Oct 18 2010

The Wave Is Coming Ashore – Sanchez In Trouble In CA-47!

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It would seem few Democrats are going to be safe this November, given some of the incumbents we now see on the ropes. Take CA-47 as a prime example:

Van Tran is tied with Loretta Sanchez on the ballot test. Fully 39% of likely voters say they are supporting Van Tran, while 39% are backing Sanchez and 5% siding with Ceci Iglesias (17% undecided). Moreover, Tran’s definite support level is higher than that of Congresswoman Sanchez (30% definitely voting for Tran – 28% definitely voting for Sanchez).

Van Tran has a commanding 22-point lead over Sanchez (52% – 30%) among voters who say they are “extremely interested” in the upcoming elections

According to the RCP details for CA-47, Sanchez has won with 60%, 62% and 70% of the vote in the last three election cycles. Cook rates this a D+4 PVI district. If Sanchez loses in two weeks she will be one of scores upon scores of newly retired Democrats who will have been sent packing by the voters. Amazing!

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  1. WWS says:

    I remember this race – Sanchez is the candidate who did a spanish-language ad saying “we have to stop the Vietnamese from taking this seat away from us!”

    In a district with a rather large Vietnamese segment, that didn’t sit very well.

  2. crosspatch says:

    David Harmer in CA-11 is doing well, too. This is a district that WAS Republican but was gerrymandered by the legislature after the 2000 census to include more Democrats and it flipped Democrat.

    Looks like Harmer has a chance to flip it back.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Just back from voting. More Republican signs than Democratic signs! More Perry signs than White signs, too. Think this area will stay strong Red. Lots of people showed up to vote.

  4. archtop says:

    # lurker9876on 18 Oct 2010 at 1:06 pm

    “Just back from voting.”

    Thanks for voting lurker9876! I’ll save my vote for November 2 – usually not too hard to get to the voting site in my small town. Hope they have a Republican straight ticket option – it will make my voting much easier :^)

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  6. lurker9876 says:

    You are welcome, archtop! Our ballot is so long that I appreciated the straight ticket option. We did have all electronic machines but they are now covered both sides and a partial roof for privacy with grey cloth. No hanging chads and minimizes voter fraud…thank goodness!

  7. lurker9876 says:

    This morning’s Houston Chronicle said that 26,000 people voted yesterday as opposed to 8,500 voted on first day of early voting in 2006 but yesterday was not a record. They also reported an increase in voter intimidation claims, which almost all took place in the minority areas. They noticed an increase in the number of poll watchers in those polling areas and claimed that some of them disrupted the lines, hovered over voters, or talked to people (when they were not supposed to). They deflected the blame on King Street Patriots (Cathy Englebrecth) but the attorney of King Street Patriots said that they have nothing to do with scheduling poll watchers or placing them. They do offer classes for people to become certified and registered as poll watchers. The only way a registered poll watcher is scheduled and placed are through a party or for a candidate.

    A recent Houston Chronical issue (yesterday or Sunday?) indicated that Houston has 1.9m registered voters.