Apr 11 2006

JFK Must Have Been A Traitor!

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When President Bush declassified information regarding Iraq’s threat to the US he was following in the footsteps of John F Kennedy, who took us to the brink of a nuclear war over some missile sites being built in Castro’s Cuba in the early 1960’s. But some leftwing folks with grasping for an election year sound bite, along with their media mouthpieces, seem to have flunked US government and US history with statements like this:

[Former ambassador Joe] Wilson told ABC, “When you selectively leak pieces of the National Intelligence Estimate, and when you attribute pieces in the body to key judgments, you are furthering that disinformation campaign. That’s what Mr. Libby did.”

Well, while these folks accuse Bush of ‘leaking’ they must have felt JFK was a traitor because not only did he leak the intelligence photographs of the Cuban missile sites, he exposed our inherent imaging capabilities to our enemies. Now that was a real ‘leak’ because it clearly showed the USSR what we had in our intelligence arsenal.

Not to be outdone, Alren Specter has chosen again to make a lot of foolish noise challenging the man who helped save Arlen’s last term in the Senate.

“The president may be entirely in the clear, and it may turn out that he had the authority to make the disclosures which were made, but that it was not the right way to go about it because we ought not to have leaks in government,” Specter told “Fox News Sunday.” “We ought not to have them.”

I guess Arlen includes all Presidents who deemd it important to inform our country of what we faced so we could debate what should be done. Arlen must feel the people are too stupid to be told the stakes. And of course, all Arlen is going to get out of this grandstanding is the cold shoulder for anything he wants done legislatively. The guy is a fool to think his repeated back stabbing of Bush will do anything but get him camera time. Maybe that is all the old fool wants this last round. But in my mind, like many other conservatives I would wager, Arlen Specter is a lame duck who stayed on well beyond his time. Now most just can’t wait for the guy to retire! What a final image to end your career on.

Sadly the media never discusses how much classified intelligence Joe Wilson leaked.  He leaked methods, sources and intelligence when he wrote his faked editorial.  While the media focused first on the lies about Wilson debunking forgeries, and then later about Plame being outed (most likely by Joe and Val themselves), Wilson’s details about his trip exposed how we work with government and industry leaders to gather human intelligence – an area we are woefully lacking in.  But the media stopped being a positive force in this country years ago.  Now they are an under educated group of liberals pretending TV time equates to wisdom and power.  Tell that to Archie Bunker.

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  1. Seixon says:

    Wilson is using Fitzgerald’s version of what Libby testified, without quoting him directly. How convenient. Fitzgerald claims something in a legal document without backing it up with good enough evidence, and then Wilson uses this as a fact in talking to ABC.

    Wilson talking about leaks sure is the epitome of hypocrisy.

    It is becoming abundantly clear that his wife leaked classified information to him regarding the intelligence reporting on Niger. Not to mention the fact that Wilson (and most likely his wife) leaked this information to Kristof at the New York Times.

    Let’s get a comment from Libby and Miller and see whether or not he in fact claimed that Iraq “vigorously trying to procure uranium” was a key judgment in the NIE. If he had brought a copy of the key judgments to Miller, it’s obvious that this is false since it does not list that.

    Wilson, the media (like I don’t know, David Shuster), and the liberal blogs are ignoring the very fact that the NIE does in fact say that Iraq was vigorously trying to procure uranium. And that was even before they had received the forged Niger documents! Before they had received additional intelligence from France and the UK stating that there was indications that Iraq had sought uranium.

    Michael Smith, the journalist who brought us the Downing Street Memo debacle, claims that the additional intelligence that they spoke about was a letter from Iraqis ambassador Zahawi to Niger asking about uranium. This is why the British have stood behind their story all this time.

    I think there is ample evidence to charge Valerie Plame with illegally leaking classified information to her husband about Niger.

  2. pagar says:

    Forget those crimimal leakers or illegal border crossers, the real crimimal has been found.

  3. sad says:

    But in the meantime Joe is raking in the big bucks at all of those speaking engagements. This has nothing to do with news or politics or truthtelling or whistleblowing. This is about income. One must make hay while the sun shines.

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