Jan 17 2011

AZ Shooter 9-11 Truther, Hated George W Bush

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Well, well, well. It seems that Jared Loughner was a product of left wing rhetoric. Being a 9-11 Truther whacko – someone brain washed to think 9-11 was actually the brain child of Bush/Cheney and not al Qaeda, despite all the intelligence data to the contrary – Jared would go ballistic at the mere mention or image of the 43rd President of The United States of America:

But Jared, a curious teenager who at times could be intellectually intimidating, stood out because of his passionate opinions about government — and his obsession with dreams.

He became intrigued by antigovernment conspiracy theories, including that the Sept. 11 attacks were perpetrated by the government and that the country’s central banking system was enslaving its citizens. His anger would well up at the sight of President George W. Bush,

Emphasis mine. This telling tidbit is hidden on page 3 of the NY Times 7 page article. How conveniently placed. It should be headline news that the liberal fringe and all their hate produced the psychotic AZ killer. And it was their hate that drove one of the victims of this left wing monstrosity to threaten a Tea Party member in public and on ABCNews. You see, these people are sure they have right on their side (so says the brain washing) so the laws do not apply to them. Want to lay odds Fuller is as wrapped up in the 9-11 Truther conspiracy nutwing as Loughner was?

The insanity has spread to a movement that holds annual conferences to share in their pathetic neuroses. Drugged, Dumb and angry is no way to go through life, but that is how the Truthers live. Just check out this madness where Giffords was targeted by 9-11 Truthers.

Want to address hate filled rhetoric? Stop giving these nut jobs any credibility. In fact, a sign of potential menatl instability is being a Truther. H/T Screw Loose

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His anger would well up at the sight of President George W. Bush, or in discussing what he considered to be the nefarious designs of government.And, yet the horrible leftists in the media plotted to blame this slaughter on the tea party and Sarah Palin?What awful people.The Tucson killer is an anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, left-wing, pro-Marx, antiflag, “quite liberal” lunatic who hated Bush. He had been targeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords since 2007.No wonder Obama called off the dogs at his Wednesday pep rally.View the original article herePossibly related posts: (automatically generated)Related posts on Drovepersonal narrative PART TWO? | blog.flashraiders.comtiffany jewellery usa-silver jewellery necklace-n Rohings becomehe …Would you choose to stop, or not? « Marius Myburg's WeblogRelated posts on finallyWill golf tourism finally take off in India? | Shopping Store SitesNew Trailer For 'Scream 4? 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  3. OregonGuy says:


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  5. WWS says:

    And from now on the media will be saying “oh wait, this is just one crazy individual, you can’t connect what he did to any political ideas!!!!”

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  7. WWS says:

    re comment 2: yikes, what was that?

  8. kathie says:

    Can someone help me please…….what has happened to Strata-Sphere, what did I miss? I’m stuck on Jan 1st. Thank you, Kathie

  9. WWS says:

    I think AJ’s had a lot going on, not much updating yesterday.

    Most interesting news today is that two Dem Senators, Conrad and Liebermann, both announced their retirement today. They both had the reputation as moderate to conservative democrats; starting to look like all but the hard left is jumping from that sinking ship.

  10. AntiVenom says:

    Here is a report that has appeared nowhere in the mainstream media other than today’s New York Post. And even the Post, whose specialty is shock, declined to publish the shocking story for two days after they learned of it, and, when they did finally publish it, published it in a manner that would prevent it from being noticed, as I discuss below. But first, here is the information from the Post:

    James Eric Fuller, 63, who was shot in the knee, had told The Post on Friday, the day before his arrest, that top Republican figures should be tortured–and their ears severed.

    “There would be torture and then an ear necklace, with [Minnesota US Rep.] Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin’s ears toward the end, because they’re small, female ears, and then Limbaugh, Hannity and the biggest ears of all, Cheney’s, in the center,” Fuller said.

    Also on Friday, Fuller stopped by the home of gunman Jared Lee Loughner and told a neighbor he was going to forgive the shooter, The Associated Press said.

    On Saturday, Fuller was carted away for a psychiatric exam after disrupting the town-hall meeting by taking a photo of Tucson Tea Party co-founder Trent Humphries and shouting, “You’re dead!”

    There are several oddities to be considered here. First, Fuller said to a Post reporter last Friday, the day before his threatening behavior and arrest at the ABC “townhall,” that prominent Republicans and conservatives should be tortured, have their ears cut off, and have an “ear necklace” put around their neck; yet the Post did not report this highly relevant news on Saturday, nor on Sunday. They waited until today to report it. Why?
    Second, the Post, when they finally got around to publishing this news, did not put it in its own article, under its own headline, but added it as an afterthought to an article about Gabrielle Giffords’s medical progress, “Docs upgrade Gabby’s condition.”

    Third, though the story was posted at 2:47 a.m. last night, no other mainstream media organ has picked it up since then, over 13 hours. I only found out about it because a friend called me up today and read it to me on the phone; then, using Google, I found the article online. Here, as of 4:00 p.m. today, are the Google results for

    “eric fuller” torture “ear necklace”

  11. Frogg1 says:

    More wierd stuff:

    “Loughner was a graduate of Mountain View High School’s infamous Smaller Learning Communities “Program Of Studies” a program of studies funded by George Soros through his Open Society Institute by way of his contributions to Ayers’ Annenberg Foundation which funds Smaller Learning. This Annenberg/Smaller Learning curriculum mirrors those of the International Baccalaureate Program, a curriculum of High School studies also funded by George Soros. Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and other Leftists, including Bill Gates.”


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