology, which is entirely untrue.”

    Creeps rarely apologize…

  5. Wilbur Post says:

    The irony is that liberals are fond of saying “it’s for the children.” I guess they mean themselves.

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    Credit to Tommy Christopher who came out swinging at Wonkette and its editor Ken Layne:

    Hey, that’s really funny, calling Trig a gentleman scholar because he has Down Syndrome. And the speculation that Todd Palin may have raped his daughter? Pure comedy gold. You know what will be even funnier? The first time Jack Stuef runs into Todd Palin. That one practically writes its own punchline.

    Eventually both Layne and his sleazy contributor Jack Stuef issued apologies. That no doubt had less to do with either of them growing a conscience than it did with the sudden flight of advertisers from their site. Dana Loesch notes at least 10 companies have pulled the plug on Wonkette.

    Apparently attacking the children (even dead children) of conservatives is to be expected at liberal websites. No doubt there are liberals who are offended by this, but like the silent majority of Muslims, they stay silent.*

    *Matt Lewis has a roundup of left-wing media figures who, like Tommy Christopher, didn’t put party before principle.

    Read more: http://nanosecondinv.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=18970#ixzz1KCETG15t

  7. Lazarus Long says:

    When Jack Stuef grows up, he wants to be an NKVD torturer.

  8. Soviet of Washington says:

    Jack Stuef made Trig Palin a political prop. Period.


    Jack Stuef made Trig Palin a prop in his own personal fantasy ideology first. See the section headed ‘The nature of fantasy ideology’ in Lee Harris’ article Al Qaeda’s Fantasy Ideology (also in his subsequent book: ‘Civilization and it’s Enemies’ which I highly recommend) for a discussion. I can’t do justice with an excerpt.