Mar 28 2011

Emperor Obama’s Flowery Words Present Path To Certain Failure

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One of the reasons a lot of us supported President Bush in Iraq was he took the time and political capitol to garner UN and Congressional resolutions in support of the Iraqi front in the War on Terror. By doing so, he demonstrated beyond a doubt the moral righteousness of his actions, because he won the support of the people’s representatives and the international community. His rush to war took 9 grueling months.

Emperor Obama’s speech tonight illustrated exactly why we have checks and balances to contain the egos of our Presidents and force them to only act with the support of the nation. Obama’s speech was incoherent and intellectually insulting. In the crude fig-leaf language of protecting Libyan citizens, we are bombing the crap out of those Libyan tribes and citizens aligned with Qadaffi. It is such a brutal and ugly farce it rips at the concepts of honor and truth.

We are not protecting a besieged city from massacre right now (that was accomplished days ago). We are about to unleash our military might on Qadaffi strongholds, risking enemy civilians lives to help OUR side win this civil war.

We are not working in a unified international alliance, but being told by our one-time allies the Arab League to end the killing of Qadaffi’s forces now and prepare for a political resolution that will leave the evil Qadaffi in power. We cannot remove Qadaffi without inflicting massive casualties on civilians now.

Obama talked about how America cannot sit by why people suffer. What about the North Korean people? What about the Iranian freedom fighters mowed down during peaceful protests. What number of human deaths and atrocities make it a Responsibility 2 Protect?

The Emperor tried to explain why HE believed we needed to attack a sovereign nation and beginning killing people. He never made the case, and in fact could not make the case. There is no VITAL American interest in Libya. In terms of stopping a massacre, we are done. Pull all our forces out (including those attached to NATO) and let’s have a congressional vote on continuing Obama’s madness in the name of American people.

Obama has over reached and violated our Constitution. He needs to be reigned in. And as for all those neocons standing by him – you too just lost the support of Main Stream America.

Addendum: Most embarrassing moment – Emperor Obama’s attempt to butch up and claim there should be no doubt he would wield US military power. Not only was it an embarrassing effort to cover up his own insecurity, there is little doubt he is reckless enough to use it – and little doubt he will misuse our power on a fool’s obsession. He convinced us he is ‘winging’ it and just trying to look impressive, without trying.

Clearly, Obama’s idea of ‘military action’ only means boots on the ground. Bombardment from the air and off shore using cruise missiles somehow is not ‘war’.

Update: The AP is not so easily snowed by Obama’s linguistic flourish and misinformation:

In transferring command and control to NATO, the U.S. is turning the reins over to an organization dominated by the U.S., both militarily and politically. In essence, the U.S. runs the show that is taking over running the show.

And the rapid advance of rebels in recent days strongly suggests they are not merely benefiting from military aid in a defensive crouch, but rather using the multinational force in some fashion – coordinated or not – to advance an offensive.

Here is a look at some of Obama’s assertions in his address to the nation Monday, and how they compare with the facts:

The Liar-in-Chief?

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11 Responses to “Emperor Obama’s Flowery Words Present Path To Certain Failure”

  1. kathie says:

    I hated the tone, the sing-song-preaching quality, and the SURAPY MORALISTIC words, that told one lie after another.

    Yes now NATO tells American forces who to keep killing, SO BLOODY WHAT? He implied we are taking a back seat…..practically don’t know what is going on, we are hardly involved except our planes are still shooting at stuff, ships in the Med. refueling the planes and a whole host of other stuff.

    We have been at it for 9 days and it has already cost a billion dollars. But we froze $30 billion of Libyan money but it belongs to the Libyans. Did he say he would use it to pay back out treasury? No he just said something.

    He is a leader, he got a coalition together like a good leader should (unlike George Bush) so we could share the expenses, and work and all. Does he think we don’t know that no one can do what we do… Iraq other countries did what they could and it was a tiny fraction of what needed to be done…….just like now, you dumb ass.

    Has anybody read this???????

    BEIRUT, Lebanon, March 28 (UPI) — Reports that Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted fugitive with a $50 million U.S. bounty on his head, has broken cover to move around Pakistan and Afghanistan in recent weeks has raised concern he may be planning a new major attack on the West.

    But a specialist with access to Islamist militants says the objective may be even more dangerous:

  2. ivehadit says:

    Not getting a straight answer and being lied to is enraging and nauseating.

    In my humble opinion, all of this is about GETTING RE-ELECTED…NOT about leadership or principles.

    And I love Dick Morris’ word: flaccid.

    Every day I am more and more DISGUSTED with Americans who voted for this and CONTINUE to support this group occupying our House.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    One of the arguments that I heard from the left was that Bush didn’t do his diplomatic job long enough and should have worked at it longer before invading Iraq.

    Their second argument against invading Iraq was that Saddam never had those WMDs.

    Give me a break! The world said he did have WMDs and the left’s argument was based on post-invasion and we did find some WMDs.

    The only argument to use against the left is the UN 1441.

    I did not listen to Obama last night. I did not expect good things coming out of his speech. He really cannot rationalize Libya against his actions against other countries such as Darfur, Iran, North Korea, China, Venezuela, Cuba, and other countries.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    And now Obama’s volunteered our own military to any government in the world at their discretion.

    Good grief.

    This leads to a one world government with one world currency and one world army.

    Get this guy out of the White House in 2012. 2012 just cannot get here fast enough.

  5. WWS says:

    We’re doing what Germany did for Spain in 1936.

    We’re renting out our Air Force to one side of a civil war.

    Remember when the Left chanted “No Blood for Oil?” Turns out that blood is just fine if it’s for French oil interests.

  6. kathie says:

    Does anybody think that Egypt and Syria are more important then Libya?

  7. Frogg1 says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what “our military being volunteered by others” means. D’Oh.

  8. WWS says:

    Kathy – Egypt and Syria don’t have any major oil installations.

    Libya does. Italy and France depend on Libyan oil.

    That’s all this is about.

    Remember when the left chanted “No Blood for Oil”?

    Turns out that Blood for French Oil is just fine.

  9. kathie says:

    I’ve had an awakening………If a Dem does it, it is a flashback to the great JFK, “magnifico” If a Republican does it, it is tenamount to treason and an impeachable offense.

  10. lurker9876 says:

    And now Obama wants to drop education standards to help the illegal aliens “get ahead”.

    Good grief!

  11. lurker9876 says:

    I see that Sumi “clarified” her TRO but as it turned out, she’s done nothing. Governor and DOA (LRB) are not parties to the Ozanne case.

    So the Governor and DOA are going ahead and implement the law.

    Next week’s elections…no matter its outcome, the swearing in is not until August.

    Wow, so much for excitement.