Apr 03 2006

One Man’s Dream…

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Is another man’s nightmare:

Democrats have a dream. They dream that they will wake up on November 8 and that West Virginia senator Robert Byrd, the 88-year-old antiwar firebrand, will be in charge of appropriating every dollar spent in Iraq. They dream that Patrick Leahy, the Vermont senator who led the effort against Samuel Alito, will be the man deciding which Bush judges get considered. They dream that a senator from South Dakota named Tim Johnson will be running the now-dormant Ethics Committee, aggressively investigating GOP lobbyists looting their way through Washington. They dream of a vote on a minimum-wage increase and public hearings on global warming. And Democrats soothe themselves to sleep every night with visions of beating six years’ worth of secrets out of the Bush administration—on pre-9/11 intelligence, the Plame affair, Katrina, Dubai Ports World, Halliburton—through the fearsome power of the subpoena.

Democrats dream that they will once again matter in Washington. In short, they dream of taking control of the United States Senate.

Things like this can make anyone shudder! But like all good liberals, you just need to let them talk so they can shoot themselves in the foot. This article will provide the amunition to defeat some redstate Democrats this fall:

Schumer’s first job was to put a finger in this dike. He badgered the five Democrats up for reelection this year in red states—New Mexico, North Dakota, Florida, Nebraska, and West Virginia—not to retire. One by one, Schumer and Reid sat down with these five men and played Let’s Make a Deal. “We basically begged them to stay,” says Schumer. “They came to Harry’s office and we said, ‘What do you need?’ ” Some got a seat on a prized committee. Others received assurances that their pet legislative issues or pork-barrel requests would be given priority. And everyone was promised that the DSCC would help out aggressively with fund-raising and that Schumer would talk up the candidates to his donors.

Who wants a Senator who had to be bribed to represent their state? These Democrats had to be begged and bought to represent the people in their state! How do you think the people in these states are going to feel about a candidate who didn’t want the job until a NY Liberal (Schumer) bribed them sufficiently to suffer 6 more years of being someplace they don’t want to be?

Thanks Chuck, and thanks to the NY liberal media. There is no undoing these:

If Byrd had left this year, the seat would almost surely have been lost to Republican congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, a young up-and-comer in the state whose father was governor. Schumer and other Democrats persuaded Byrd to stick around partly by promising him that they would do most of his fund-raising for him.

So Byrd didn’t even want to be bothered to go out and do fundraising? That should go over well with the hard working folks in West By Golly.

Chuck Schumer just told the people in all those states their Senators (a) really don’t want to represent them and (b) are beholding to a NY Liberal. They will represent Schumer, not the people of their respetive states!

Nelson came to Schumer and Reid in late 2004 and told them that if he could raise $1 million in one month, Johanns wouldn’t challenge him. Schumer personally tapped his own base of New York donors, many of whom had never heard of Nelson. They coughed up tens of thousands of dollars. In his last Senate election campaign, Nelson raised a total of $50,395 from New Yorkers; this cycle, he’s already netted $130,500.

I can see the ads now: “Ben Nelson, bought and paid for by NY Liberals” or “Nelson sold our state to Wall Street”!

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