Apr 13 2006

Deport This Illegal Immigrant

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Not because he is here without a work permit. Not because he is working to make a living and raise a family. Not because working without proper papers is a crime equal to assault or robbery. Not because he is Mexican. Deport him because he is a violent criminal who should never, ever, ever considered for a work permit, let alone an opportunity for citizenship:

A young illegal immigrant who became a cause celebre in Minnesota after secretly living in a high school for weeks has been arrested here on home invasion charges, months after he was supposed to have left the country.

Francisco Javier Serrano, 22, had waved goodbye to supporters and journalists who saw him off at the Minneapolis airport in January, but he apparently never boarded his plane for his home country of Mexico.

Two weeks ago, police arrested him after finding him with a knife in an apartment in Boston’s North End, struggling with the tenant, who was unharmed, The Boston Globe reported Thursday. He remained in Suffolk County Jail facing home invasion charges and eventual deportation.

Now that is the kind of act worthy of being tossed out of America homeless and jobless. One strike and you are outta here!

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