Oct 29 2010

Apparently Christine O’Donnell Is Going To Win

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The Democrats have become unhinged this election cycle. It’s as if they need to add an enormous exclamation point to the end of their two year reign of incompetence and corruption. We have had college scholarships for the needy handed out to congressional family, friends and coworkers. We have had tax evasions, unreported income, back door deals to pass health care and Bill Clinton roaming the land as Obama’s emissary, offering job offers to entice unwanted candidates out of races (an illegal act, BTW). But these classic political foibles pale in comparison to what we are seeing on a grotesque personal level.

We saw it in 2008, with the whisper campaign waged by idiots and fools regarding Governor Palins son – Trig. We saw it with that idiotic attempt to take a college prank and turn it into some mythical sexual dominance act in Kentucky. We saw it with Alan Grayson editing a man’s discussion of how to honor your wife and twist it into some perverted, juvenile attack about women bowing down. And now we see pure fiction being produced about Christine O’Donnell – for a few thousand bucks.

It is a disgusting attempt at an attack, so crass it doesn’t impinge on O’Donnell one bit. It’s worth at least a short review to get a taste of where the liberal left and Democrat party have ended up. This is the Keith Olberman. Chris Mathews, Andrew Sullivan wing of the insane asylum. You have to be incredibly stupid to think this kind of stunt will hurt O’Donnell or the GOP, and these cretins are damn stupid.

As with Conway in Kentucky and Alan Grayson in Florida, Chris Coons will pay a heavy price for this sick stunt. But even more so, this explains why the Democrats are losing the largest element of their base – women. Woman have had enough of this crap from the juvenile-minded liberals. Women really do have much higher standards than this crap assumes.

The Democrats will pay for this. Until they clean out their party and get some adult supervision in there, the Democrat Party is dead. And that begins in a few short days. I can’t wait to see the loser-left have to utter the words Senator Bitch and Senator Witch. Not to mention President Palin sometime in the near future. It is time woman rose above the sewer that is the liberal left, and begin to show their stuff as mothers, daughters and coworkers.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    I asked myself what the Democrats will do behind the scenes once they lose next Tuesday. History demonstrated that the Democratic Party will never clean itself out. The Democratic Party has morphed to the far left and actually believe in the ideology of progressivism. This party will not change but they will work behind the scenes to plot ways to gain more than what they got in ’08…a supermajority in both houses.

    It is critical that the Department of Education be drastically reduced and pushed back down to the state level, city level, community level to revamp the school curriculum to increase the focus on the American history and the Judeo-Christian values. That’s because our American Republic cannot survive with the Judeo-Christian values.

    You forgot to mention Senator Ma’am and Senator Whiny Multi-Tasker from Houston! Hope they are forced to retirement!

  2. lurker9876 says:

    BTW, there is a rumor going around about the lame duck session finding ways to eliminate the filibuster. Let’s hope that the Senate Dems only have 49 maximum in this case.

    But then Obama will start to tell the country that the Republicans cut the needy. Good grief.

  3. wcgreen says:

    Why would Grayson’s opponent (Daniel Webster, BTW) pay a heavy price? You’ve already noted that Grayson approved the “Taliban Dan” and “Submit To Me” ads that took Webster’s words so grossly out of context to smear him.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    If I live in Alaska, I would not vote for Murky. Murky has demonstrated that she has no morals, no values, no integrity. And since the Senate has come in critical play because of the filibuster, I’d vote for Miller. Toe talked about how Miller used government equipment for political use. I can get over that to vote him instead of McAdams because of the filibuster.


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  6. Frogg1 says:

    I don’t know what impact this will have in DE; but, clearly decent people are tired of these kind of smears (especially anonymous ones) in the political arena. Women will definately be more sensitive than men on this particular attack. I think women are also getting tired of it. It smells as bad as the Nickey Haley attack. I don’t know the breakdown of woman voters in DE by political party; but, keep in mind that woman are trending Repub over Dem in this election cycle for the first time ever (I think?). I was curious, and I looked it up….

    there are more women in DE than men (51.5% woman) according to US Census site. Could add another factor into the layers of how this election turns out.

    US Census Facts

  7. AJStrata says:


    Thanks, rewrote that a few times and left it mangled!

  8. Frogg1 says:

    …..also, DE doesn’t have early voting (except in cases of hardship)–so, depending upon how the DE media covers this, there is time for people to think about it before election day.

  9. Frogg1 says:

    This poll released today was done before the latest smear attack. There is also a poll by TCJ showing O’Donnell 6 points behind, and another poll (Tea Party?) showing 5 points behind. Then again, the Fairleigh Dickinson poll released yesterday had her 21 points behind. Who knows?

    Monmouth University Polling Institute
    October 29, 2010



    Senate margin now 10 points; Little change in House race
    In the past two weeks, Republican Christine O’Donnell has narrowed Democrat Chris Coons’ lead in Delaware’s U.S. Senate race from 19 points to 10 points. The latest Monmouth University Poll finds Coons has the support of 51% of likely voters to 41% for O’Donnell. Two weeks ago, this race stood at 57% to 38%.

    O’Donnell has actually pulled into a 49% to 43% lead in the southern part of the state (i.e. Kent and Sussex counties). Two weeks ago, this region of the state was divided at 47% for O’Donnell and 46% for Coons. The Democrat continues to hold a sizable advantage in New Castle County, but the current 56% to 36% margin is down from the 63% to 33% edge he held earlier this month.

    O’Donnell has also made gains among independent voters, now leading Coons 47% to 42% among this voting bloc. Two weeks ago, she trailed in the independent vote by 51% to 41%.

    “While Coons still has the advantage, it has to be uncomfortable knowing that O’Donnell was able to shave 9 points off his lead in just two weeks.

  10. WWS says:

    Nothing will come of the anti-filibuster dreams in the Senate, even though Liberals have been talking about them for 2 years now.

    They will fail for the same reason they have failed every other time this has come up. (seriously, does anyone think this is the first time this has been tried?) Everyone in the Senate knows that they could be in the minority after the next election, and the filibuster rule is the way to ensure that individual Senators stay relevant no matter what. Remember – minority party Congressmen are virtually worthless, good only if they decide to work with the majority. Otherwise, all they can do is issue a few press releases for 2 years. Minority party Senators still have a great deal of power, however, and they’re not going to give that up. *Especially* when it looks like it will be a lock for the GOP to take back the Senate in 2012, if not this time.

    Which suggests a long game strategy – Republican Senators should actually *support* an anti-filibuster rule this time, so that it will be in place in 2012 and be the Dem’s fault. The GOP house will guarantee nothing leftist gets passed, and then after 2012 the GOP would be able to shut out the Senate Dem’s completely.

    That’s just dreaming, of course. They won’t do it – no Senator who intends to stay for a while will do it. That’s why it will never happen.

  11. MarkN says:

    She wins if Mike Castle endorses her this weekend. Or maybe early Monday. A big November surprise.

  12. Redteam says:

    Well, I’ve been consistent since day one that O’D will win. Getting more obvious all the time…

    “While Coons still has the advantage, it has to be uncomfortable knowing that O’Donnell was
    able to shave 9 points off his lead in just two weeks. The interesting thing is that while her vote total has
    risen, the majority of Delaware voters still say she is unqualified for the post,” said Patrick Murray,
    director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

    LOL, qualified? unqualified? no such thing. If Obama was qualified to be president, it only means that there are no standards. ANYONE AND EVERYONE is qualified by the Obama precedent.

    lurker: no worries: “BTW, there is a rumor going around about the lame duck session finding ways to eliminate the filibuster. Let’s hope that the Senate Dems only have 49 maximum in this case.”
    While it is technically (or legally) possible to change the filibuster rule with a simple majority vote, that simple vote itself would likely be filibustered