Apr 11 2006

To Destroy Or Not To Destroy

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That is the question:

• The IAEA found Iran had probably carried out test enrichments of uranium with its centrifuges long before this.

• A claim of 3.5% enrichment is not much of an achievement if true.

• There is no clear evidence that Iran has brought the limited 164 centrifuge chain at Natanz on-line in any kind of sustained operation. A one shot, limited output test has little meaning.

• These are old P-1 centrifuges. It takes thousands operating continuously for a year to have major output and 10,000s to get seriously into the weapons grade production.

While ABC News palys Nero fiddling while a nation ready to die for 72 virgins after death becomes the ultimate suicide bomber, it is clear we cannot wait for Iran to meet Allah in a firey death of Americans.  There is no reason to allow Iran to kill us on their way to martyrdom.  We can martyr them right now.  And we shall see who survives the final conflict.
If it is a battle to the death the Mad Mullahs in Iran want, well let’s get to it.

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