Mar 13 2011

Democrats Distilling Down To Anti-Democracy Anarchist

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You can never predict what will be left at the core of a once broad movement when it comes to the ends of its run, but the Democrat party is demonstrating how history (and probably God) maintains a core of irony as it weaves out fate.

We have seen since their last (and probably final) ascendancy to power an amazing string of troubling behavior from the Democrats, which in turn created a mass exodus of support culminating in the political wipe out of the 2010 elections. Not only did the Democrats get wiped out in the US House of Representatives, they were creamed across the nation in numerous state houses and governorships. The true impact of this sea change is still playing out, but the picture emerging of the Democrat Party spells serious trouble for the left. Even in the Senate the Dems only barely held on, something everyone knows was only delayed until 2012.

Let’s look at the complete history of political incoherence that has culminated in the anti-democracy rage now flaming up over the moderate changes being passed in Wisconsin. From this context one can truly grasp the implosion the left is now experiencing.

In 2003 Texas Democrats initiated the desperate last act of running from Democracy to supposedly protect it. The foolishness of their logic was not lost on anyone but the die hard left, who really do not support democracy beyond how they can exploit it for their warped agenda. The true pillars of democracy DO NOT lie in how well one behaves when winning the votes, but how strongly one remains committed to the process and ideals of democracy when one is losing votes. It is those who stick with Democracy even when their votes will not carry the day who truly uphold Democracy and its freedoms.

That is why the Texas Killer D’s – as they were called in the day – were so aptly named. Running from votes or stopping the acts of democratic governance are really an attack on Democracy. Out of their arrogance they attempted to kill democracy and representative government. I guess petulance is also blind.

In 2009 when the last Congress took over the rampage against the rules of Democracy went into high gear. The mythology of Democrat Democracy were on full display as the Democrats used all sorts of transparent trickery to subvert representative government and replace it with oppression and corruption.

Remember the Stimulus Bill which could not be debated because it was needed to stop historic unemployment? We learned later it was not designed to be in full swing for at least a year given the sluggish and clumsy process of government procurement. We were told a lie to avoid debate. Those who short-cutted the representative process then also began the process of dismantling our democracy under Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

From there we were assaulted with bribes throughout the Senate to pass health care (see here and here), and the fiction of ‘deeming a bill’ passed when it was never even voted on – a pure and simple lie. A lie to America and a bastardization of our Democracy. It was not a one-off exception, it has become the model of the Democrat Party’s fall into an anti-democracy movement.

Now look at Wisconsin and see how the Democrats’ path to the dark side is complete. As we go through this latest phase, remember there was no way for the Dems to win – so they could only send a message. A message America is getting 5×5 (loud and clear).

First, those wacky nutjobs on the left ran from their posts and hid out in another state, repeating the stupid mistakes of the Killer D’s in Texas. As I said, one supports democracy in showing how to lose votes – and this is act of running away is not an act of democracy. Then came the protests, which are fine to a point. But you also have to recall how Communism and Nazism began – with protests that quickly crossed the line.

Democracy cannot be threatened by the mob of petulant anarchy. Even worse, those threats can never be considered or claimed to be acts of democracy. When the protesters went from voicing their views to threatening and halting the process of democracy they crossed the line between patriot and traitor. How do death threats against GOP lawmakers differ from death threats and later massacres of opposition leaders in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Pol Pot’s Cambodia or Saddam’s Iraq? And how is the hatred of the Evangelicals by the left all that different from Hitler’s loathing of the Jews? The gaps between the far left and the enemies of humanity are shrinking to disturbingly small levels.

Gabrielle Gifford and her constituent were mowed down by a leftist anarchist who hated the GOP and was a 9-11 Truther. Governor Walker and the GOP senators are under guard now because leftists are on the verge of completely letting lose with their bile and hate.

All because the unions are being forced to share the pain of this recession. I mentioned earlier that the Democrats were never going to win – just like the Killer D’s in Texas had no hope of winning either. Here is why they were blocked in and failed to show up for the vote on restricting SOME ASPECTS of the collective bargaining of SOME unions in Wisconsin. They knew that if they showed up to vote the GOP would swap in the previous bill and they would lose the vote. So they stayed away knowing the GOP would separate out the union rules from the budget, hoping to send a message.

The message sent is the unions and left are truly confused and incoherent. Rich, fat, moron Michael Moore was out claiming he was fighting the rich – when everyone knew this was a battle between the voters and the unions. What the unions really showed was their belief they were superior to everyone else and did not have to sacrifice for the common good. And now they have confirmed they are not only too good to be impacted by economic realities, but they do not believe in, nor will they support, our democracy and brand of governance.

The Democrats have lost the moderate and independents who covered up the extremism burning at their pathetic core. In their frustration and arrogance, they have exposed their true values and beliefs. This exposure will completely undermine the movement, since it opposes what most of us stand for at our American core. When they decided to disrupt our democracy to protect their wallets, and turned to violence and mob thuggery to achieve their ends, they crossed a line that will not be uncrossed.

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  1. BarbaraS says:

    The unions have whipped up their members and those they bussed in with false statements. Their whole problem with this new law is that the states will no longer have to deduct union duess from EVERONE whether members of not. Good luck to the unions trying to collect these dues from individuals. Let’s see how much support they get from their members then. I’ll bet they won’t have milions to donate to the democrats after this. In Wisconsin anyway.

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  3. BarbaraS says:

    I read in the death threat emails to republican senators and reps that “300,000 union members will not be able to feed and clothe their families”. Balderdash. How is contributing the minimal amounts asked for going to do this. I wish I could have made the salaries and had the pensions these people have.

    The sad thing is, they don’t even work for it. 82% of the schools are failing, the police did not provide security in WI, the road workers won’t clean up the street, etc. These public service unions are striking against us and we had no say in any benefits they received. It is vicious cycle of unions donating to dims and dims giving union members more and more great benefits.

    What really appalls me is that these public union workers are so violent about something so little. Most of the people I know in the private sector have either lost their jobs or took a cut in pay to keep them but the unions don’t want to pony up one thin dime or take a cut on anything.

  4. ivehadit says:

    I was always taught that bullies respond, not to “niceness”, but to power.

    So, in their attempts to intimidate us, and that is exactly what they are trying to do, WE WILL NOT accomodate them.

    Hang tough, everyone.

  5. Frogg1 says:

    This is one of the best writings I’ve read in a long time. It puts into words all the things I have been feeling inside about the brutal tactics being used today that are so troubling. The death threats (the attempt to close down the democratic process, the hatred, the anarchy, threatening business who don’t support them, intimidating citizens, etc.).

    And, now this…..warnings by socialists of a spring revolt:

    Police Shouted Down at Portland Socialist Rally – Lawlessness Prevails (Video)

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  7. Highlander says:

    I don’t disagree with the transformation of the Democrat party over the years to a radical core. My doubt concerns the belief that large numbers of moderate and independent minded Democrats have noticed. I am surrounded by Democrats who seem completely unaware of what their party has become. Not politically astute; still getting their news from the MSM; they enter the voting booth happily under the delusion the Democrat party is unchanged from the days of Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson. To put it succinctly, they vote by rote.

  8. Federale says:

    This presumes that the Democrats were ever believers in democracy. Since 1917 they have been in the communist camp and have no adherance to democratic government. They do not accept defeat in any election and will overturn that election by any means.

  9. joe six-pack says:

    I have to agree with Highlander to some extent. My wife votes Democrat every time. Many of her beliefs mirror the Democratic ideology, but she still does not understand how the same views are actually counterproductive and harmful to our country. She disagrees with me when I state that the left is the side that usually starts the fights. And she knows that I am speaking about physical violence. What she still does not understand is how this is all leading to a major confrontation. Maybe then? But then it will be too late anyway.

  10. Frogg1 says:

    Lovely… Far Left Loons Teach Kids to Chant Against Scott Walker (Video)

    Sick, sick, sick. Teachers having kids chant pro union, anti-Walker chants. Kids too young to even know what they are talking about. Teachers with bullhorns leading them and praising them when they repeat the chants. These teachers should be reprimanded.

    “Hey, teacher….leave the kids alone” is right.

    It just reminds me of something so creepy.

  11. lurker9876 says:

    Well, the good thing is that the kids are going to have to stay an extra twenty minutes for the rest of the year only to avoid compensating the truant teachers!

    The kids are going to love it!

  12. WWS says:

    oops – looks like the markets are beginning to crash this morning.

    Goodbye to all the happy growth numbers Obama was counting on. Hello, second half of the double dip recession we’ve known was coming. Japan will get the blame, but all it needed was a trigger. When the situation is primed, a trigger always shows up sooner or later.

    Likely result: Bernanke will now print money faster than ever. Reason? That is plan A to deal with problems.

    and there is no Plan B.

  13. Kate4 says:

    I’ve been reading the comments at Huff Po. Many Americans who support the WI unions are crying, “bring on socialism and environmentalism.”

    Their beliefs are demonstrated clearly here.:
    “Capitalism’s crisis is a huge opportunity for socialist and environmentalist politics, with dreadful consequences if those politics fail.”

  14. Fai Mao says:

    A minor correction A.J.
    In Texas it was the “Killer B’s” not “Killer D’s”

  15. lurker9876 says:

    Interesting poll numbers.

    Will the recall of the Republicans in WI be successful? My take is that that would fly much.