Mar 24 2011

The Essence Of Obama’s Little War, … Er Kinetic Action

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Yes, I have been obsessed with the disgusting trashing of our Constitution as Emperor Obama ignited an uprising in Libya, and then pretended an emergency existed that required we protect the rebels he so cleverly manipulated into open, armed action in the first place. Post upon post upon post have communicated my concerns and why this is not a time for complacent rationalization and inaction.

But as usual, I spend too much time and too many words discussing a very simple and basic problem, unlike others who distill it down to the essence of absurdity it really is:

Let me ask President Obama … to define “civilian” for me. What does it mean, folks? Does it include fairly well organized groups of Libyans attacking in formation with machine guns mounted on flatbed pick-up trucks?

As far as the authorizing UN resolution and President Obama have said, the mission is to protect civilians. This is a humanitarian action. But the civilians compose a political opposition locked in a literally life-and-death struggle with a frightened and ruthless regime—and it was the opposition, let us remember, that started this fight last month.

Excellent focus here. If al Qaeda was able to ignite a terrorist uprising here in the US, using US citizens, could they then claim to be protecting US citizens against our oppressive law enforcement efforts? Of course we are not Qadaffi, nor are we frightened. But in all actions one must assess the precedence that may be established, and challenge the ‘logic’ to see if there are serious flaws. In when applied to other examples, the exaggerated claims behind this action become starkly ridiculous.

This is why we have checks and balances. This is why Presidents must come to Congress (not the UN or the Arab League) to use our vast military might against others on this planet.

The flim-flam game being played here, with its Goebbels-like propaganda, is stunning. There is no humanitarian aid, we are just in a civil war with a group of rag tag Muslims from a different tribe than Qadaffis. There is no putting lipstick on this pig folks.

Time now for the Congressional hearings to begin.

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9 Responses to “The Essence Of Obama’s Little War, … Er Kinetic Action”

  1. dbostan says:

    For all the thinking people, O’s “presidency” is descending into farce or, if it would not be about our country, comedy…

  2. crosspatch says:

    I think they are called “peace strikes” now.

  3. Redteam says:

    dbostan, I’m not sure about that ‘descending’ thing. He started out on the bottom of the barrel, while it’s true he hasn’t stopped digging, fortunately it’s hard to go below the bottom.

    On OR last night, his mantra was “prevent civilians from being slaughtered”
    I would think that with the vast resources of Fox News, OR would know that these ‘civilians’ are the recruits of al qaeda that we were shooting at in Iraq and Afghanistan. At that time, we wanted to kill them. Now we want to kill someone else to save them. God help us.
    Just as AJ says, or suggests, al qaeda is behind this whole thing and we are jumping through hoops to “protect those poor civilians”
    One thing about it, it obama can’t get any worse. he’s already there.

  4. Highlander says:

    Where can I get my “Kinetic Action Is Not The Answer” bumper sticker?

  5. You know, when Ivy League empty suits try and use the cool, in-group, mil-speak — See “Kinetic Military Action” — they sound ridiculous and give Iowahawk a way of making a living.

    Franky, when I hear “Kinetic military action” I don’t visualize war, I see a guy in uniform doing a push up.

  6. WWS says:

    When I hear “Kinetic Military Action” I visualize a combat boot heading swiftly for Obama’s nether regions.

  7. stevevvs says:

    Neocon, Mark Levin seems fond of this:

    But for the truth on war powers:

    Tom’s books Rollback, Nullification, Meltdown, and others are great teachers of Constitutionalism, and Meltdown, economics.

  8. stevevvs says:

    Good posts on the illegality of this action AJ. Proud of you! Maybe in time you’ll understand the same for other recent wars.

    Gotta work today. Take care.

  9. AJStrata says:

    Steve, thanks, but we do not agree. What we have here is an amateur trying to mimic the great leaders who proceeded him.

    You have to know when it is time to seize a moment verses manipulate it.