Mar 06 2011

Unions “Bargaining” With A Sea Of Angry Voters

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So are the unions ‘winning’ when polls come out that indicate they should keep the right to bargain AND polls come out showing we need to cut jobs and costs in government?

LOL! Not if your bargaining with a sea of angry voters who tossed the big spending left out of Congress last November. While this is confusing for some, it is simple to understand. The voters are “bargaining” with the unions as we watch, and their answer is if you want to be stubborn, be stubborn on someone else’s dime.

Look at Michael Moron’s claim today from Drudge:

“Madison is only the beginning,” Moore said. “The rich have overplayed their hand.”

The ‘rich’ of course are all us struggling voters who pay taxes. Moron is so clueless he doesn’t get the point – everyone knows public sector unions only bargain with the voters – not the rich fat cats.

So the voters are concluding the unions are more trouble than they are worth. And that is why they have been losing members and will continue to see their tax payer cash cow cut off. Especially when they pull dangerous stunts like they did in NYC when the deadly snows hit, or like they are doing now in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Electric Co. used managers and outside contractors to repair storm-damaged power lines yesterday after its unionized work force walked off the job over a contract dispute.

HECO executives said the strike would slow efforts to restore service to about 8,000 Oahu homes and businesses, mostly in the Ewa Beach area, that were without power last night.

“We do have management crews out there to see what we can do about the Ewa Beach situation in particular this evening, and we will do our best to restore as much of that service as possible,” said Robbie Alm, HECO executive vice president. “I don’t want to guarantee that, obviously, we don’t have our normal full crews out there.”

Just like union workers falsely calling in sick in NJ and elsewhere I say fire the lot. “Bargaining” is one thing, extortion and negligence cross the line. I used to not be for completely eliminating unions, but I am now clearly for eliminating the petulant ones. Cut them to the bone and let them explain why they are needed. We begin ‘bargaining’ at zero.

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  1. gwood says:

    Public sector unions should be outlawed, precisely because of the repercussions we are now witnessing. In my opinion, private sector unions should definitely not be outlawed, but their ability to cripple entire industries should be curbed.

    I would rescind the laws that restrict the ability of companies to hire others who want the job, in the event of a strike. Yes, unions would lose power, but they would still have power to stop management abuse of labor, through publicity that would discourage consumers from buying the company’s product or service. Companies deserve the cheapest and therefore the most productive labor the market will provide them, consumers deserve the products these companies produce.

    I feel sorry for those who are in unions, because they have had to give up their right to be treated as an individual, their right to have their labor to be individually evaluated. Many who would achieve in a freer environment, end up making mediocre contributions to their company because there’s no reason to excel. Unions are inherently structured to deliver medicority, our country’s businesses can no longer compete with mediocre contributions from labor. In liberated markets, we would all, rich and poor, benefit from cheaper goods, more globally competetive corporations, and a much more efficient labor force.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Michael Moore said that the rich folk’s money belongs to the nation. Fine by me. Michael Moore’s money does not belong to him. His money belongs to the entire nation.

    And, Michael Moore, we do not thank you and the unions for protesting against Walker.

  3. Wilbur Post says:

    The Great Airship Moore loves unions except the ones that work for HIM:

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