Nov 09 2010

Comments On Again

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Trying this again

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  1. Toes192 says:

    Ps… Blame Aj for this too long comment… HE IS THE ONE whose
    Comments were closed Tues… Gave me all day to ad to my initial
    Very short, concise and to the point comment… Now this comment is obnoxiously long … sry …
    Alaska update…
    Starting to count absentees today (30,000)… (Tues)
    Let’s give 55% to Miller for arguments sake … Apx 3,000 votes plus …
    Write-ins … (Wed) (13,000 more write-ins than Miller votes)
    Therefore… Lisa has to lose 10,000 write-in votes …
    Unclear if a running count will be given …or … just the result when finished …
    Gail Fenumiai ( Alaska elections Director) has officially ruled that …
    (fake quote) … “Turdowski … Porkowski … PoorCowski … Jerkoffski … HerMurkyness…
    the intent of the voter is… either …
    #1. a vote FOR Lisa …
    #2. A Negative vote against Lisa (one vote subtracted from her total)
    #3. An intent by voter to vote FOR Miller…
    It all depends on who has the most lawyers in the vicinity when the ballot is examined …”
    This is true… There’s not much “case law” to go on…
    Colorado… “Lamb” was valid for “Lamm” because intent was clear …
    But… Alaska State law says (real quote) … google… AS 15.15.360(11)
    (11) A vote for a write-in candidate, other than a write-in vote for governor and lieutenant governor, shall be counted if…
    the oval is filled in for that candidate… and …
    if the name, …
    as it appears on the write-in declaration of candidacy,…
    of the candidate OR
    the last name of the candidate is written in the space provided.
    I can read English … Pretty clear … right …? However … oops …
    Read that last sentence carefully…
    “OR (this little word makes all the difference? or does it not?) the last name of the candidate is written in the space provided.”
    One can make a dam good argument that the “last name of the candidate”
    Is not necessarily the same as “as it appears on the write-in declaration”
    In fact, your honor… I submit that if the law “intended” to require the voter To write-in the name “as it appears on the write-in declaration” … that… There would be a PERIOD after that sentence…
    Both Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell (Lt. Gov. oversees Alaska elections) and elections director Gail Fenumiai suggested last month that the benefit of the doubt would be given to voters as long as their intent is reasonably clear.
    Later, however, Campbell said that the Division of Elections would proceed according to statute and wouldn’t answer any hypothetical questions.
    Fenumiai did not return inquiries on which versions of “Lisa Murkowski” would count on the ballot
    So I don’t want to hear anymore wise-ass comments about Alaska …
    … Because I, Toes192 … am really good at spelling…
    IF it’s close … ( I don’t think it will be… It’s Murkowski by a mile…IMHO)
    Can you spell … U.N.I.T.E.D
    And… Will you Miller people berate Mr. Miller if he
    Challenges minor spelling mistakes … ? Update… He has… (Wed am)
    What a creep !
    I do not like this man… All his holier and thou bs … now this …
    ps… You southerners are probably unaware of the barrage …
    I mean the crunching… unrelenting… monstrous numbers of $ads$ … “educating”
    Us how to spell ONE f*****g word… Whew!
    If there is one person in Alaska who does
    NOT know how to spell Lisa’s name by now… I hereby
    Nominate them for the illiterate moron of the year award …
    btw… May & I held our noses and marked the oval next to
    the lying cheater …
    You will be proud to know that … Toes192 wrote (2) emails to
    Gail beeeeggggging her to clear up the write-in rules with a legal
    Binding ruling 2-3 weeks prior to Nov 2 … Not surprisingly… she
    Replied once… not to the 2nd email… and … did nothing …

  2. Toes192 says:

    I realize this is a little unfair … and … that everyone cannot be a Marine …
    … but … here is the Valour IT scorecard as of 12:45 Alaska Wed …
    USMC … $35,730
    Army … $25,123
    Navy … $9.070
    Air Force … $4,750
    Besides that … we have… by any standard the best emblem … and the best song … As Staff Sergeant Fabyunke used to say to us… The Marine Corps version of a successful battle is … We kill all of them and one of our guys gets a broken leg jumping off the truck back home …
    Therefore… orders from headquarters … Get over here… and do your duty.

  3. Redteam says:

    Oh, and I found out: The question of why Soros was let in as a convicted felon.

    He became a US citizen at age 31 in 1961.

    He was convicted in the ’90’s: quite a few years later.

  4. Toes192 says:

    Alaska Wed pm update …
    Best I can tell with 19.2% of write-ins counted …
    Lisa Murkowski 17134 ______________89.23%
    Murkowski (CC) 1629 ________________8.48%
    Murkowski (CNC) 276 ________________1.44%
    Other – Misc. Names 143 ______________0.74%
    Guessing the “other-Misc names” are challenged Lisa votes …
    Lisa is getting 99.15% of the write-ins… 99.89% if the
    “other-Misc names” are “challenged” votes for her … and upheld …

  5. WWS says:

    test post

  6. WWS says:

    okay, site maintenance issue – and this has held true for 2 days now. Whatever the top post is – (currently “nanny state…”) it show that I am not logged in to wordpress and I cannot post a comment. However, I *can* post on any comment thread below the top one, since those threads (this one, for example) show me logged in to the comments just fine. But when I am done making this post, I will go back to the top post on the blog and if you see nothing from me, you will know I am still being blocked from that particular thread.

    It would take someone with a bit more site experience than I have to explain how this can happen, I can only observe and report.

  7. AJStrata says:


    yeah not sure what happened there. It is like that one post was blocked from comments. I discovered it and flipped it on again. The entire rest of the site was open.

    My guess is the post takes the default setting at the time it was posted (at that time, comments were off). When I switched them on that one post did not conform to my wishes!