Dec 17 2010

The Land Of Fruits & Nuts

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I just don’t have the words to express the global stupidity of this:

California hasn’t learned from the failure of the Chicago Climate Exchange this year, when a ton of Carbon traded for a mere 5 cents. Nobody wanted to buy it even at that ridiculously low price. But, like a zombie, carbon trading rises again in brain dead broken California.

“It’s the official starting gun for California and for Western regional carbon markets,” Singer said. “It means we get to make this business a growing reality.”

Central to the law, which goes into effect in 2012, is a “cap and trade” system designed to limit the amount of carbon from the state’s 500 largest emitters – mostly power plants, energy companies and heavy industry.

CA missed the memo about holes and why to not keep digging. Of course, the tools running this gas exchange will fleece millions from the state in what is clearly a legal and obvious con operation. Your tax dollars down the drain.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    So what’s going on with START?

    Seems so many rumors are flying all over the place. The Dems seem to think that they have the votes. Reid just wants to get this one over with so that everyone can go home.

    The Republicans don’t think Reid has the vote but Reid says he will file for cloture tonight.

    So wassup?

  2. crosspatch says:

    “So what’s going on with START? ”

    I don’t think anyone knows, not even the people in Congress. They are just “winging it”, playing it from one minute to the next, is my opinion.

    Better keep an eye on Korea.

  3. WWS says:

    Christine O’Donnel and Joe Miller may have lost their respective elections, but I believe they are more responsible than anyone for defeating the Dream Act. Mickey Kaus agrees.

    “Going into the lame duck season, it looked as if the anti-DREAM forces might have their greatest success intimidating Democrats from reddish states who were up for reelection and wouldn’t want to buck a rising anti-amnesty tide. But, in the event, that strategy mostly failed; only two of the 2012 Dems opposed DREAM. Nineteen other up-for-election Democrats held to the party line and supported it. Beck made up for that failure with a spectacular success among Republicans who had previously supported one form of amnesty or another and among Republicans who are up in 2012. Of the latter group, 7 out of 8 voted against DREAM, including at least three previous amnesty supporters. Why? Beck writes:

    I suspect one of the reason we did so much better with the smaller group of Republicans facing re-election was that they are more likely to believe that they might face Primary oppostion from within their own Party if they support amnesty.

    Translation:The Tea Parties did it. Not only had they threatened establishment Republicans with primary opposition, but they had actually beaten one … two … three of them. Nothing like fresh heads on pikes to, er, reinforce a persuasive (to my mind) policy argument. Score one for losing Delaware Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell, who knocked off establishment pick Rep. Mike Castle (who voted for DREAM) in the GOP primary. Even score one for Alaskan Joe Miller. He probably alienated Republican Lisa Murkowski by beating her in the primary, and ultimately she won reelection anyway as a write-in. But that’s just one lost Senate vote. By my count, Miller’s primary coup may have helped gain around ten votes by terrifying GOP incumbents who might otherwise have been tempted by the prospect of a feel-good, bipartisan, MSM-approved pro-DREAM stand.

    Democracy can be a wonderful thing …

  4. lurker9876 says:


    We will see more of this for 2012. I have to wonder if the people of Delaware have buyer’s remorse by voting against O’Donnell.

    Many Senate Dems know that they are up for re-election in 2012. Yet, they still voted for the massive legislative bills like last night’s food safety bill. I cannot understand why many Republicans voted for this bill.

    Reid filed for cloture on START last night. Guess they have enough votes for cloture but will they have enough votes to ratify it? The word is that the team Obama has been working with Bob Corker, bypassing Kyl. Rumor is that Bob Corker already has 9 Republicans on his side.

    I have to wonder how much money the team Obama promised Bob Corker and these 9 Republicans to buy their votes.

  5. ivehadit says:

    And Murkowski’s latest vote was WITH THE DEMOCRATS (again).


    And I just called Corker’s office: 202-224-3344 to vote NO. I can’t imagine our many conservative friends in C’Nooga are happy with him.

  6. lurker9876 says:

    Looks like the last hold outs on the START may be McCain and Grahamnesty.

    Corker is planning on submitting a resolution of ratification containing the various issues that the Senate Republicans have.

    I have no idea what that RoR means. They realize that they cannot change the treaty but getting lots of pressure from Obama, Biden, Kerry, Clinton to ratify the treaty.

    This whole thing makes no sense to me.

  7. crosspatch says:

    Can you articulate exactly what your arguments are against START other than simply “we have to give Obama a defeat”?

    So far every living former President and Secretary of State, Republican and Democrat have come out in favor of it.

    What exactly is your objection?

  8. crosspatch says:

    Jerry Brown has today eliminated the office of California State Inspector General.

    Now there is nobody to blow the whistle on “idiotic spending”.

  9. kathie says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family AJ. Thank you for your thoughts.