Apr 02 2006

New Poll On Immigration

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The ‘send them packing’ group has to recognize they are a small, small minority and, if they want something done – like ejecting the real criminal element from the country, documenting who is here with background checks, and getting people to pay taxes and belong to health insurance pools – then they need to figure out whether all these good and reasonable results are worth losing to amnesty and cheating paths to citizenship.  Because the majority of US believe we should give immigrants who are hard working, family centric, neighborhood partners a shot at staying here:

A slim majority of Americans are open to allowing undocumented workers to obtain some sort of temporary legal status to remain in the United States, with stronger support for the idea among Democrats, younger adults and more educated Americans, a new poll finds.

Overall, 56 percent of Americans favor offering illegal immigrants a shot at some kind of legal status; roughly two-thirds of those ages 18-34 like the idea and an equal share of those with a college education agree, the AP-Ipsos survey found.

While Democrats were more likely to support temporary worker status, with 62 percent favoring the idea, even among Republicans there was majority support, by a narrower 52 percent, according to the poll.

While it is not a huge majority it is big enough.  The pivot point is whether you think entering the country (as opposed to becoming a gang member, etc) is a serious crime.  It isn’t, but some people cannot separate the act of coming here to work from the gangs, the radicals, the criminals.  Which is short sighted.  We need help finding the bad apples.  Those who are hard working and have family will be much more favorable to weeding out the bad apples if they felt they were a legitimate part of this country (albeit as guest workers).  If they feel they are being smeared by unfair associations – they won’t lift a finger.

And who could blame them?  There is a wide spectrum of immigrants. Like the guy who drove me home the other night in a taxi who from El Salvador with a family of four he dearly misses as he works here to support them. Then there are the gang members who should be thrown out of the country immediately.  People who cannot discern the difference don’t deserve a lot of respect in this serious debate.

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  1. Black Redneck says:

    I don’t think that statistic supports your argument. There are lots of us who support legal immigration and guest worker programs who would be included in that majority number. BUT, we won’t consider any such program until our borders are secure and the massive flow of illegal immigration has been stopped. The majority of us can tell the difference between gangbangers and people who are here to work. We also recognize that the sanctuary laws and nonenforcement of American laws protect BOTH the gangbanger and the worker.

    And frankly, we are just tired of the Michael Moore version of illegal immigration wherein every illegal alien is simply here to fly kites and are victimized by the extremist, racist Americans. If there is a debate over illegal immigration then it must include the murderers, the drug dealers, the gangbangers, the clown-houses, the closing of emergency rooms, overcrowded schools, the billions of tax dollars and services consumed by illegal aliens, etc.

    If I have to hear the stories of the illegal alien mother who’s working hard to support her kids, then I’m going to tell the story of the American mother who went to a peewee football game and was kicked and stomped by Mexican gangbangers (and an innocent bystander who was murdered). If people argue that illegal aliens should pay instate college tuition, then I’m going to argue why should someone who entered the country yesterday pay instate college tuition when a American citizen from Kansas cannot, a legal immigrant cannot, and the murdered 18-year-old cannot because a Mexican gangbanger shot him in the head.

    If I should consider the taxi driver from El Salvador who entered this country illegally and works to support his family, then I must also consider the Chinese, the Philipinos, the Brits, Canadians, the Haitians, and every other potential immigrant who remained in their country, followed the law, paid the fees and have been waiting for years to come to this country. The message to them is “SUCKER! What a fool you are to follow the law and respect America and its citizens. You MUST take a back seat to the illegal immigrants who broke our laws and demonstrate in our streets by burning the American flag, waving the Mexican flag and signs that say, “This is our land. You stole our land. Chicano Power! Viva La Raza (Mecha, Reconquista, etc)”

    Anyway, I consider myself part of the 70% or more Americans who reject amnesty for illegal aliens. I support Tancredo, Sensenbrenner, the Minute Men, the John and Ken show, and everyone else who helped push the issue onto the national stage. Now, it is an issue in the 2006 election, and because of the recent demonstrations, it will be part of the presidential election in 2008. Buckle your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  2. Snapple says:

    Coming Next: “El Gran Boicot”

    Pro-immigrant coalition to paralyze US economy
    Ernesto Cienfuegos
    La Voz de Aztlan

    Los Angeles, Alta California – March 31, 2006 – (ACN) The coalition that brought over 700,000 pro-immigrant rights marchers to Los Angeles announced yesterday that the next mass action will be “an economic and labor boycott that will paralyze the US economy”. The planned boycott, which now has international support, is to protest the racist HR4437 legislation being debated in the US Senate.

    Dr. Armando Navarro, coordinator of the National Alliance for Human Rights (NAHR), said “We are living through very dangerous times and we must take advantage of the moment. If we just sit and wait to see what happens, everything we have accomplished so far may go to waste. That is why we must continue the struggle to once and for all defeat that racist proposal (HR4437)”.

    Coalition member Roberto Reveles of “Unidos en Arizona” said that they will help host a “Summit Meeting” in Phoenix, Arizona to work out the details of the “international economic and labor boycott”. The summit will take place on April 8th and 9th. The boycott will take place on May 1 (Day of the International Solidarity of Workers) or May 5 (Cinco de Mayo). To be debated is whether a boycott beginning on May 1 and ending with a huge “fiesta” on May 5 can be sustained.
    (See the rest of the article at http://www.aztlan.net/el_gran_boicot.htm

  3. Snapple says:

    Now if you go to http://www.aztlan.net you will see that they have a lot of issues that are really nothing to do with the situation of Indian immigrants. They are tight with the terrorists.

    It is very anti-semitic, too. They talk about the “Kosher Nostra” and “Betsy Rosstein’s” flag.

  4. Snapple says:

    Here is how the group organizing this boycott shows the American flag–with a Jewish Star of David and human skulls on it.

    Here is Betsy Rosstein’s flag

    Check out what Aztlan calls the “Kosher Nostra Scam”

    This is real hard-core, primitive anti-semitism.

    Gee, wonder who is paying for Mexican Indians to march to the tune of anti-semities? Probably not someone who cares two-hoots about Indian issues.

    Do you see this AJ???

  5. Snapple says:

    Fidel Castro Ruz Says US Should
    Return Aztlan Back to Mexico

    MEXICO CITY — Cuban President Fidel Castro said that the United States should return to Mexico huge chunks of that country’s territories it acquired more than a century ago.
    In a fiery 90-minute speech, the Cuban leader claimed that the United States wrongly appropriated more than half of Mexico’s territory, mostly through successive invasions. These include Texas, California, Arizona, and New Mexico.


    “Now, they are terrorized because Mexicans cross” into what is properly their territory, Castro said. He said that in effect, Mexicans are reconquering their own land. Castro’s comments were contained in a speech he gave at the close of an international congress of educators in Havana, the Cuban capital, including several hundred teachers from Mexico. Excerpts were contained in a dispatches from Havana by the Mexican government news agency Notimex and other news sources, in Mexico City.

  6. AJStrata says:


    AZTLAN are thugs, but they do not represent all immigrants. They are like the Taliban, brutish extremists who think they represent Islam.


    I concur on the ‘in state’ tuition – that is ridiculous. That is another item I would never back. The punks who murdered that women should be thrown out of this country if they were non citizens (after some time in our jails). We should be tossing out the garbage who abuse the welcome mat no matter what their status.