Jan 29 2011

Obama A Deer In The Headlights Of Egypt’s Uprising

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The situation in Egypt is not simple or clear cut. I have hesitated to write about it simply because it is complex, unstable and could result in a regional war if not handled correctly. It opens the future to two warring philosophies that have been roiling the Middle East since 9-11 and America’s efforts to instill peaceful democracies into the region.

America’s knee-jerk preference is, of course, democracy. We believe through freedom of individual rights you gain two very important results:

  • Individual, family, local and regional financial success that translates into a productive and educated society that grows instead of stagnates.
  • A calming of the human soul that comes from having the basic needs met, some worthy accomplishments under your belt, time to learn and gain some wisdom – all of which negates the urge for violence and hate.

The Middle East has yet to gain this serene balance so many in the West take for granted (and liberals risk through their endless and oppressive government edicts). Hosni Mubarak has been a solid and worthy ally for 3 decades. He has attempted to acclimate his people to the modern world in preparation for a transition from the Arab-Muslim autocracy to democracy. The problem is, Mubarak may have waited too long to see the fruits of his efforts bear fruit. He may have been waiting for that mythical ‘perfect moment’ where there is no risk in ringing in massive societal change.

ON FRIDAY, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians did something that the Obama administration, and many others in Washington, believed they would never do: They rose up against their government, demanding an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s autocracy. They overwhelmed the security forces that Mr. Mubarak deployed in an attempt to crush them; they defied a nighttime curfew even after Army units were deployed. They burned the headquarters of the ruling party in Cairo and in several other cities. By nightfall, it seemed clear that only two events could end their revolution: a massive use of force by the Army or Mr. Mubarak’s yielding of power.

The United States should be using all of its influence – including the more than $1 billion in aid it supplies annually to the Egyptian military – to ensure the latter outcome.

The people of Egypt have reached their tipping point. They want to move on from the 30 years of Mubarak’s rule and who could blame them. The risk is the opening now provided to Islamo Fascists like al Qeda and the Islamic Jihad (which evolved from Egypt). If America does not work to bring about a change to democracy, then the country could devolve into a center of Islamic hate and anger – one aimed at the West. Worse yet, with an educated and productive populace, along with their well trained and armed military, Egypt is a prize the likes of which groups like al Qaeda cannot ignore.

They will try to take advantage of this moment. Which is why the news from DC is so unbelievable and worrisome:

Yet, as so often has happened during the Arab uprising of the past several weeks, the Obama administration on Friday appeared to be behind events.

But U.S. statements assumed that the 30-year-long rule of the 82-year-old Mr. Mubarak would continue. After speaking to Mr. Mubarak, President Obama said Friday night that he would continue to work with the Egyptian president; he did not mention elections. Instead, in an apparent attempt to straddle the two sides, the administration suggested that the solution to the crisis would come through “engagement” between the regime and the protesters.

Once again we are painfully aware of the deep inexperience of our young and rash President. His White House is filled with liberal theoreticians with nearly zero real-world experience and contacts. Leading the pack is bumbling VP Biden:

“We’re encouraging the government . . . to try to engage in a discussion as to what the legitimate claims being made are, if they are, and to try to work them out,” Vice President Biden said in a Thursday night interview on PBS, adding that he would not call Mr. Mubarak a dictator and did not think he should step down.

Talk about your vacuous statements. The forces on the ground in Egypt are running full steam ahead and Biden is proposing committees and hearings.

The best way to hand Egypt over to the likes of al Qaeda is to disappoint the masses in terms of the West’s beacon of democracy – America. We cannot afford to align with Mubarak in hopes he stays on. It is a lose-lose strategy:

  • Mubarak Stays: The protesters’ dreams are dashed and they blame America for not supporting democracy at a pivotal point in Egypt’s history. They become bitter and conclude democracy is just propaganda told to keep the American Sheeple in their place. They fall into the hands of Islamo Fascism.
  • Mubarak is Overthrown: Instead of a peaceful and democratic change of government in Egypt the military and masses over throw the Egyptian government and radical elements name the common enemy of the people America and their puppet Mubarak. The pro democracy elements are purged in the after math and a version of Iran arises on the banks of the Nile.

Either way we lose an important ally and gain a dangerous enemy in the heart of the Middle East. We get the Jimmy Carter version of diplomacy, the worst diplomacy known to humanity since the days of Hitler and Chamberlain.

The window here is very small. The Obama administration must explain to Mubarak it is better to control the unavoidable and coming transition than lose the country to the dark forces of Islamo Fascism. Mubarak can still leave his mark on history and guide his nation to the future.

This was going to happen sooner or later. Mubarak is not immortal. It is just a question of seizing the moment.

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30 Responses to “Obama A Deer In The Headlights Of Egypt’s Uprising”

  1. WWS says:

    Why didn’t see this coming? I think the answer to that question has something to do with Obama’s head and the orifice of his into which it is permanently wedged.

    and the CIA’s only function anymore seems to be to hide out in D.C. and work hard on strategies which will allow them to claim that no matter what happens, it’s someone elses fault, not theirs.

  2. kathie says:

    I don’t know if this is smart politics…….but it sure makes me smile.
    She was quoted at some speaking event this weekend.

    Sarah Palin: “I Can’t Wait to Be Blamed For the Violence In Egypt.”

  3. kathie says:

    YES…….Florida court rules Obamacare, UNCONSTITUTIONAL….27 States represented.

  4. AntiVenom says:

    Kathie asked at 11:16am: “Do we still have a CIA?”

    AV replies: “NO, we replaced the CIA with CYA, thanks to Uncle Janet”

  5. WWS says:

    hahaha – no severability!

    There’s typically a severability clause in every piece of federal legislation (and even private contracts) so that this kind of thing CAN’T happen.

    Guess what???

    Pelosi and Reid were in such a hurry when they slapped this together that no one noticed that the severability clause got left out! OOOPS!

    It means that if one part fails, it ALL fails! And that’s what happened today!

    of course Libs said this could never happen because anyone who thought the mandate was unconstitutional was just plain crazy.

    Who looks crazy now?

  6. lurker9876 says:

    wws and kathie, not only that but VInson made it a declaratory ruling or something, which means this case won’t see another day until it goes to the US Supreme Court AND it ties HHS’ hands behind its back. HHS can no longer work on the implementation of this bill. It means that the Medicare as mandated by ObamaCare is now relieved in these 26 states. It also means that Obama adm cannot go to higher court for intervention from Vinson’s ruling.

    Good ruling, Vinson!

    This is a good lesson learned. No future US President can ever say “We MUST pass and we MUST pass it NOW!” and force a bill down the party line. Never vote on Christmas Eve. Never vote on a Sunday. Listen to your constituents. You should have listened to the Tea Party protesters and never walk through with that huge gavel in your hand.

  7. kathie says:

    Aj……RCP has Obama at 50.7…….he keeps going up.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    Ya think his poll numbers will continue to go up?

    So now Hamas is shooting rockets towards Israel….

  9. kathie says:

    White House caught off guard. Apparently didn’t know that the judge was ruling on Obamacare today. What does this White House deem important?

    It’s -8 degrees in Colorado with temperatures dropping……..I have had a lot of time to read today.

  10. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    ” … forces on the ground in Egypt are running full steam ahead and Biden is proposing committees and hearings … ”

    That’s what liberals DO. They live in an ungrounded world devoid of facts, devoid of objective truth; they pretend that words have the power to effect reality (no, not “affect”: “effect” as in bring-into-being). In their post-modern minds, capital-R Reality is evoked by the words they use to describe it. That’s why they believe they can enact multi-thousand page laws without reading them and declare that they have passed “targeted” and “focused” legislation that will Fix Everything and have no unintended consequences.

    To liberals, their words and their intentions create their reality. “And he spoke the word, and thus it was done, and it was good.”

    The rest of us stand aghast at their hubris and wonder how we’re ever going to undo the damage they’ve caused this country.