Jan 10 2011

Confirmed: AZ Mass Murderer A 9-11 Truther

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So much for the AZ attack being an tragic offshoot of the Tea Party. It seems young Jared Loughner was drinking from the liberal trough of Truther Kool Aid:

Mistrust of government was Loughner’s defining conviction, the friends said. He believed the U.S. government was behind 9/11, and worried that governments were maneuvering to create a unified monetary system (“a New World Order currency” one friend said) so that social elites and bureaucrats could control the rest of the world.

Emphasis mine. In 2007 the “Truther” fanatics were a force within the Democrat Party, where 42% of the party was supporting of heated and hateful political speech.

Loughner is not the only left wing Truther to pick up a gun and go violent.

Many leading Democrats in Congress have fed the Truther madness (Kucinich to name one). Now the screaming liberal media have put themselves in a corner. Will they call out the mad ones on the left who gave this troubled soul the seed of his hatred, which resulted in another violent act emanating from the liberal left?

And the Birthers on the right better take notice: these ridiculous conspiracy theories, which become more extreme as evidence and logic shoot down their premises and the result is even more radical theories, lead straight to hell.

Update: A history lesson on left wing hate from Malkin. Glass houses shattering everywhere in the face of this tragedy and so many dead. In honor of the young dead girl in this tragedy, born on 9-11, it is time to for the far left and far right to cease and desist. Time for peace negotiations so no other young girl has to die because of radicalized politics.

More at Hot Air on Loughner the Truther

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    So now Bob Kerrey tells Imas that one of the reasons Jared went after Giffords is because the Republicans want to repeal ObamaCare.

    Good grief.

    Also, good thing that the House Republicans said that when you submit a resolution, you must reference the US Constitution.

    So when those Dems want to submit their resolutions to ban more guns and restrict speech, they never will be able to reference the US Constitution.

    I now understand that one of the 3 people that penned Jared to the ground was legally carrying a handgun but didn’t use it.

  2. ivehadit says:

    Remember and in my humble opinion, democrats and almost all of the media are the party/outlets of “Fake but Accurate” reporting…

    as in Global Warming aka Climate Change, George Bush’s Air National Guard Service in Alabama, and the Tea Party causing violence among many others.

    They think they are masters at “manufacturing” news.

    But hey, bring it on. It’s good for all to see who you truly are.

    Reporting/Journalism has become a sham in this country, imho.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Before the tea party movement, many people were blind mice. Then they joined the tea party movement, they saw how they were being attacked. Now they’re seeing how much the liberals have lied to them. All of a sudden, the light bulb turns on.

  4. Redteam says:

    Instead of gun control, the Dems should be targeting mental instability. The gun didn’t cause the problem, the guy’s mind did. I think crazy people come in all forms. Seems as if this fruitcake was just anti-government, didn’t matter which party.

    I’m not quite sure how ‘truthers’ and ‘birthers’ fit into this.

    by that, I mean that I can hear arguments on both sides of both those situations without getting crazy and shooting anyone.
    There is nothing wrong with free speech and when we decide to limit or ‘blame’ what someone is saying for the actions of lunatics, then maybe we need to ban debate in congress, after all, some lunatic may be listening.

    The constitution supports gun ownership and it supports free speech (which includes both truthers and birthers). I strongly support the constitution.

    I think it is interesting how all the Dims were advocating withholding judgment for the Fort Hood shootings but quickly jumped on the condemnation of this guy( who was very clearly a ‘terrorist’, even his agenda was the same. kill someone.)

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  6. crosspatch says:

    Apparently he was registered Independent and didn’t vote in the 2010 elections. His friends say he wasn’t very political. He seemed to be frustrated by the fact that he “should” be able to create his own currency and language but didn’t seem to grasp that those were useless unless everyone else agreed to use them.

  7. Frogg1 says:

    Jared Loughner is a product of Sheriff Dupnik’s office

    If there is any truth to this blogger report that is circulating around, then it seems the Sheriff’s office should be investigated. Other questions have been raised by some others (If he was arrested 6 times, why isn’t their a record? Did someone intervene?)? I don’t blame the Sheriff, of course, for the actions of this mentally ill man. But, it does raise some questions of competence by the Sheriff’s office.

  8. WWS says:

    yep – Loughner’s mother was a county employees, apparently the reason he was never picked up in spite of all his threats.

    No wonder Dupnik is trying to blame everyone else – HIS negligence is what led to these murders! If he wasn’t an incompetent Barney Fife who got promoted WAY past his capabilities, Loughner would have been stopped long ago.